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The word at is an English word, which may act as a preposition.


AT (or similar) may also refer to:

  • 2Science and technology
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  • Austria's ISO, 2-letter country code
    • .at, the Internet country code top-level domain for Austria
  • Anguilla, a World Meteorological Organization country code
  • Ashmore and Cartier Islands (FIPS 10-4 territory code and obsolete NATO country code
  • Atchison County, Kansas (county code)
  • Province of Asti, a province of Italy in the ISO 3166-2:IT code
  • At, Bihar, a village in Aurangabad district, Bihar
  • Appalachian Trail, an over 2,000 mile long trail in the eastern United States

Science and technology[edit]

In computing[edit]

  • @ (or 'at sign'), the punctuation symbol now typically used in e-mail addresses (and more recently, tweets)
  • at (command), a command used to schedule tasks or other commands to be performed or run at a certain time
  • IBM Personal Computer/AT
    • AT form factor for motherboards and computer cases
    • A five-pin DIN connector for a keyboard
  • Hayes command set for computer modems (all commands begin with the characters 'AT')

In biology and medicine[edit]

  • Anaerobic threshold, in physiology
  • Análisis transaccional (Spanish for 'transactional analysis'), a psychological method
  • Antithrombin, a small protein molecule that inactivates several enzymes of the coagulation system
  • Ataxia telangiectasia, an immunodeficiency disorder

In physics and chemistry[edit]

  • Astatine, a chemical element with symbol At
  • Ampere-turn (symbol At), an International System of Units (MKS) unit of magnetomotive force
  • Attotesla, 10−18 tesla, an SI derived unit of magnetic flux density
  • Technical atmosphere (symbol at), a physical unit of pressure

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Other uses in science and technology[edit]

  • Acceptance test, in engineering
  • Appropriate technology, an ideological movement founded by economist Dr. Ernst Friedrich 'Fritz' Schumacher
  • Assistive technology, devices for people with disabilities
  • Anti-tank weapon
  • Automatic transmission, in vehicles

Other uses[edit]

  • At, a subdivision equal to 1/100 of a Kip, the unit of currency in Laos
  • Archive Team, a digital preservation group
  • Aliança da Terra, a Brazilian non-governmental organization
  • Aarne-Thompson classification system, used to classify folktales
  • Aviation Electronics Technician, a rating in the United States Navy
  • Auckland Transport, responsible for public transport in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Royal Air Maroc (IATA airline designator)

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