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Hata-­‐Maou Vol 10 Translations
Vol 10 Prologue
The hands of the clock were already pointing towards two o’clock in the morning, even though time abiding students should be in bed and asleep, Sasaki Chiho still came to Room 202 of Villa Rosa Sasazuka directly from Ueno Park. The owner of the room Kamazuki Suzuno was currently out travelling.
When she placed her bag used for containing her stayover luggage into the corner of the room, Chiho, who realised that she not come to Room 202 for quite a long time, could not help but look around the room.
At this time, the owner of the room was currently in a place that was not part of Japan, not part of this world, or any part of this Earth, travelling together with the person Chiho missed.
In order to search to the people important to Chiho.
In order to rescue Chiho’s important comrades.
“What’s wrong? Even though it’s not my room, please come in and sit first.”
Correspondingly, the key of this room was in the care of the lady in front of Chiho.
The lady who openly showed her tanned skin and casually tied up her hair was known as Ooguro Amane.
As Amane had employed Chiho before as the shop manager of ‘Ooguroya’, the beachhouse at Choshi, she could still be counted as Chiho’s ex-­‐employer.
However, there was a big difference between Amane and Kisaki Mayumi, who normally took care of Chiho and was the shop manager of the MgRonalds in front of Hatagaya Station, where Chiho worked.
At least Amane did not match Chiho’s definition of a ‘normal person’.
Based on what the person herself said, Amane, who did not show any abnormal results in the annual health checks, was definitely a human in a biological sense, in other words, a homosapien.
“Alright, excuse me for disturbing.”
“Oh my, but first, it’s really hot. Do you want to drink wheat tea? Ah, I obtained Suzuno-­‐chan’s permission beforehand, it seems like I can use the items in the fridge however I like.”
“Ah, then let me pour it.”
Chiho did not sit at all, and took wheat tea out from the large fridge of the latest model, and together with the ice taken from the ice making box in the drawer style freezer, she poured them into the two glasses taken from the shelf underneath the kitchen counter.
Lastly, she used a small tray to move these things to the low dining table in front of Amane.
“You’re really good at doing this.”
Amane seemed to be very surprised that Chiho could act without hesitation in someone else’s kitchen.
“Because Suzuno-­‐san let me use it many times.”
After saying this nonchalantly, Chiho also sat opposite Amane.
“This kitchen? Why?”
Amane asked in confusion. After seeing her expression, Chiho smiled as if she had recalled something.
“Hm? What’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing, but now that I think about it, I borrowed this place most frequently before going to Choshi, which would be before we went to Amane-­‐san’s store.”
“Is that so?”
At that time, Alas=Ramus, the ‘daughter of the Demon King and the Hero’, appeared at Villa Rosa Sasazuka, and during the process of the battle with Gabriel who wanted to retrieve Alas=Ramus, a hole large enough to adversely affect their lives appeared in Room 201. Unexpectedly, after Alas=Ramus successfully escaped danger by merging with Emi’s holy sword, Emi visited Villa Rosa Sasazuka more often for her sake.
Because they were worried about the effects of the huge hole on room 201, the number of opportunities for Ashiya, in charge of all the household matters in the Demon Fortress, to borrow the kitchen of room 202 increased, and Chiiho, who frequently sent appreciation gifts to the Demon Fortress, inevitably also switched to borrowing the kitchen in Suzuno’s room.
All this did not happen because of anyone’s wishes. However, before long, no one had any reservations about gathering at one table and eating.
And when the residents received the notification about the landlady repairing the huge hole and had to temporarily move out of the apartment, it was the beachhouse ‘Ooguroya’, run by Amane, which lent a helping hand.
Thinking back now, it was not just eating together regularly, including Alas=Ramus, Maou, Emi and so on, these seven people, started to consciously do things together from that time onwards.
After that, the job at Ooguroya was cancelled halfway, when they returned to Sasazuka to the apartment which had completed its renovations, the seven of them had dinners together frequently like it was natural thing to do.
Demon King and Hero, enemy and enemy, someone from a foreign world and someone from a foreign world.
In the short time of one year, these seven people, who would never be expected to have a sedate meal together, have gathered in this apartment, even though this place was not always filled with smiles and laughter, the group still noisily spent time together.
However, this ‘peace’ which originally would not have existed at all was disturbed, and currently, of the members who would gather at this table, only Chiho and Urushihara Hanzo, staying alone at the neighbouring 201 room, were left.
“About the affairs of Maou-­‐san and the others, how much do you know?”
“Hm~actually what I know is not that detailed.”
Amane supported her chin with her hand and looked up at the ceiling like she was searching for something.
“Maou-­‐kun is not an Earthling, or more like he’s not human at all, but more sinister……wrong, from how he has demonic magic, he probably changes into an organism like a demon or Youkai, according to Ashiya-­‐kun, Yusa-­‐chan and that black bird, he seems to have a strong power, so it feels like he’s the boss or king of that kind of faction, and because of some reason……probably because he lost to those with the power of Light like Yusa-­‐chan in the end, he escaped to this world, but because the power surrounding this world is so orderly that it did not lean towards good or bad, he is unable to obtain demonic magic, and therefore he had no choice but to work in order to live. I can only roughly deduce to this point.”
“……Rather than deduction, it’s more like it’s exactly what you said.”
Since she explained this much, Amane seemed to have grasped Maou’s secrets.
“Did someone tell you? For example, someone I have never seen before, like the landlady of this apartment.”
“Aunt Mi-­‐chan? Oh, Chiho-­‐chan has never met with her before?”
“I only saw a video of her dancing.”
“It’s nothing…….”
“Nobody told me these things. I only deduced based on what I saw. Did I guess correctly?”
“It’s so accurate that I don’t have to correct or add anything on……”
“Ahaha, you seem regretful.”
Amane, who was amused by Chiho’s complex expression, exhaled lightly.
“Sigh, but since even I can make this standard of deduction, Aunt Mi-­‐chan or my dad can probably see through even their age or blood type.”
“E, even though I don’t know the principle behind……but these……”
“Ahh. That’s right, Chiho-­‐chan probably doesn’t want to hear these things right.”
Even though she hit a wall in the beginning, Chiho still pursued her questioning with all her might, Amane showed a fearless smile and drank the wheat tea in one go.
“…………My head hurts…..ughh.”
Amane’s originally fearless smile changed in an instant, and started to groan with a frown, giving Chiho a fright.
“Ahahaha, sorry sorry……but, yeah, how should I say this. The truths in the world are always unexpectedly simple. Even I, who can easily take down foreign demons, can still get a headache from drinking things which are too cold in one go. Anyway……”
After putting the glass on the table, Amane got up slowly.
