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How to Download Games on a PSP for Free by Contributing Writer; Updated September 22, 2017. Unzip the files. Usually, when you download free PSP games, you receive files in a compressed (or zipped), format. This allows a developer to send larger files without the hassle of breaking them up into pieces. How to Convert RAR Games to ISO.

Download Kumpulan Game PC Ringan Gratis Terbaru 2018 untuk Anak (Child) Full Version : hallo sobat kali ini saya akan memberikan semua koleksi Game PC Ringan Terbaru yang ada dikomputer saya nich, daripada hanya dipake saya sendiri, jadi lebih baik saya akan share GRATIS kepada sobat juga. agar sobat dapat merasakan game pc yang sangat ringan sekali untuk sobat mainkan. meskipun ringan tidak mengurangi kualitas gambar tampilan pada gamenya sob. dijamin gamenya keren, menarik, dan penuh hiburan deh. jadi sobat akan lebih greget lagi memainkan game ini bersama teman - teman, keluarga dirumah, bersama pasangan, serta untuk mengisi waktu istirahat kantor, kerja, dan liburan yang panjang.
Sama halnya saya bersama teman - teman saya disini selalu tiada henti - hentinya mengisi waktu luang atau libur saya dirumah untuk memainkan beberapa game pc ringan terbaru 2018 ini. game ini nantinya akan terus saya update setiap harinya sob. jadi sobat wajib bookmark postingan saya ini ya. untuk mendapatkan kumpulan game pc ringan gratis dan tentunya yang terbaru donk.hehe..
Sobat tinggal pilih saja, game mana yang akan sobat download dan install pada komputer sobat nantinya. berikut kumpulan koleksi

Download Game Psp Iso Ringan Windows 7

game pc ringan terbaru 2018 GRATIS yang keren, menarik, dan tampilan memuaskan.
Game dibawah ini akan bertambah setiap saat sob. jadi buruan deh didownload game dibawah ini sesuai kesukaan sobat. dan tunggu update game pc ringan terbaru selanjutnya. Klik pada gambar atau nama gamenya untuk mendownloadnya.. :-)

Description :

Just as i used to be with a follower - my friend here is usually relentless - perpetually fill my free time or vacation home to play a number of the most recent light-weight computer games 2018. This game can keep ME updated daily sob. therefore my friend's obligatory bookmarker my post affirmative. to urge a group of free computer games gently.
I will provide you with all the computer games assortment Newest light-weight there nich my pc, instead of simply victimisation that on my very own, therefore it's higher i'll share to you FREE. therefore my friend will feel flash computer game once to play pal. though lightweight doesn't scale back the standard of the show image on the sport sob. secure game is cool, fascinating, and jam-packed with recreation deh. therefore my friend are greget longer play this game with friends - friends, family home, as a handful, furthermore on fill the break day work, work, and long vacations.

Cara Download Game PC Ringan Terbaru 2018 :

2. Kemudian tanpa menuju ke halaman lainnya, maka pengunjungpun bisa langsung download gamenya langsung (direct link atau direct download).
4. Setelah itu langsung diinstall.
5. Setelah di klik dua kali untuk menginstall, tunggu beberapa saat (lamanya nunggu tergantung ukuran file gamenya)
6. Setelah ditunggu akan muncul jendela untuk klik next,
8. Setelah finish game langsung bisa dimainkan.
Goodgame Empire
Big Farm
Supercars Racing
Download game iso psp go
Cradle of Rome 2
Island of Death
Shadow Kings
Zombie Shooter
Super Bikes
Bird's Town
Police Supercars Racing
Jewel Match 2
Air Assault
4 Elements 2
City Racing
Fishdom 2
Jack of All Tribes
Jewel Quest 2
Amulet of Time
Land Grabbers
Bomber Mario
Secrets of Rome
Murder in New York
Spirit of Wandering
Hidden Object Crosswords

Demikian ulasan kami tentang Download Kumpulan Game PC Ringan Gratis Terbaru 2018 untuk Anak (Child) Full Version ini semoga bermanfaat untuk anda semua.

