Download Game Straight To Thumb Drive

Oct 30, 2008  Install games on a flash drive? Just remember to set the destination path back to your thumb drive. A 'repair' install (if the game supports that feature) should automatically update the. After that, when you download some game, you'll be presented with the option for where to install it. If you wish to move your already installed games, this Steam help document should help you do that. You'll have to make sure that your are technically the 'owner' of the USB drive so Steam has permissions to access.

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Torrenting straight to/from a USB external hard drive?

I'm aware that leeching/seeding from an external USB hard drive is possible. However, I'm concerned about the behavior of the hard drive - as with most external drives, mine powers down when not in use.

Will this affect seeding and give me random I/O errors?

Will this cause the hard drive to wear out faster, since it would potentially be spinning up and down repeatedly?

Anyone have experience with this?


Download Game Straight To Thumb Drive

Download Thumb Drive To Computer

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