She closed the window used for ventilation, and pressed her hand on the wall connected to room 201.
“I will explain to Chiho-­‐chan, the pretext is, only Chiho-­‐chan……!”
In Chiho’s eyes, Amane only used her finger to poke the wall lightly.
And from the shock felt from the floor, it can be roughly known that something happened on the other side of the wall. It seemed like some large object was currently rolling around on the floor.
“But just in case, let me first implement a countermeasure to prevent others from eavesdropping. This apartment is very old, so it would be bad if Urushihara-­‐kun next door heard it right?”
“……That’s true.”
Chiho nodded with a stern expression.
Even though she did not say it in an obvious manner, the reason why Chiho intentionally emphasised on wanting Urushihara to stay at room 201 after returning to the apartment, was because she wanted Urushihara, who, in this apartment, would be able to hear the sounds next door as long as he really wanted to, to eavesdrop on the conversation between Amane and her.
Because Urushihara was especially perceptive when it comes to certain areas, Chiho felt that he would probably not let this chance slip away, but it seemed like the result of careless action was that she had caused him to have a hard time because of the ‘countermeasure’ Amane used just now.
Even though she had said that she would uphold the agreement with Chiho, from Amane’s gaze, it was obvious that she had already seen through Chiho’s plans.
“……Then, please explain once again.”
Chiho also did not especially mention this.
Even though she would have to apologise to Urushihara later, if Chiho backed off voluntarily when Amane had not said anything, she might lose the chance to obtain information.
“Ooh, you even want to take notes? Are you serious?”
Chiho took the tri-­‐coloured pen and notebook which she normally used during work from her stayover luggage and replied with a very serious expression.
“As long as it’s something experienced for the first time, take notes first. Remembering things is also part of working, so ever since I started working together with Maou-­‐san……I developed a habit of making notes about everything.”
When stepping into an unknown world, the first thing to do was to remember everything well, and trying to understand.
These were the teachings Chiho received a long time ago from someone important to her.
“Is that so.”
Amane looked into the eyes of Chiho, who sat on the tatami mat once more, and said,
“Then, what do you want to know?”
Chiho took in a deep breath.
After compiling everything which has happened so far, what she had seen and heard, as well as the knowledge she wanted, there was only one question she should ask Amane first.
“The Earth Tree of Life (Sephirot) and Sephirah, where is it now, and what kind of state is it in?”
Chiho’s words caused Amane, would was rather relaxed so far, to show an obvious shocked expression and suck in a breath.
“Chi, Chiho-­‐chan?”
“I, I’m sorry, let’s pause a bit, after all this totally exceeds my expectations. Eh? Wait, how did you manage to think to this stage? Because, eh? I had thought you wanted to ask the true identities of Aunt Mi-­‐chan and I, what is demonic magic or the truth of the Choshi shores?”
Chiho said calmly to Amane, who looked truly shocked,
“Of course I’m also bothered by these things……but I thought that as long as I start from the most basic portion, all these would be mention in the process.”
“Uh……eh? Is that so?”
“It might sound a little rude, but I thought that the true identity of Amane-­‐san, was definitely some unimportant thing.”
“But……uh, sorry, I am actually this frantic. I will answer your questions properly okay! But, you’re actually able to theorise to this extent? Did you actually discuss this with Maou-­‐kun before?”
“No, I have not specially discussed this with anyone……even so, theorising to this point, I did not do this alone.”
Chiho tightened her grip on the notebook and pen slightly.
“During the time I spent together with Maou-­‐san and Emi-­‐san, I saw many things and bit by bit, in order not to miss anything out, I recalled with all my might……so, this is not a question which I was able to think of myself. It’s thanks to Maou-­‐san, Yusa-­‐san, Ashiya-­‐san, Urushihara-­‐san, Suzuno-­‐san, Alas=Ramus-­‐chan and Iron-­‐kun. Of course, there’s still Amane-­‐san, Camio-­‐san, the Malebranche demons, Sariel-­‐san, Gabriel-­‐san, and……”
Chiho lightly stretched out her right hand.
“the memories shown to me by the person who entrusted this ring to me……”
“That purple stone, is it the ninth Sephirah?”
Amane looked towards the purple jewel embedded in the ring Chiho wore, and showed a stern expression.
“It turned into such a sad state. The person who entrusted this to Chiho-­‐chan, is it a person from the place called Ente Isla?”
“Even though the other party did not say so clearly, but I think it should be like this. Even so, I don’t know if the other party is ‘human’ or not.”
“As long as it is an organism which can be communicated with, there’s no need to be too bothered.”
“Anyway, the only thing which can express everything I have seen, and the time I have spent with these people, would be this question.”
“Alright, I understand. Even though this would seem a bit persistent, before I answer your question, can I confirm something first?”
“Yeah, it looks that there seems to be no connection behind.”
Amane did not wait for Chiho’s reply, and pressed her hand on Chiho’s forehead. Even though it was not known what she was investigating, Amane finally nodded, letting her guard down.
“Is, is something wrong?”
“Yeah. I was originally worried that the person who gave this ring to Chiho-­‐chan, might be secretly connecting with you, but it seems like the other party did not do that much. Because you said you have been implanted with
memories before, if the other party is eavesdropping now, then there will be no meaning to giving Urushihara-­‐kun a hard time.”
Anyway, it was confirmed that Urushihara-­‐san was having a difficult time.
Chiho swore to herself once more, that she must apologise for involving him in this afterwards.
“Then, about the question regarding what happened to the Tree of Life and the various Sephirah.”
“So there is one? And there’s not just one Sephirah.”
“That’s hard for me to say. Even if you didn’t confirm everything one by one, I won’t lie.”
“S, sorry.”
Chiho reflected on her anxiousness and after taking a deep breath, showed an attitude of seriously listening to Amane speak.
Even so, if she did not understand the first time, she still planned to ask as many times she needed until she understood.
This was also from Maou’s teachings. If you still do not understand after asking twice, then ask thrice. The things which Amane were going to reveal after this, had enough value and meaning to do such a thing.
“Firstly, the various Sephirah of Earth, are no longer with the Tree of life. They have spread around various locations since a long time ago. And it was so long ago that it can be recorded in Chiho-­‐chan’s history books.”
“Like this, it should be counted as something which happened recently?”
“Uh, since it’s in the range of being covered by history books, then means that the separation of the Sephirah from the Tree of Life, was something which happened during the chronology which we can grasp right? I had thought it would be much earlier, such as billions of years ago when life just started on Earth.”
“……The understanding of the measurement of time of high school girls now is really flexible. If one has gone through it personally, they would probably feel that this kind of time would be really long……forget it. Anyway, getting straight to the point, I am not like Alas=Ramus or Acies=Ara, existences born directly from the Sephirah. To be more exact, it’s more like I have parents just like then, a mixed blood child between the children born from the Sephirah and humans. Sigh, even though this explanation is a little strange as well.”
