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The original Gran Turismo is still one of the biggest-selling PlayStation games of all time. Gearheads everywhere are completely obsessed with this thing--it may even be responsible for selling lots of PlayStations. There's no telling what the opportunity of driving race-ready NSXs or Dodge Vipers will do to the mind of the average 20-something, red-blooded guy.

Well, girlfriends and wives everywhere be warned...the sequel is nearly upon us, and this time there's a LOT more to get excited about. 500 cars, lots of new race options and all manner of grooviness. We won't go into it here...just check out the list over there on the left for all the reasons why the new game is better than the first one.

In development since the original was released last year, GT2 is the vision of Kazunori Yamauchi, the head of Polyphony Digital and a self-confessed gearhead. 'As a child I dreamed of being a race car driver,' he confesses. 'It's more unlikely in japan even than in the U.S. or Europe. I always wanted to work with cars.' Well, he certainly got to do that.

The team spent some considerable time with driving schools around the world including the Skip Barber school at Laguna Seca where much of the development work for sounds, textures and general game 'feel' was researched. (See next page.)

The new game is much more of a global undertaking than the original, and is a very positive step forward toward Yamauchi's ultimate vision. 'My goal is that every user can drive the car that they drive, the car they want to own and admire.' With so many vehicles in this version, it certainly seems likely that there's something for everyone. This coupled with the numerous racing options that vary from road tracks, to 'real' raceways, to dirt tracks for rallying and drag strips, would seem to indicate that there's going to be a lot of replay value in GT2.While part of the charm of the original game was simply being able to drive brutish vehicles very fast, the objective-driven parts were limited to the 16 elements of the driving test section. Thanks to the help of a number of driving schools, the new game features a much broader structure in this area and now incorporates 60 different tests which help push your progress through the game. The structure is no longer a strict certificate-based thing...the new game adapts what it opens up for you based on your abilities as a driver. The ultimate goal of this is to help the game simulate what it's really like to drive in certain conditions. 'I want the cars in the game to feel exactly like driving that particular car on the road,' Vamauchi tells us. By working through the tests, you're never going to end up trying something that you're not ready for. Trying to get a Viper through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca takes some skill after all!

Gran Turismo 2 Playstation Iso Download Pc

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Whether this will prove to be a cool way of working through the game is yet to be seen. However, you don't have long to wait as now, after a number of delays, Gran Turismo 2 has a definite release date of early December.


Gran Turismo 2 Playstation Iso Download Free

Overall rating: 9

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