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Is it possible to download a torrent using nothing but an info hash and a torrent client?

Title asks it all - if your friend gives you a legit info hash for a torrent, is there any way to download that torrent using only the hash and a torrent client? Like is there a way to copy/paste the hash into the client, and the client automatically finds trackers and starts downloading? Or do you have to find the torrent online and download it by clicking a link or downloading the torrent file?

Edit: This is assuming you do not have an internet browser to use magnet links. Assume you ONLY have a torrent client, an internet connection, and an info hash. I want to see if downloading torrents is possible without using a browser.

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Download Torrent With Hash Code

Each torrent has a unique fingerprint called a 'hash' or 'infohash'.

This info hash is used to ensure that the completed download ofthe content associated with a torrent will be uncorrupted.

The content in a torrent is broken down into pieces, or 'bits',for transfer.

Each piece has its own hash and its hash is compared to the infohash of the torrent.

If the hashes match, then the piece is accepted as part of thedownload.

If the hashes do not match, then the piece is rejected.

The info hash ensures that the completed download will beuncorrupted and also ensures that malware can not be injected intoan otherwise clean torrent.

What is hashfails in torrent?

Each torrent has a unique fingerprint called an info hash. Among other information, the info hash has specific information about the content associated with the torrent. As each 'bit' of the content is downloaded, it is checked against the info hash to ensure it matches. A 'hashfail' is when content you have received through the torrent does not match the info hash's information on the content. It is normal for a small amount of hashfails… Read More

What is a hash fail in a torrent?

Each torrent has its own unique fingerprint called a 'hash'. The content in a torrent is broken down into pieces or 'bits'. Each bit comes with its own hash. While a torrent is downloading, each piece of the content is subjected to a 'hash check', where the hash of the piece is compared to the hash of the torrent to verify its integrity. A 'hash fail' is where the piece's hash fails to match the… Read More

Is u torrent best or bit torrent?

Which common hash algorithm is 160-bit hash value?

How do you download songs on bit torrent?

You can not download songs from Bit Torrent. All Bit Torrent does is manage torrents. To download music for use with Bit Torrent you have to find websites where they have torrent libraries. I'd suggest using either of the sites in the related links. You select the file you want to download on these sites, and then they go to bit torrent where it actually downloads the songs and puts them together. Read More

Is bit torrent safe?

What is the torrent password for the movie The Business of Being Born?

Your best bet would be to ask the torrent site. Although MOST ( not all ) passworded torrents are fake, sometimes the 'group' who uploaded them passworded the torrent. Some private trackers also use passworded archives. Since you do not have a link to the torrent, or the full name of it, this question can not be answered, but be sure to ask the forum at the site where you downloaded it from. Almost all… Read More

You are unable to download the torrent through bit torrent software?

How can you use bit torrent?

Which is the fastest torrent downloader?

Bit Torrent, VIP Torrent and Azureus No torrent program is any faster than the others. The speed of the torrent depends on how many seeders there are available in which to pull the torrent from. Read More

Where can you buy bit torrent?

Type in bit torrent into google and the first hit will give you the website. do not buy it as it is free. the point is that it is used illegally. Read More

Can Bit Torrent give a virus?

Is a bitdefender used against torrent viruses?

I'm not sure of bitdefenders. A bit torrent is a file that has been compressed into a very small amount, and you need a bit torrent to download and open the file. There are many situations where viruses can come along with the bit you download. Read More

Where Download amiga games?

Use P2P programs like emule and bit torrent. For bit torrent, use utorrent on Windows and thepiratebay .org. Read More

Do you need a DVD burner program to burn a DVD from bit torrent?

Yes, a DVD burner is needed to burn a DVD from bit torrent movies. Read More

What is utorent?

uTorrent is a bit torrent client which allows you to download .torrent files. Read More

What is a game torrent?

A torrent is a file that allows you to download files through a P2P network such as Bit torrent. For future reference; Google is your friend. Read More

Is bit torrent safe to download?

Can bit torrent pass on viruses?

Where to download a bit torrent client?

What is the smallest bit torrent client?

Are bit torrent downloads legal?

In and of themselves, yes. Downloading pirated content is often not legal, but this is independent of whether you get it by bit torrent or other means. Read More

What is port 6911?

It is Used for bit torrent P2P File Sharing, Bit torrent uses Ports 6902 - 6968 For File Data Transfer. Read More

Which is best bit torrent or you torrent?