“P, please wait a bit.”
Just the contents from these words had contained a lot of surprising information.
Firstly, the lifespans of Alas=Ramus and Acies=Ara were abnormally long. In the future, not only would they be able to obtain human partners, they could even produce descendants. In addition, from Amane’s actions, the descendants of the Sephirah children would definitely inherit their characteristics.
Chiho quickly made notes, and Amane also patiently waited for Chiho to finish what she had to write.
“As for which of my parents were born from the Sephirah, the answer would be my father. He is the child from ‘Binah’, even though he is using the name Ooguro Tenji now, his actual name is Mamuried.”
“Mamuried-­‐san……is there any special meaning to the name?”
According to Suzuno, the two names Alas=Ramus and Acies=Ara seemed to have special meanings in Ente Isla. Even though she was not clear about Iron, the name probably had some meaning as well.
So Chiho deduced that the existences born from the Earth Sephirah might probably also be like this.
“About that, I think it should be ‘Affectionate Mother of Lead’. But he’s a man.”
(T/N: From the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Binah is a Sephirah which is believed to be feminine, and its associated colour is black. Thus the term Mother of Lead (which is black in colour) is used.)
Amane gave a wry smile and continued to speak,
“Then, I will now answer Chiho-­‐chan’s first question, which is the past location of the ‘Earth Tree of Life’.”
“A, alright!”
Chiho waited with bated breath.
Regarding information about the ‘Tree of Life’ and ‘Sephirah’, it was the core of the series of incidents happening to Chiho, Maou and Emi.
From what Amane and the person who implanted memories into Chiho said, there was no doubt that a Tree of Life existed on Earth as well.
Then in order to understand the Ente Isla Tree of Life, what was currently needed was information about the Earth Tree of Life.
Right now, that information was in front of her. Chiho felt excited because she was starting to glimpse the truth, so she did not notice that Amane’s explanation was a little strange.
“The Tree of Life is at a place that even though it can normally be seen, unfortunately, the current Chiho-­‐chan would not be able to reach it.”
“Can normally be seen?”
“And almost everyday too. Ah, but it can’t be seen during rainy days.”
After saying that, Amane slowly raised a hand and pointed out the window.
Chiho gazed in the direction Amane pointed, and then sucked in a breath.
The moon lightly floating in the night sky.
“On……the moon?”
The Earth Tree of Life was situated on the satellite planet of the Earth, on the moon.
During the time Chiho digested this information, everything which happened so far ran through her mind like a storm.
And then as this storm caused the intersecting and complex information to fall into place, Chiho felt a chill.
“Sariel-­‐san’s power……the closer he is to the moon, the stronger……treasure of Heaven, then, Ente Isla’s Heaven and Demon World……”
“What’s wrong? Why are you so shocked?”
“Ah, I, I’m fine, erhm, even though I’m a little shocked, please continue.”
Chiho re-­‐focused her scattered attention, and waved her pen with a shaking hand to urge Amane on.
“Hm? Then, from how I, address her as ‘Aunt’, it be be deduced that Aunt Mi-­‐chan is my father’s younger sister. The landlady of this apartment Shiba Miki, is also an existence born from the Sephirah. But Aunt Mi-­‐chan’s situation is a little different from the other Sephirah, her job……”
Chiho nodded and kept writing down notes.
Even though Chiho did not know if this was related to the future she hoped for, like a secret treasure chest was currently raining jewels on her, Chiho obtained information she could think about.
Just as Chiho moved her pen quickly and could not help but show a smile at the same time because of a strange excitement, the next moment-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
Amane stopped speaking because she suddenly heard someone shout, Chiho also looked around her in surprise.
That was Urushihara’s voice just now. And it was a very tense scream.
“E……eh? Why?”
And the person speaking with a tenser voice than Usuhihara’s scream was no one else but Amane.
“Why can we hear his voice? Even though I did set up proper protection……”
Compared to something happening to Urushihara, Amane was more shocked at being able to hear Urushihara’s voice, even though Chiho had some opinions about this, it could be confirmed that an emergency had occurred.
Chiho did not think that demons or angels will attack at this point of time, and even if there was, it felt as if Amane would be able to solve it, but even so, Chiho still subconsciously got up and paid attention to her surroundings to guard against sudden incidents.
And then-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
Someone knocked the porch door softly.
However, for reasons unknown, to Chiho’s ears, that faint knocking sound, sounded elegant and refined like they were using the door knocker of a noble’s mansion.
Vol 10 Chapter 1: Demon King, losing his standing
Various luxurious food items which would not normally appear on the battlefield could not stir up Emi’s appetite at all.
Not considering her feelings, she would definitely be unable to go on if she did not eat. However, even if she did know this, she still did not feel like eating.
It was strange, before being imprisoned by Olba and becoming the commanding officer of the Fangan Milita, Emi did not know that Ente Isla actually had such exquisite and delicious food.
It was not just a mere case that she had never eaten them.
But that she did not know that such food existed.
Emi was born in a farming village of the Western Continent, and even though she had a warm household, their economic situation was not well-­‐off, in actual fact, before the world was invaded by the Demon Army, she had never left the village.
Even though Emerada and Olba had high social standing, during the time Emi travelled the world as the Hero, they often had to save money, so unless they accepted the hospitality of royalty, even eating one commoner’s banquet per month could not be guaranteed.
Just considering the variety of her food life, compared to the sixteen years living in Ente Isla, the one year plus of time spent in Japan was far more enriching and plentiful.
Right now, the three meals presented to Emi and Alas=Ramus, were probably all cooked by highly skilled chefs using high quality ingredients, the exquisiteness of these food items, just comparing them with the food eaten in Ente Isla while travelling in the past, or with the normal food in Japan, it would only feel laughable.
Even so-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Mama, this is different from the corn soup Suzu-­‐nee chan cooks.”
Alas=Ramus only drank one mouthful of soup before obviously frowning and expressing her dislike.
“Is that so? Then how about the fried rice over there?”
Emi scooped the stir fried grain dish which was similar to rice into a small box and coaxed Alas=Ramus into eating, even though it was strictly different from the fried rice defined in Japan, there was no other way to describe it.
However, Alas=Ramus still only took one bite, and said bluntly,
“This is different from Alsiel’s.”
“I see, but right now, there is only this to eat. Can you please bear with it?”
It looked like to Alas=Ramus, even the extremely luxurious Afashan food was unable to match up with the home cooked food made from a simple kitchen in a Japanese apartment.
