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[VN] [Others] [Completed] Fate/Stay Night [Type-Moon] Thread starter Bloo; Start date Sep 28, 2016. Oh boy last time I wanted to download this (didn't have space) I was told there's a bunch of additional stuff (like patches and other additions) needed to be done to get the 'true game'. For the simple Fate stay night Sekai Project would. This includes: Streams of the VN, un-edited playthroughs (Let's Plays) of the VN, and links to a full download of the VN. Do not post Episode Discussions, these will be posted by the Moderators. Latest VN Fate/Stay Night VN Installation Guide V (self.fatestaynight) submitted 2 years ago. The Fate/Stay Night visual novel is one of the.

Fate stay night game english

Hello again, my amazing Fate otakus, as a special thank you for the 100 followers and amazing support I have been getting from the community, I wanted to make this special blog, explaining how to get Fate Visual Novel game (English Translated with Realta Nua Patch).

Jan 13, 2019  [VN] [Others] [Completed] Fate/Stay Night [Type-Moon] Thread starter Bloo. Nps can add my older one in the future if people dont want to download 9.52GB of yours mine is only as above 2.51GB and very playable played it myself a few times. If Fate/Stay Night is just another VN, then you could just save me the time.

Currently I am also looking in to making a blog on getting Fate Hollow Ataraxia (FSN's sequel), Fate Extra (Alternate Fate verse) and Fate Unlimited Codes for pc, so keep expecting for that to come up. NOW THEN, LETS GET STARTED O(≧∇≦)O!

Ok guys, so first of I shall make a summary of the steps were going to need to take to download the game:

1st: https://youtu.be/n4MXTXd7DAU

Access this link, it shows the video I used to download the game, all credits should go to the channel of this youtuber, go there and watch the video to get a visual understanding of what to do, I will be explaining a few steps that made the video confusing.

2nd: Download the Fate VN game from the link in the video's description

3rd: Download the Realta Nua Patch for the game in the Link in the description

4th: Download the Lav Filters in the Link in the Description

4.5: For saferegards I'll leave the links here;

The Lav Filters can only be downloaded from the video's description

5th: I had trouble finding this since most sites are chinese for this download; Let me explain first tho, to play the game you will need the Japanese Local in order to play the game if you dont have it, because the game's source code is in Japanese, and the computer will need to read the Japanese writing and then associate with the English Patch on the files, if you dont have the Japanese Local already installed, you will keep getting a Japanese error when you try to start the game, saying the PC can't execute the unknown file. To put the Japanese Local in youre computer through normal means, is really hard, so we will need a cheat, kinda like Shirou's Magic Circuit Faucet, we need to be able to just turn it on from within are Computer ON and OFF at will, so we will download the Japanese Local Administrator Application, and the biggest problem is that they are mostly from chinese sites, but worry not after many Days of searching heres the solution:

Fate/stay Night Characters

SCROLL DOWN TO THE EXPLANATION OF THE APP, then click the download buttons, there are no Viruses since I have used all these links before.

6th: After downloading all files I shall now explain Instalation orders.


Fate/stay Night Series In Order

You will need torrent to download Fate Raw Game, it is 6.50 Gigs, it took me two days to download it, so expect leaving youre pc the whole day on, pausing the download and continuing the next day, also the Realta Nua is 2 Gigs, so its pretty much 9 Gigs of memory, and I Believe 500 Mb of RAM, so keep that in mind. Also Winrar required, for both Utorrent and Winrar, google them to download.

After you downloaded the game, patch, filters and local, proceed to the Fate Stay Night Realta Nua game patch, and drag the Rar file to wherever is easier for you to access the game, and then Extract the Folder there.

You will have these folders inside the Fate Realta Nua Folder, drag the faterealtanua_save data folder to your documents. Then put the patch files into the Save Data folder. DON'T PUT THE PATCH FOLDERS, go inside the folders and cut or copy them to the sava data Folder, in the documents section.

Ok now for The Game, extract the game file of it which is compressed, then drag it to wherever it will be easier for you to play the game. Inside the Fate Stay Night Realta Nua Game folder there will be 6 Rar files, extract the Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel Routes to the folder with 'Extract Here'.

IMPORTANT: You need to extract the files in the order above, since the other routes only work after completing the sequence on the first time around, and that would be Fate, Ubw and Hf.

After extracting the 3, open the Fate Crack file, and copy the two files in it and drag them to the Fate Route Folder, samewise for UBW crack to UBW folder and HF crack to HF folder.

Now for the other two parts of this Blog:

You will need to install the Lav Filters after you've got the Fate Stay Night VN cracked on your Pc, so just go and install them at your leisure, they wont interfere with anything on your pc.

After that install the Japanese Local App from the link I left up above.

Once that's done all you need to do is go to each route App.exe file and right click them with your mouse and select Run with Japanese Local as Administrator.



With that said and done guys, I'm once again happy to share this with all of you and thanks again for the 100 followers (^v^)

Enjoy the best VN game ever now :P

Ps: for you pervs out there, yes the H scenes are included, with uncenssoring, for those that don't want to see those, you may deactivate them through the config options, by right clicking when playing the game.

And now I'm off to go play UBW route :v