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What are the best sites to download Hindi-dubbed HD or Blu-ray Hollywood movies? Update Cancel. A d b y H o t j a r. See how your visitors are really using your website. Hotjar is a quick and easy way to truly understand your website visitors. Spread across websites distributing pirated contents or through such channels (i.e., torrents). If you're looking to buy Blu-ray movies, check out the Blu-ray Deals section for the best Blu-ray deals and cheap Blu-ray movies now on sale. Buy Blu-ray movies and save.

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Blu Ray Hd Movies Download TorrentBlu Ray Hd Movies Download Torrent

Download Blu Ray Movies

Compressed 1080p vs Raw Bluray Rips

Hey everyone. Now Im not new to the game of torrenting/ home theater, ect; That is why I feel half way embarrassed asking this. Now for the iconic movies in my collection, I usually download the 1080p copies that around the 12gb-16gb range and they look great. Ive been curious lately about the sites that focus on the raw bluray dumps that are uncompressed and are anywhere from 30gb-50gb. For those of you who have compared these raw versions, can you tell a difference compared to the compressed copies, and if so how much of a difference? Thanks for the help!

Blu Ray Movies Torrent

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