“How about the fried chicken pieces? You like fried chicken right? Let me help you cut it up a little……”
Emi tried to cut the fried chicken into small pieces, but Alas=Ramus rejected it directly without even eating,
“Chi-­‐nee chan makes nicer ones!”
As a ‘Mama’, faced with this kind of reaction from Alas=Ramus, Emi should have chided her, telling her not to be a picky eater.
But Emi did not have the energy to do so at all.
Because even without Alas=Ramus specially emphasizing it, Emi also fully agreed.
No matter how premium the ingredients or chefs were, as long as the dinner table was cold and cheerless, the mood to try food would decrease.
“But if you do not eat, you’ll definitely be hungry at night. These things shouldn’t taste bad right? Eat a little more.”
Emi’s words caused Alas=Ramus to glare at the food in front of her with a bitter expression on her face.
In this area, Alas=Ramus was exactly like a normal child, as long as they encounter something they dislike, they would occasionally become especially stubborn.
Even though the issue this time happened to be about food, no matter how the young girl hated this situation, she cannot be allowed to not eat at all.
So Emi carelessly let something slip.
“Ne? Alas=Ramus, when we return, we’ll ask Bell and Alsiel to cook okay? So now……”
“When can we go back?”
The words she accidentally said, turned into a heavy blow and hit Emi in return.
She cannot go back.
She cannot fulfill it even in her dreams.
Emi looked at the various steaming food items in front of her with teary eyes.
“Food which can be eaten without doing anything……tastes bad after all.”
Emi summoned the limit of her mental power to stop her tears, turned her face away to avoid Alas=Ramus’s gaze, and then-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“But……we have to eat.”
She comforted Alas=Ramus, and continued eating the food she could not taste at all.

As the proof that her father had existed-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐the wheat fields of her hometown were threatened, Emi was forced to participate in a battle against her will.
Emi was captured by Olba and Raguel to serve as ‘battle power’. They forced Emi to become the commanding officer of the ‘Milita which would free Afashan from the hands of the demons’, and set her up as the symbol of hope to exorcise the Malebranches who occupied the Royal Capital, Azure Sky Canopy.
But from what Emi knew, the one who guided the Malebranches into Afashan was Olba himself, so Emi was unable to grasp the true intentions of Olba and the others.
On the other hand, Ashiya, who was brought to Ente Isla by Gabriel, was also forced to control Azure Sky Canopy once again as Demon General Alsiel.
If he did not do so, not just Ashiya himself, even the Malebranches who came to Afashan because of Heaven’s ploy, and Maou in Japan would be in danger.
Just as the situation developed into the Milita led by Emi, and the Azure Sky Canopy Malebranche Army led by Ashiya getting into fierce conflict on the lands of Afashan, Maou and Suzuno, together with the same type of existence as Alas=Ramus, Acies=Ara, arrived in Ente Isla in order to ‘rescue’ Emi, Ashiya and Alas=Ramus.
In order to avoid being discovered by the original enemies, ‘the angels’, Maou, Suzuno and Acies first arrived at a place some distance away from the main battlefield, they traversed the lands of the Eastern Continent on Mopeds while gathering information, rushing to Azure Sky Canopy.
During the journey, Suzuno discovered that the situation was strange, even if the Eastern Continent was currently conquered by demons, the atmosphere of all the citizens was not as depressing compared to the time the Demon Army invaded in the past. In addition she also interrogated Maou on information about the nature of demons and from there, obtained part of the truth about the Demon World.
Coincidentally, Maou and Suzuno met up with Emi’s past comrade Alberto, and from the information he provided, they knew that Emi’s current location was with the Milita advancing on the capital, and in order to end everything, the trio started to discuss solutions.
Even if he was the Demon King, Maou could still use the holy sword through the merger with Acies, and this power should have been the final key.
But for unknown reasons, Maou and Acies were unable to summon the holy sword, never mind the non-­‐demonic magic, non-­‐holy magic power which was displayed in order to save Chiho and Chiho’s school, in the end, Maou even threw up things which should not be released.
Emi’s holy magic and Alas=Ramus’s holy sword, Maou’s demonic magic and Acies=Ara’s holy sword.
The originally overwhelming power was completely sealed, their hopes to quickly end this were completely dashed, causing Maou, who only applied one week leave, to worry about whether a huge gap would open up in MgRonalds’ working schedule.
The center of the Eastern Continent of Ente Isla, was known as the peripheral area of the Royal Capital, Azure Sky Canopy. Within an inn of a village known as a satellite city, Maou, inside a dimly lit room, gritted his teeth in frustration and glared towards the two people who were looking down at him.
“Why are you saying that with no rhyme or reason at all?”
“Doesn’t matter, both of you just apologise to me.”
“What exactly are you saying?”
“Both of you doing things that obviously meant that you’re looking down on me, do you think I will let it go so easily?”
“Saying looking down is too rude. This was arranged because we’re worried about you.”
Kamazuki Suzuno, who was not wearing her usual kimono, but the robes from the Church, said exasperatedly.
“Bell is right, Demon King.”
The well muscled man with a large build who would make the pair look like an adult and child when he stood next to the petite Suzuno-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Magic Arts priest Alberto Ende nodded in agreement.
“What do you mean worried about me. This is the first time I experienced such humiliation.”
“Even if you put it that way……”
Alberto scratched his face with a troubled expression.
“Demon King, these two days, besides eating and sleeping, you basically didn’t do anything else right?”
“Alberto, actually making it sound like I’m no different from Urushihara……these words cannot be said carelessly.”
Alberto turned to Suzuno for help, but the latter shrugged her shoulders and shook her head in response.
“It can’t be helped. Tomorrow, we are going to reach the central area of the royal capital, the Azure Sky Canopy Castle Tower. We are going to barge into the headquarters of the enemy. However……”
After Suzuno said this bitterly, she shifted her gaze away from Maou.
Acies, who still had the crumbs of the sweet and sour fish eaten in the afternoon around her mouth, was sleeping soundly on the simple but clean bed.
“Demon King, the current you cannot contribute to any battle power, but if anything happens to you, you would cause Chiho-­‐dono and Alas=Ramus to feel sad again. If so, we can only ask you to standby at this inn.”
“………Damn it.”
Being verbally hit where it hurts, Maou gritted his teeth and punched the wall with force.
From the pain from this first, he let out a slurred sound of anguish.
“Hey, Demon King, we are saying this for your own good, just stay here and wait. If you were at full power, that punch just now should have destroyed a few streets. However right now you cannot even open a hole in this plaster wall. Like this, once we encounter a battle, never mind Olba, you can’t even win the Jokokin.”
(T/N: Jokokin are the lowest ranked in the Hakin Knight Troops.)