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Items you will need

  • Sony PSP gaming system

  • PSP Firmware 1.0 or 1.50

  • PSP memory stick

  • PSP homebrew games

  • Computer

  • Unzipping utility

Psp Iso Games

When you download games on a PSP, you don't have to worry about carrying around hundreds of PSP UMDs (Universal Media Discs). You are only limited by how much data your PSP memory stick can hold. Plus, by learning how to download games on a PSP, you get an opportunity to play innovative homebrew games.

A thriving community of enthusiasts develops applications that can be run on Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP). These games, often referred to as 'homebrew,' can be downloaded free.

Check to see if you have the right firmware. Firmware is the proprietary operating system the PSP requires for functioning. You need Firmware 1.0 or 1.5 to download free games on a PSP. These versions allow you to play PSP homebrews; later versions have protections that avoid use of non-commercial PSP games.

To check your PSP's firmware, press the PSP's 'Home' button. Scroll down and select 'Settings.' From there, select 'System Information.' The firmware information can be found in the section where it says 'System Software.' If this section has the number 1.0 or 1.50, you'll be able to play PSP homebrews. If the number is higher, you won't be able to download free games on a PSP.

Format a PSP memory stick. The size of the memory stick doesn't matter since most PSP homebrews are relatively small. Insert the memory stick into the slot located on the left side of the PSP, where the directional buttons are. Pop open the cover and slide the memory stick in, making sure it's face up and follows the direction of the white arrow.

Press the 'Home' button and go into the 'Settings' section. Scroll down and select 'Systems Settings.' In the next screen, continue scrolling down until you can select 'Format Memory Stick.' The PSP will ask you if you want to format the memory stick. Answer 'Yes,' and the PSP will format the memory stick within just a few seconds.

Download free PSP games onto your computer. Sites like PSP Brew, UR PSP and contain tons of free PSP games. And the downloading process is pretty much the same. You either select an option to download, or you right-click on the file and use 'Save As' for downloading. Visit the sites to gain a better understanding; links are provided at the end of this article.

Unzip the files. Usually, when you download free PSP games, you receive files in a compressed (or zipped), format. This allows a developer to send larger files without the hassle of breaking them up into pieces. However, before you can use these games, you will have to unzip them so you can have access to the individual files.

To unzip files, you need to use an unzipping utility. Windows comes with one, and it's relatively easy to use since you just select options from a Wizard. But if you prefer something more sophisticated, consider using WinZip, for the PC, or Stuffit, for Macs. Both of these programs can be downloaded free, though the legal version of WinZip only offers a 30-day trial. Either way, unzipping is as simple as selecting 'Extract' and entering in the name of the file you want your games in.

Connect your PSP to the computer via a USB cable. Make sure you place the smaller end of the USB cable into your PSP. Place the larger end into any of the USB ports available on your computer.

Switch to USB mode. The PSP cannot communicate with your computer unless it is in USB mode. This is accomplished by pressing the 'Home' button, scrolling towards 'Settings' and then selecting 'USB Connection.'

Transfer the games onto your PSP. This step is the heart of downloading free games onto your PSP, and it is simple. With your PSP connected to your computer, take whatever games you plan on downloading and place them into the PSP > GAME folder. If this folder doesn't appear automatically, you can create one by 'right-clicking' in the PSP directory and then entering in the name 'Game.'

Run the games you downloaded. After you have installed the desired games onto your PSP, disconnect the device from your computer. In the main menu, scroll to the 'Game' section. Select the 'Memory Stick' option. The PSP homebrews you downloaded will be contained here. Highlight one of them and press 'X.' Assuming the homebrew is coded properly and you have the right firmware, it should run just like a commercial PSP game.


If you don't have the right firmware, your best bet is to buy an older PSP from sites like eBay. Make sure you ask the seller what type of firmware the PSP has, so you don't waste your money.


Some sites may allow you to download PSP firmware. Do not do this, as using hacked firmware is illegal, even if you're only using it to play PSP homebrews. And, if the firmware destroys your PSP, any warranties you have will be considered null and void. There is legal controversy over whether or not it's okay to play commercial PSP games without their original disks. In many jurisdictions, such an action is legal as long as you own the original PSP game.

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