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Eternal Sonata (PS3)

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Album name: Eternal Sonata (PS3)
Number of Files: 87
Total Filesize: 535.39 MB
Date added: Mar 13th, 2018
Released on: Playstation 3

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TrackSong NameMP3
1.Eternal Sonata [Trusty Bell - Chopin's​Dream] (Think of Me)1:221.06 MB
2.Pyroxene Of The Heart6:338.50 MB
3.Think Of Me0:490.94 MB
4.Raindrops6:066.15 MB
5.Relaxing Place4:546.82 MB
6.Leap The Precipice5:247.42 MB
7.Well-Done0:521.21 MB
8.Two Ends Of My Doze0:430.76 MB
9.Reflect The Sky, Bloom The Life5:307.37 MB
10.A Faint Light Grasped In The Hand3:043.47 MB
11.The Mediocrity Sought Out By Everyone4:025.70 MB
12.Underground For Underhand4:316.28 MB
13.Rapid Fire3:445.14 MB
14.Opposition Resignation4:205.87 MB
15.Can You Recite The Dream2:493.55 MB
16.Illuminant Lives5:087.09 MB
17.When We Are Together2:583.54 MB
18.Your Circumstances4:356.76 MB
19.Innumerable Animals4:155.74 MB
20.Pressure5:086.95 MB
21.A Flicker Which Divides Light And​Darkness4:436.48 MB
22.Can We Be Both Different And Alike5:598.13 MB
23.Revolution (Etude In C Minor Op. 10 No.​12)3:023.63 MB
24.Dive Into The Vast Expanse Of Plains5:047.06 MB
25.Strategy5:166.48 MB
26.A Wall With No Front Or Back4:556.70 MB
27.Breeze The Conductor5:016.91 MB
28.Trembling Homefront4:476.53 MB
29.DANTOTSU!3:204.85 MB
30.The Posture You Do Not Despise5:046.77 MB
31.From Strength To Kindness5:116.90 MB
32.Journey To The Projective Mind3:564.44 MB
33.Pursuit4:166.18 MB
34.I Bet My Belief4:175.82 MB
35.Fantasy Impromptu5:146.03 MB
36.Silence And Life5:136.67 MB
37.Wonderland Of Wanderer5:187.11 MB
38.Endure And Resist4:295.96 MB
39.No No I Don't Die Noooo!4:576.80 MB
40.Grande Valse Brillante (Valse In E-Flat​Major Op. 18)17:494.06 MB
41.A Buffer For Quiet4:476.45 MB
42.Walk Of The Heart2:052.42 MB
43.Seize The Artifact For Tallness5:207.26 MB
44.An Inspection Which Values Harmony4:296.03 MB
45.From Tomorrow On...2:262.84 MB
46.White Mirror4:486.76 MB
47.Rock And Burn You4:366.16 MB
48.Nocturne (Nocturne in E-Flat Major Op. 9​No. 2)4:295.82 MB
49.A Step6:288.18 MB
50.The Boundary Between Snow And Ice4:527.00 MB
51.Repeated Tide3:203.71 MB
52.Grim Purpose4:496.79 MB
53.Tristesse (Étude In E Major Op. 10 No.​3)4:445.02 MB
54.Continuous Divider4:396.66 MB
55.Your Truth Is My False5:227.56 MB
56.Captured Phantom5:297.42 MB
57.The Etudes Of Spirit5:056.94 MB
58.Where We End Up5:036.69 MB
59.Spiral Twister5:147.12 MB
60.Broken Balance6:218.90 MB
61.The Unreasonable Theory5:247.23 MB
62.Heroic Polonaise (Polonaise No. 6​-Heroique- A-Sharp Op. 53)7:138.74 MB
63.Embarrassment Consistency2:593.42 MB
64.Scrap And Build Ourselves -From​Revolution-6:078.29 MB
65.Reality And Honesty, Then Truth9:5312.94 MB
66.A Light4:014.94 MB
67.An Important Person3:364.37 MB
68.Someone's Evening. Someone's Daybreak4:215.23 MB
69.Kyoutenka7:5710.41 MB
70.Heaven's Mirror8:0010.31 MB
71.Shape Of Life3:494.32 MB
72.Grand Waltz Brilliant (Grande Valse​Brilliante)5:566.90 MB
73.Little Dog Waltz (Minute Waltz)9:209.77 MB
74.Piano Sonata in B flat Minor Op. 35​“Funeral March”2:032.60 MB
75.Op. 33 No. 4 – Mazurka in B Minor5:175.97 MB
76.Lament, The Royal Mirror5:507.74 MB
77.Church of EZI 14:566.64 MB
78.Church of EZI 25:087.30 MB
79.Raindrops (Raindrop Prelude)6:097.31 MB
80.Revolution (Revolutionary Etude)3:033.78 MB
81.Fantasy Impromptu (Fantaisie Impromptu)5:206.69 MB
82.Nocturne (Nocturne in E flat Major Op. 9​No. 2)4:305.76 MB
83.Tristesse (Etude in E major Op. 10 No.3)4:455.67 MB
84.Heroic (Polonaise No. 6 -Heroique- A​sharp Op.53)7:148.89 MB
85.Funeral March9:2211.09 MB
86.Little Dog Waltz (Minute Waltz)2:032.89 MB
87.Mazurka in B Minor5:196.63 MB
Total:7h 8m535 MB


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Submitted by Xaruk
Rating: 5/10
There's a number of tracks that have lots of empty space or no music at all, needs review and replacing. The two that come to mind are the very first track and track 40. I'll try and list others if they come on my playlist again

Submitted by Xaruk
Rating: 1/10
Track number 48: Nocturne simply plays a loud an atrocious white noise


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