Even though it was not to the extent of Emi,this man called Alberto was also considered one of Maou’s enemies.
However right now he was being admonished by the other party who had a look of pity, as a Demon King, only the term humiliation could be used to describe this.
“Hey, Acies!”
Being cut out from the battle plans, was a humiliation which definitely could not happen to the Demon King, Maou, who could not withstand this, pulled up Acies, who was sleeping after eating her fill, grabbing the shoulder straps of her overalls and shaking her.
“What is going on! Why hasn’t my demonic magic returned! And what happened to that power you used at Chi-­‐ chan’s school! It’s about time you had some idea about this!”
Acies, who was suddenly woken up, let herself be shaken by Maou with a slack gaze, then at the same time Maou stopped shouting, she mumbled,
“Prawn? What’s with prawns?”
“If I can eat prawns roasted with salt, I might know.”
Maou glared angrily at the bleary eyed Acies, and silently raised a fist, seeing this, Suzuno frantically grabbed his arm with all her might.
“W, wait, Demon King! Don’t! Even though I can understand how you feel, you can’t do that!”
“Let go of me, Suzuno. It’s the era of gender equality now.”
“Even with equality, it’s still something you cannot do with your pride on the line!”
“Because there are thoughts like yours, there are currently no train compartments specially reserved for males.”
“Even though you commute with a bicycle!”
The both of them argued for a while, but Maou’s power right now was no match for Suzuno.
Just as Maou gave up and loosened his hand grabbing Acies-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Tsk, I failed……fwah.”
There were no other concluding words that would be more infuriating than this, after throwing down this bomb, Acies returned to dreamland.
As Maou, whose flames of anger reignited, intended to hit the sleeping Acies once more, this time Alberto joined in to stop him.
“Huurrrtts! I understand! I understand already!”
Even though Suzuno was also rather powerful, from Alberto’s stature, it can be seen that he was a man with excess power.
Having both his arms held down by two strong warriors, the Demon King, with the goal of conquering the world could not hold back his tears and suppress the killing aura he had towards Acies.
“Seriously, can’t you hold back a bit……ah! It hurts……”
Maou stretched his shoulder which was almost turned in an undesirable direction and glared at the two people with a lot lesser vehemence compared to before, but he knew very well what the current gazes of Suzuno and Alberto meant.
“Damn it! What exactly is going on?”
Maou frowned at looked at his hand, opening and closing it.
His demonic magic had not recovered.
This fact was a shock to Maou, and also an unexpected issue to Suzuno.
If they wanted to bring Emi and Ashiya back to Japan, they would have to fight with archangels no matter what happens.
At least at this point of time, they had already confirmed the involvement of Gabriel and Kamael, and had fought with them.
Even though Suzuno was confident in her own abilities, she was still much weaker than Emi before she merged with Alas=Ramus.
Even if she fought one on one with Alberto, she might not be able to win.
However, even Alberto was not able to match up to Emi’s prowess before she merged with Alas=Ramus.
Without Maou’s power, she did not think they would be able to fight two archangels.
But talking about whether they would be able to escape from Ente Isla as long as they successfully made contact with Emi and let her push the enemies back with the power exceeding archangels, it was also not that simple.
If this could solve everything, Emi would have done it herself already.
The commotion this time, could not be solved simply but bringing Emi and Ashiya back to Japan, other than restoring the situation which the both of them were involved back to their original state, they had to think of a way to prevent the various factions from sending people to Japan to pursue them.
It was not just getting rid of the ‘enemies disadvantageous to their comrades’, they had to conduct ‘post war management’ so the various factions no longer wished to make use of Emi or Ashiya in politics or military affairs.
For the ideal rescue operation which Suzuno planned, other than the expected battle, the ‘post war management’ was also largely dependant on Maou using Acies’s ‘holy sword’.
However, never mind the holy sword, since Maou would feel unwell just summoning a 100 yen store fruit knife, she could only fall back on the next best thing, and work together with Alberto, the unexpected fighting force, to solve the situation.
“Demon King, don’t be too anxious. This is not your fault. And being anxious will not solve anything.”
“But! Like this, what did I especially take leave to come here for! With this, didn’t I really just come to sightsee, eat and sleep?”
It looked like in Maou’s mind, he seemed to have placed the huge commotion sweeping across one of the five continents of Ente Isla, the whole of the Eastern Continent, on the same level as decreasing his work shifts, but Suzuno shook her head lightly and said,
“No one expected for such a thing to happen. And if you did not end up in this current state, I, Chiho-­‐dono and Lucifer would not have escaped with our lives that day. From this angle, the current situation is not meaningless. So stop with this tantrum. Since you’re a ‘king’, don’t limit your vision to what is in front of you, but view the big picture.”
“I do not wish for you to brush aside the fact that you cannot wield any power, and then get yourself hurt on the battlefield. Wait for our return here, we will definitely bring Emilia, Alas=Ramus, Emilia’s father and Alsiel back safely.”
Suzuno knelt in front of Maou, who was sitting on the bed, met his gaze, held his hand like she was counselling him and said this determinedly,
“Even though Emilia and I kept saying that we are your enemies, we always depended on your power to overcome any difficulties in the end. This time, let me have a chance to redeem myself. At the same time, treat this as a request presented by me as a General of the ‘New Demon Army’.”
“Seriously, you only use this title when it’s beneficial for you.”
“Because I roughly know that you are not good at handling this move.”
Suzuno, lifting the corners of her mouth upwards in happiness, stood up, swaying the hem of the robes.
“And the first place, the boss should be staying in a safe place, and arrogantly looking at the performance of their subordinates.”
“I hate that.”
“Occasionally having to face what you hate, that is life.”
“Even though I do not know what happened in Japan……let me say this first, I have no plans in joining the forces of the Demon King.”
Perhaps Maou and Suzuno’s strangely empathetic conversation made him feel uneasy, Alberto quickly spoke to clarify.
Even if Alberto accepted Emi living in Japan, but working together with Demon King Satan was still an exception among exceptions.
“I know. We only coincidentally wish to free Emi from troublesome things. But with the current situation, it’s better to have more comrades with the same goal right.”
“Comrades……huh. Once you say that, I really have mixed feelings on this.”
Alberto said with a shrug, but from his expression, he did not seem to dislike it.
“By the way, I had something I wanted to ask you since before.”
“Why did you and Emerada allow Emi to not defeat me and continue to stay in Japan? Even if you wanted to respect Emi’s wishes, there should be a limit right? After Olba and Lucifer caused trouble in Japan, for a while, compared to Emi, I was more worried that you and Emerada would come over to kill me without Emi knowing.”
“Hm, it’s not as if we have not discussed doing so before.”
“So you really did think about it.”
