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If you needed to explain Game of Thrones in one character, Cersei Lannister is probably the one.

A brief rundown of her CV in the screened series so far makes you wonder how she is still alive. Sexual relations with her twin brother Jaime, by whom she has three children, as well as one by Robert Baratheon. All of her children are dead.

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She’s got another brother, Tyrion whom she detests because she believes he killed their mother in childbirth. Cersei abused the dwarf as a child and continued to torment him throughout his life.

A dab hand at blackmail, she is also easily hoodwinked as the High Sparrow and Margaery showed, leading to her naked Walk of Atonement through the streets of King’s Landing.

Jon Snow isn’t the only character brought back to life: Cersei manages that with Ser Gregor Clegane before she takes revenge on all who forced her humiliation.

Euron Greyjoy’s proposal is spurned then deferred before Cersei agrees to join the fight against the Night King. However, after deciding to betray them all and let her peers and enemies slaughter each other before she assumes power over all realms, Cersei makes the mistake of telling Jaime her plan. He decides that even though she is pregnant with their fourth child, he wants no part of it and pops off to fight the good fight.

At the last count, her enemies could fill a phone book whilst her allies can meet in a phone box and still have plenty of space.

So, who will kill Cersei, assuming she is killed, of course?

The Usual Suspects

Tyrion Lannister

One of three predictions on Cersei’s future from the witch Maggy the Frog was that her little brother would end her life. And let’s face it, Tyrion has more reason than most to want her dead.

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His relationship with Jaime is a saving grace on more than one occasion for the halfling as Cersei’s dastardly schemes seemed to signal the end for Tyrion.

Tyrion is a capable manipulator and with Daenerys also wanting Cersei out of the way, their mutual aims coincide. He’s may not pull the trigger so to speak but is certainly willing and able to get others to do his dirty work.

Odds of Tyrion Lannister killing Cersei Lannister: 7/1

Jamie Lannister

Brother, Lover, Murderer? Given his displeasure at his twin sister’s plans to attack the last man standing once the Night King is defeated, Jaime is a prime candidate to kill the mother of his three children.

However, will it be Cersei he kills, or a reanimated Cersei after the Night King destroys King’s Landing with Ice Viserion? It leaves Jaime with no choice but to kill her before going on to be a pivotal character in mankind’s ultimate victory.

That’s one plausible theory doing the rounds and who am I to disagree with it?

Odds of Jaime Lannister killing Cersei Lannister: 8/13

The Night King

Given the theory above, does that mean the Night King kills Cersei first?

Odds of the Night King killing Cersei Lannister: 25/1

Arya Stark

There’s no love lost between the youngest Stark and Cersei so plotting her downfall will be no issue for Arya. And Arya fulfils the prophecy of a young sibling killing Cersei

A highly-trained assassin, she has the skill set to end the troubled queen’s reign of terror over her subjects. You only have to look at the way she despatched Littlefinger at the end of Season Seven while her ability to steal faces could get her close enough to Cersei before anyone realises what is happening.

Odds on Arya Stark killing Cersei Lannister: 2/1

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The Mountain

With so many people rising from the dead, it’s almost surprising the show doesn’t use the Stone Roses I am the Resurrection as a theme tune.

The Mountain came back to life and the most hotly anticipated fight is his match-up with his younger brother, the Hound. Will being forced to take on his sibling in a death match bring out a sense of vengeance on his ‘mistress’?

Odds of The Mountain killing Cersei Lannister: 2/1

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