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I downloaded the GNU Standard C Library (glibc) source code at http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/glibc/. Where can I find a similar download for their C++ Library?

This quick reference is a condensed reference guide to the essential data structures, algorithms, and functions provided by the C++ Standard Library.

I have googled around a bit and cannot seem to find it.

The only reason I need it is I want to see how it is implemented. So please don't give me links to binaries or to just the header files because it is the implementation source files that I am looking for.


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It's in the libstdc++-v3 directory in the g++ (gcc-c++) sources.

Mike DeSimoneMike DeSimone

GCC mirror sites:https://gcc.gnu.org/mirrors.htmlLooking for what you want.


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is it possible to get the source code for standard c++ library?


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The GNU project is Free and Open Source software, and contains an implementation of the C++ standard library.

Grant PaulGrant Paul

If you have Visual Studio Professional, it has source code in

X:Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0VCcrtsrc


You should already have the sources in your compiler installation. If you are using an IDE with a 'jump to include file' command, select any STL header and jump to it. If you are using some kind of UNIX, look in /usr/include/c++. See where that STL header includes other headers and recurse :v) .


All of the code in libc++ is dual licensed under the MIT license and the UIUC License (a BSD-like license).

  • Correctness as defined by the C++11 standard.
  • Fast execution.
  • Minimal memory use.
  • Fast compile times.
  • ABI compatibility with gcc's libstdc++ for some low-level features such as exception objects, rtti and memory allocation.
  • Extensive unit tests.

C++ Standard Library Download For Windows 10

Download c++ header files library
Max LybbertMax Lybbert

C++ Standard Template Library Download

This is it :

As a part of gcc source code

that's the std library for c++

i think this is the only answer with the direct one click link

Hassen DhiaHassen Dhia

C++ Standard Library Source Code Download

In Visual Studio if you interesting in concrete(specific) STL-element implementation (for example, any function), right click on its mention in your code and chose 'Go to Definition' in context menu. (Or place cursor on this mention and push 'F12')


For Win10x64 with VS2017 default install paths,the source code are here:

part1:VCRuntime,which include code that will change for every version of Visual Studio,it contains function like the CRT entry point 'mainCRTStartup',the code are here:

part2:C standard library,which include code that is stable over generations of Visual Studio,like the function fopen,and it also contains stable CRT functions like _initterm,the code are here:

The C++ Standard Library Rainer Grimm Pdf Download

i.e. this part has been moved to Windows SDK,distributed with Windows instead of Visual Studio.

C++ Standard Library Pdf Download



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