Maou frowned because the other party admitted to the assassination plan, as for Alberto, he looked at Maou’s expression with an amused expression.
“Even though I don’t know how Em judged this, but I also have my own reasons for giving up on fighting you without telling Emilia. Of course, I do want to respect Emilia’s wishes, and besides that……”
Alberto walked towards Maou, and patted his shoulder with some force.
“Ow! What are you doing?”
“You should thank the young lady Sasaki, and that guy Adramelech.”
“Chi-­‐chan and……Adramelech?”
Maou felt very troubled because Chiho and the name of the long dead Demon General unexpectedly appeared, but Alberto did not continue explaining, shook his head and said,
“Since we have decided to leave, then it’s about time to go. Even though we would definitely be ahead of them, the Fangan Milita have already reached an area one to two days journey away from the central area of the royal capital. If Emilia is really within the Milita, then we must infiltrate the Azure Sky Canopy Castle Tower before chaos is caused by the Milita heading towards the capital. Just from the distance, time is already tight. Demon King, just stay here quietly with the holy sword young lady.”
After saying this, Alberto glanced sideways at the shocked Maou and left the inn room.
Even though it was all referred to as Royal Capital, Azure Sky Canopy, the range of coverage was very wide.
The destination of Suzuno and Alberto-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐the Central area where Auzre Sky Canopy Castle Tower was located, contained the higher ranked knight troops of the Hakin Knight Troops, Seisokin, Josokin, Seisuikin, Josuikin, these
four groups, as well as high ranking officials, royalty, nobles and the embassies of the clan heads of the foreign clans who have swore fealty to the Unifying Azure Emperor, in other words, this was a high class nobles area, and since this area housed the officials and noble lords of the continent, it occupied a wide expanse of land.
Even if the Knight Troops set out from the Castle Tower with a normal speed, they would also need more than one day to leave the Central Area on foot.
Then the area extending from and surrounding the Central Area was known as the Commercial area, this was the place where businessmen, wealthy people, and the lower ranking Knight Troops, Seikokin, Jokokin, Seikokin and Jokokin, these four Knight Troops, lived, and it would normally take one day march to pass through this area.
As for the Central area and Commercial area, for the reasons of segregation and defense, city walls were set up in all directions, and one part of the wall, in a form of a Great Wall, even stretched to the outer areas of the outskirts, known as the manufacturing Agricultural area.
The Great Wall, which extended in the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest directions was already a famous majestic structure before the Unifying Azure Emperor started to rule the area.
Even though the side of the Great Wall which extended out to the west side of the continent was showing obvious signs of wear and tear over time due to better security on the west side, for the Great Wall which extended out to the east side, because the Unifying Azure Emperor was worried that the rebellions from the foreign tribes would spark civil unrest in Afashan, he would gather people from across the continent using the reason of a large construction project every few years to maintain it, and it was now being used as a sturdy city wall.
The Agricultural area on the outskirts of the royal capital, was of a wider area compared to the Central and Commercial areas. The agricultural and industrial products were not just for the royal capital, but would be distributed to various lands within the continent. The inn Suzuno and Alberto settled Maou in, was in a village further out from the Agricultural area. The main roads spreading from the royal capital to the whole of the Eastern Continent were known as ‘royal roads’, that inn was opened in an area located close to a royal road, in a place like an inn street or satellite city.
Before it was decided that he would be left behind, Maou looked at the map of the areas around the royal capital.
“Now that I think about it, trains and cars are amazing……from here to the Central area of the royal capital would be roughly the distance from Keio-­‐hachioji to Shinjuku right? Never mind half a day, it can be reached in less than two hours. Of course, people would not normally want to walk from the city centre to Hachioji.”
Alberto was greatly surprised after hearing Maou’s words.
Ever since they met up with Alberto on the outskirts of Honfa village, the journey of Maou, Suzuno and Acies had been very smooth so far.
Thanks for the merchant carriage which Alberto prepared, Maou and the others were able to travel from Honfa village to the outskirts of Azure Sky Canopy without being suspected or using up any of the Moped fuel which they were worried about before.
After all, Alberto was different from Maou and Suzuno, and was not restricted in his actions at all.
Suzuno had heard from Emi that Alberto was helping an important person of Saint Aire-­‐-­‐-­‐Emerada in the gathering of information.
However Alberto was only helping Emerada for personal reasons, he did not swear loyalty to the nation of Saint Aire and did not have citizenship of that nation.
He, who did not have any political or national ties, and was considered a top fighter in Ente Isla in terms of power, had a habit of travelling and had quite a sizable fortune.
In addition, the person himself-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“I am the most unknown amongst the members who fought the Demon King, so I do not have to spend extra effort when gathering information.”
even said things like this.
‘Hero’ Emilia Justina was obvious, and amongst Emerada Etuva ‘Holy Saint Aire Empire Court Sorceress’ of the strongest nation of the Western Continent, Olba Meyers ‘One of the Six Archbishops of the Holy Church’, the largest religious force in the world, for Alberto, the information spread amongst the people were only hard to grasp titles like ‘Northern Continent Woodman’ and ‘Magic Arts Priest’.
Alberto, during his travels or after defeating the Demon Army, never boasted about his background, and because he never returned to his Northern Continent hometown after that, compared to the other three people, Alberto’s background and history was not widely known by the people of Ente Isla.
Thanks to that, there would be no unnecessary bias created when gathering information, and because of his own personality, he was able to gather accurate peripheral information on his way here.
“Alberto-­‐san, what was the meaning of what you said just now?”
Suzuno adjusted the horse equipment for the horse in the stable to fit her own measurements and asked Alberto this at the same time.
The two military horses inside the stable were also prepared by Alberto.
This species of horse had a stout body and the stamina to withstand long journeys, and was widely used by the merchants and knight troops in Ente Isla.
Since Maou could not contribute to the fighting forces, only Suzuno and Alberto could continue on and naturally, Alberto did not know how to ride a Moped.
On the other hand, not only did Suzuno have experience in riding horses, the journey from now on had to be as discreet as possible, so there was no reason for them not to use horses.
Even though Maou, who was chided by Suzuno before departing from Japan for not riding a horse before, pouted and threw another tantrum, that was a separate matter.
“Hm? Which sentence are you talking about?”
Alberto asked Suzuno without looking up.
“Wanting the Demon King to thank Chiho-­‐dono and Adramelech, the meaning……”
“Oh, that.”
Alberto answered while checking his saddle and stirrup.
“Even though you, as a person from the Western Continent, might feel unhappy after hearing this, but from the beginning, I already knew that the Demon Army did not wish to purely exterminate humans, and that demons are existences that can be communicated with.”
“I used to be the 15th centurion of the Gakusen Corps.”