Bittorrent Makes it a lot faster to download and more helpful tools Read More

Why is the torrent in my bit torrent uploading and not downloading?

The reason could be your speed limit. You may have restricted your download speed. Read More


How do you use a blinker on Grand Theft Auto 4 PC?

1) click on Mozilla Firefox 2) write bit torrent 3) and download bit torrent 4)gta vice city 4 full game torrent download Read More

Which common hash algorithm is a 160-bit hash value?

Both SHA-1 and SHA-0 use a 160-bit hash value. Note that 'SHA-0' is a retronym for the original SHA hash algorithm. SHA-1 corrected some significant flaws in the original algorithm that yielded some serious security weakness. The TIGER hash algorithm is designed to use a 192-bit hash, but also has the capability to use 160-bit and 128-bit hash values. The HAVAL algorithm can produce hashes in lengths of 128 bits, 160 bits, 192 bits, 224… Read More

Which hash algorithm is a 160 bit hash value?

Some well-known hash algorithms with a 160-bit output: RIPEMMD-160 SHA-0/SHA-1 Tiger-160 Read More

Where can you download Princess Mononoke English subs for the Japanese audio?

Google this 'ef051702e8723aa2935031efa6a3281a79cf4595' hash code, and download the torrent, it's a good release. Read More

What is mu torrent?

It's also known as Micro Torrent or Bit Torrent. Pretty much, it's a software that allows you to transmit torrents as well as obtain them. Read More

Which hash algorithm creates a 128-bit digest?

What are some good sites for movies?

Where can you find age of mythology?

Can ditch weed be turn into hash?

It could probably be turned into a bit of hash but because it has so much less THC you probably won't get much. Read More

Which one is better among utorrent and bit torrent?

utorrent was bought by bit torrent later so they are almost identical..though bit torrent uses a lot of resources of your utorrent is a better choice. Read More

How can you increase speed of torrent download?

To increase torrent download is to download a torrent which has more seeds than leeachers. To add more trackers to increase seeds is to copy the hash code and paste it in, then find the trackers and copy them in your torrent. Google this if you get stuck. People try to increase internet speeds with softwares and tweaks but they dont work. Trust me. You can always port forward your torrent software. If you… Read More

How do you use bit torrent on LimeWire?

Open Lime Wire Go to File Click Open torrent Make sure you have version 4.14 Read More

How can you store a movie onto computer from Internet?

Download the movie via some torrent client liek Bit torrent, Vuze etc Read More

Download Torrent With Hash Code C

Where is Inheritance Book 4 available to read online?

What data type is suitable for password field?

We never store passwords in a password field. If we did that, anyone with access to the database would have access to all the passwords. Instead, we store the output from a one-way cryptographic hashing function. That is, when a user creates a password, we store the hash value generated from that password via the hashing function. When the user subsequently enters their password in order to log on, the hash value generated by the… Read More

What is md5?

MD5 (like SHA-1 or CRC32) is a common message-digest algorithm for data integrity. MD5 is widely used as a cryptographic hash function producing a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value or checksum, typically expressed in text format as a 32 digit hexadecimal number (e.g. 90506d869e65e896d5a8474b00097610). This essentially is a way to digitally sign a block of text or media to prevent tampering or modification. A receiver can calculate the md5 hash value independently to verify the contents… Read More

Is downloading games from bit torrent legal?

Not if the game (or anything else) is copyrighted. Read More

What is d website to find the latest and best torrents?

Which is the the best website for downloading movies?

bit torrent and download thru Read More

What to do to make fast the downloading through bit torrent?

How do you download dstv software?

You need to first find the software online and if it is a torrent use a torrent downloading software like utorrent or bit torrent or if just an application then you can either just download or use a download manager. Read More

How do you play a torrent video after downloading?

Depends, files an be double clicked if using bit torrent to launch them, ISO files can be opened by using DAEMON Tools. Read More

Do you need a client to download from pirate bay?

Yes you need a torrent client like Bit Torrent, Vuze etc to download torrents from any sites. Read More

Where can I watch the movie Gossip online for free?

I don't want it to have it illegal. No downloads, installations, or surveys please. ---- Try downloading the bit torrent file at or searching for the bit torrent at Utorrent. Then you can download VLC video player and watch it. Read More

Is 'bit torrent' illegal?

Torrent based downloads is simply a delivery system...u can use it for legal & illegal purposes. lots of legal software is downloaded using the bit-torrent protocol. I believe Nero allows downloading their software via torrents legally. the torrents are on their NERO site as an alternative. Read More