Download Game Dragon City Mod Apk Revdl

  • Developer: Social Point
  • Version: 8.5.3
  • Category: Simulation
  • Size: 96 mb
  • Update: November 27, 2018 at 8:31 pm
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Download Game Dragon City Mod Apk Revdl Pc

Dragon City is one of the most jovial Android Mods, which strives to create an oblivion of a fascinating town for your dragons. Dragon City Mod APK Download. The steps to download Dragon City Mod APK is as follows: Download Dragon City Mod APK for Android.APK Direct Download. First, go to settings > security > unknown sources, and Enable unknown sources (in case you already have unknown. Dragon city mod apk mobile is the title of simulation game. Has been provided free completely on android devices. In dragon city hack mobile, the mission of players is build and decorate the gragon city full of mystery and prominence.

Dragon is a mysterious creature, which represents power and pride. The dragons have appeared in a lot of interesting fairy tales or dramas. The appearance of dragons always brings excitement to many people. Dragons have different shapes depending on the human imagination. Today, I would like to introduce you to a great game about dragons, which may have been familiar to many people but its appeal is difficult to compare to any games. The game I want to mention to is Dragon City. You will be merged in the world of Western dragons and explore many mystical attractions.

Dragon City was developed by Social Point for Facebook, Android and iOS in 2012. The launch of the game was also the time of the social networking boom, especially Facebook when many people have joined the game on the social network as a daily entertainment game. The connection between Facebook and Dragon City has brought about a huge success as every day the player will access to update the information and take care of the dragon. After the success of the social network, the game was available on the mobile platform for many players in 2013. Until now, the game is still one of the most attractive games in the world for dragons on mobile. Let’s find out how to play Dragon City and its key features in this article.

How to play

In Dragon City, the players have to build the world of the larger dragon. To accomplish this task, you need to do a lot of different tasks in the game such as building, reproducing, caring… You will get some basic instruction when you start playing the game. In addition, you will get a few basic works and a few dragons. You have to combine the dragons that you have received in the breeding house to create the new dragons. After a while, you will receive an egg, which you will pick up and move it to the house to incubate for creating a new kind of dragon. Each type of dragon will need a specific habitat to live on. For example, the desert dragon or the fire dragon will live around the volcano. In addition to breeding, you can buy a few other types of dragons in the shop to continue creating the diversity of dragons. It is important to note that your dragons should be a minimum of level 3 for reproducing.

You need to continue to take care of your dragons so that they can produce gold. You can feed them to get the higher levels. When their levels are higher, their shapes will change as well as their amount of gold will increase. Besides, the dragons can be used in quite a lot of important work such as building, upgrading, producing food… You need to optimize the resources to develop and build quickly for expanding your dragon island. To develop faster, you will need to use the advanced currency in the game that is Gem. You want to own a lot of gems that you will have to spend real money to buy them. The effect of the Gem is very great, which will help you to quickly reproduce and get many beautiful dragons to make your island more abundant.

The abundant dragon collection and upgrading system

After many years of development, the number of types of dragons has become very abundant. There are nearly 1000 different types of dragons, which are divided into several categories. You can follow the dragons you have by clicking the Dragon book. A very attractive point of Dragon City is the breeding of dragons for creating a new one. When you have special types of dragons, you will have the chance to create the new special dragons. If you are lucky enough, you can own them in the first spawn. Otherwise, you need to do that so many times. In addition to building and developing, you will also be able to bring your strongest dragons to fight other dragons in the arena. You need to study more strategy for turn-based battles with special skills and attacks.

The upgrading system is also very interesting, in which you can click on each work. After upgrading, your works will be expanded with the better features. For example, egg houses will be able to hatch more eggs at the same time. You can also buy more land on the island to further expand the building. You also need to remove gold to exploit and clean the trees, rocks… to receive experience and space for building.

Other attractive features in Dragon City

1, Friend Connect: Dragon City allows you to connect with Facebook to find more friends. You can play with your friends to create fun and get exciting rewards when you visit their island.

2, Attractive Battle: Dragon City brings a lot of interesting battles with dragons, in which you can see 3 exciting combat modes including Quests, Leagues and Arenas. After winning the fight, you will be given with the special rewards such as Gem, Gold, dragon food, or some special dragon.

3, Ranking: When you reach level 10, you will be able to rank in the world rankings. This will create the effort and motivation for Dragon City players. When you reach level 16, you will unlock the alliance. You will join other players and explore the exciting battles.

4, Multi-language support: Dragon City is converted into many languages, which makes it easy for players to discover the full appeal of the game. Languages ​​supported include English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

The installation requirements of Dragon City mod apk

Dragon City is optimized for a variety of mobile devices, with a game size of less than 100 MB and no data files, so downloading and installing games is easy. But first, you need to prepare a phone running Android 4.0.3 or higher for the game to work stable.

To install the game, you should follow these steps:

Download Game Dragon Village City Sim Mania Mod Apk Revdl

1, Download the game at the bottom link.

2, Open the download folder and click to install. (agree with some access to memory card and camera)

Game Dragon City

3, Open and enjoy the game right away.



Dragon City has been released for a long time but its attractiveness is still great. In addition to the abundant features, you will also enjoy the beautiful and attractive graphics. The images of the dragons are simulated with a 2D perspective but they move in a very flexible manner and create many unexpected effects for the player. If you love dragons or simulation games, Dragon City will be a great choice. You can download the game by using our quick link below. Visit our site regularly to update many other exciting games, and do not forget to leave your review of this game in this article!