“Centurion of the Gakusen Corps? Are you referring to the Gakusen Corps who chooses elite soldiers from the minority clans to join them?”
Suzuno said with a surprised expression.
Mostly covered by mountainous areas, the Northern Continent was filled with many minority clans and did not develop nations with large territories like Afashan in the east or Saint Aire in the west.
Replacing this, there were various territories found all over the mountainous areas, or clan countries along the shores of the frigid northern areas with rare flat land, the representatives of the various clans will set up joint meetings to handle political matters, and continued to write history as a group of united nations.
The Gakusen Corps, gathers the warriors to perform outstandingly in the magic or martial arts of their clan countries to form the strongest warrior troop in the Northern Continent.
When the Northern Continent encounters an emergency which would affect the whole region, the Corps would unite and try to solve the situation, and when they form up, the various clans will take turns to choose a representative to be the centurion.
Alberto was the centurion who was chosen when the Northern Continent encountered their fifteen crisis.
The greatest different between the Gakusen Corps and the other knight troops in the other continents was when conflicts occur between the clan countries, the members of those clan countries in the Gakusen Corps may fight each other.
The relations between the nations of the Northern Continent had obvious differences compared to other continents.
The first reason was that the population of a nation with only one clan was very small.
In addition, the weather conditions in their lands were very harsh, and there were very little lands suitable for agriculture. Moreover, the territorial boundaries between the various clan countries were very far apart, causing a nation to be unable to one-­‐sidedly conquer their rival clan’s land and people.
Therefore, rather than meaninglessly spilling blood to defeat rival clans, they created a very special flourishing culture of using formal ‘competitions’ to replace wars.
Even until this current era, when problems which cannot be solved by mediation between nations become a ‘conflict’, they would basically allow the strong fighters from the Gakusen Corps to fight in a pre-­‐determined location, except currently, deaths rarely occur.
Even though conflicts with resulted in killings have appeared in history, these clans who caused to killings would definitely be branded as a ‘dangerous clan’ by surrounding clans, and they will be surrounded and annhiliated.
In the recent years, large scale conflicts have not occurred between the various clans, even if there are some disagreements, they could solve it through the ‘competitions’ or discussions held at the multi-­‐clan city Feance, commonly known as ‘Mountain Goat Hutch’.
No matter what, it was beyond doubt that the nation building process of the various nations in the Northern Continent was greatly different from the other continents. In addition, the culture of the various clans were very different, therefore Alberto, who was the leader of the Gakusen Corps formed by the elite soldiers of various clans, can be said to be a talented General who surpassed the other continents in terms of knowledge.
“But since we were easily defeated by Adramelech’s army, saying that we were elite soldiers strictly chosen from the clans, it’s really too shameful.”
“It’s nothing like that……”
“Anyway, my 15th Gakusen Corps were trounced when Adramelech’s arm invaded, and the number of casualties was the highest amongst the past fifteen formations. As I had already heard about the tragic situation of the Central Continent, everyone was already prepared for the extinction of their own clans. And at this moment, Adramelech asked for the surviving Gakusen Corps and the leaders of the influential clans to gather at ‘Mountain Goat Hutch’.
Adramelech, the spear wielding Demon General with a bull’s head who was larger than Alberto by two to three times in height and stature, after gathering the leaders of the various clans and the surviving Gakusen Corps, he said,
“Our purpose is not a massacre. Even though the warriors who can resist the Demon Army will be exiled from the continent, if the people of the various clans are willing to accept our rule, then I will guarantee everyone’s lives.”
As the centurion, Alberto naturally decided to directly reject this suggestion.
However, Adramelech advised the hot-­‐blooded members of the Gakusen Corps,
“Warriors, as long as you live, you will be able to fight me again someday. If you feel that fighting a battle that you will lose and die, thus causing the people who you should protect to face danger is the duty of a warrior, then you are no different from the bloodthirsty wolves who only know how to threaten the targets in front of you. However, if all of you still intend to fight even then, I will not stop you. All of you will implicate the people you should protect and together, become the spirits under my spear.”
At that moment, many people who were unable to tolerate the shame of having the principles of survival of the losing army pointed out to them by a demon, chose to end their own lives. Just from the results, Adramelech kept the promises made with the various clans, when the Gakusen Corps were disbanded and the powerful warriors were sent out of the country under the escort of the demons of Adramelech’s army, the Northern Continent did avoid unnecessary ruin.
Alberto and the warriors of the Corps escaped to the other continents with fighting Adramelech as their goal in other to have their nation rise from the ashes once again.
However, what Alberto and the others saw later, was the tragic situation of the various continents already being conquered under the Demon Army.
Even if they wanted to rise from the ashes, the other nations which could act as their base of operations have already been conquered by demons, even Afashan in the Eastern Continent, Holy Saint Aire Empire in the Western Continent, and Halen nation in the Southern Continent, these countries which were believed to have the capability to fight the Demon Army were all conquered by the Demon Army.
The Gakusen Corps which consisted of warriors from various clans did not have any diplomatic capability. After the warriors separated to various lands, for most of the members, never mind returning to the Southern Continent, they could not even become mercenaries for the knight troops for the various continents, and it was only until Hero Emilia freed the four continents later were they able to gather once again.
When the warriors gathered once again, their numbers were less than half compared to when they were exiled.
“I do not plan to defend the conquering of the Demon Army, but just from the results, Adramelech kept the promise with me. According to the leader of my clan, even though Adramelech mercilessly got rid of those who resisted, he definitely did not kill the citizens meaninglessly.”
“So such things actually occurred……”
“It was the same when I, Emilia, Em and Olba faced Adramelech together once again, because I felt that this was a revenge battle, I wanted to fight him alone. And guess what happened? That Adramelech actually rejected fighting a one-­‐on-­‐one battle with me. He even said ‘if you humans lose your cool because of your cheap pride and lose, then you would never escape our rule’. As a result, I was never able to surpass him using my own power in the end.”
Alberto’s expression was not that of regret or anger, and only the memories of the battle were left.
“That guy is not a demon, and not a warrior. He only abandoned his emotions to do what he ought to do, and knew what conditions needed to be put in place to walk in front of others. The term most suited for him, should be ‘politician’. In terms of personality, he’s totally different from me who depended on cheap pride to battle. Even though using personality to describe demons is a little strange.”
“No, it’s not that strange recently.”
Suzuno grabbed the reins and led the horse out of the stable, looking back towards the inn.
“That’s true.”
Alberto also looked in the direction of that gaze, then raised his head and smiled.
The Demon King, whose personality was frequently praised, was currently staying unhappily inside that inn.
