Google Play Wont Let Me Download Game

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Hey folks. I recently got a new pc. I reinstalled Origin so that I could install Crysis3 and Battlefield3 but it won't let me install the games. Every time I go to download, I get an error message stating that Origin needs permission from windows to install and that I should click yes to allow when windows asks me.
Problem is windows never asks me. I've got my UAC setting to low and I even turned it off once to try to install these games but I always get the same error message with now following window to click yes on.
I've had no issues when installing Steam and steam games and most everything has actually shown a UAC window when it detects when something wants to install where I will then click allow. Origin is not allowing this.
Any ideas?
Google Play Wont Let Me Download Game

Google Play Wont Let Me Download Game Pc