“The Demon King Satan, who that kind of Adramelech submits to, cannot be simply a bloodthirsty monster. The reason why the Southern and Western Continent had heavy casualties among its citizens, might be because they had no leeway to show mercy. Therefore when Emilia, who logically hated the Demon King a lot, said she wanted to spare the life of the Demon King in Japan, I thought it would be fine to stay a while to observe them. Observe what kind of existences these species called ‘demons’ are.”
“I have been thinking about this a lot recently.”
Suzuno recalled finding out the true identities of angels before setting off towards Ente Isla, and that their nature was similar to humans.
And the talk they had back to back on the outskirts of Honfa the day before they met up with Alberto.
That confession she made to Maou, who led his people with the same spirit as a human king.
“What’s wrong?”
Alberto was troubled because Suzuno suddenly lowered her head.
“N, nothing, it’s nothing.”
In order to dispel her suddenly shaken will, Suzuno intentionally shook her head with force and replied.
Why did she act that way?
Even if demons were understood, Ente Isla as a whole would definitely not lean towards forgiving Demon King Satan and the Demon Army, even if she understood the thoughts deep in Maou’s heart, it would not benefit Suzuno at all.
However, even so, she was still able to sense the places with Maou’s warmth from time to time, listen to Maou’s heartfelt confession and keep those words within her heart.
In addition, not only did she not feel irritated at all, she even felt some warmth somewhere in her heart.
Suzuno sincerely wanted to clarify the doubts she had about the actions of Maou and the Demon Army.
Even so, she probably did not have to get herself involved to that kind of extent.
Suzuno, who felt the part of her back who leaned against Maou starting to get warm, frantically shook her head and said,
“If the other party is an existence with a will, what do you think about Adramelech?”
“An existence with a will?”
“Yes, in other words……”
As someone from Ente Isla, asking this question could be very insensitive.
However, even so, in order to convey her question correctly, Suzuno could only explain in this way,
“What kind of ‘person’ do you think Adramelech is?”
This question caused Alberto to smile carefreely.
“You’re really an interesting person. Not even Em had talked about these things with me.”
That smile showed that he totally understood the entanglement in Suzuno’s heart.
Because Alberto himself was one of the people confused by the difference in impression between the Demon General Adramelech he knew that the that of the Demon Army amongst the people
“It would be troublesome if other people knew, so you have to keep this a secret.”
Alberto said frivolously with a laugh.
“Whether as a warrior, or some leading the soldiers and the citizens, Adramelech is my ideal. If that guy was a human, and appeared in the Northern Continent 300 years earlier, a large nation like Afashan or Saint Aire might have appeared in the Northern Continent.”
“……I see.”
Suzuno, like she was influenced by Alberto’s smile, also smiled lightly and nodded.
“Then, what do we do next? From the conversation with the Demon King just now, you seem to have some plan.”
Memories of the past temporarily ended like this. Right now they had to focus their attention on the upcoming battle.
Suzuno gently nodded her head, then looked back at the inn again.
“As for now, the Demon King is unable to uses Acies’s holy sword, so it is difficult for us to take big actions like a frontal action to snatch Emilia and Alsiel back. If so, we can only first secure one person from the shadows causing the Milita where Emilia is in to lose their reason to advance. As long as we avoid the fierce conflict between the Milita and the royal capital army, Emilia and Alsiel will have no reason to fight, and we can buy some time to think of ways to save them.”
On the other hand, Maou might be able to use this time to find ways to summon Acies’s power for recover his demonic magic.
Of course, if the situation became a long drawn out battle, it would exceed the one week Maou hoped for by a lot, however the peace of the Eastern Continent and the safety of Emi, Alas=Ramus and Ashiya were irreplaceable.
“Oh? What do you plan to do?”
“Let me show you why we are called the ‘Shadow Fanatics of the Church’.”
Suzuno beautifully answered Alberto’s half joking sarcasm, and wore a mask taken from within her robes which covered the bottom half of her face.
“We will enter the Central area of the royal capital earlier than the Milita. There are two goals in this operation. That would be finding the location of the Unifying Azure Emperor and Nord Justina within half a day from today. The
safety of Nord would definitely be a shackle in Emilia’s heart, and the existence of the Unifying Azure Emperor is the reason for the advancing of the Milita. If the situation allows, I hope that these two people would be able to escape the control of the angels or the Malebranche. With just this, we can avoid a large scale war.”
Even Alberto could not hide his surprise at this proposal.
“You wish to kidnap the Azure Sky Emperor from Azure Sky Canopy which has become a Malebranche hive? Even though it’s not impossible to complete in half a day, but that means no time to rest at all you know?”
“If it’s us, we can do it.”
Suzuno nodded nonchalantly, lifted her robes and jumped on the saddle nimbly.
Under the strong sunlight of day, the two horses ran out from the shaded stables, Suzuno, on the saddle, mentally hardened her determination and gripped the reins tightly.
“Demons or humans, I had enough of everyone fighting under strange circumstances. No matter what, we must hand the Unifying Azure Emperor to the Milita before Emilia and Alsiel open war against one another, and stop the two armies from fighting.”
Maou watched Suzuno and Alberto ride off on the horses in a cool manner from the window, and gritted his teeth with enough force to damage the window frame.
The current him would just drag both of them down, leaving the group temporarily was an appropriate decision.
Even if Maou and Acies had shown overwhelming power which was not holy magic or demonic magic during the battle in Japan, ever since they came to Ente Isla, not just that mysterious power, Maou did not even recover his original demonic magic, and once he wanted to use Acies’s power, his body would feel uncomfortable immediately.
“Even though I can only back out first, staying here and doing nothing is not the way.”
However Maou could not just think about resting and not care about the current situation. If they were unable to find out what the strange things happening to Maou’s body were, not only would it affect the success of the rescue operation, it would also bring about much worry in the future.
If trouble occurs after returning to Japan in the future, no one could guarantee that he would be able to recover the power to handle it.
Not just the mysterious power used to chase of Kamael and Libicocco earlier, Maou did not even recover any demonic magic, but even it’s just a deduction, he still thought of few reasons.
The first would be the merging with Acies. That was the most obvious difference between Maou in the past and the current Maou.
And the other difference was that this was not Japan (Earth).
Even though no countermeasures could be taken by knowing these, Maou still continued to think.
“This power, what is it about?”
Maou recalled the non-­‐holy magic, non-­‐demonic magic power which he used in the battle at Sasahata High School, and a wave of uneasiness and regret which could not be erased caused him to hit the window frame once more.
Perhaps reacting to that sound, Acies, who slept without worry as usual, mumbled and starting talking in her sleep,
“……Onee-­‐chan……look……it’s Japanese Black Wagyu……”
“I definitely~would not let you eat that kind of thing.”
Maou, who was thinking seriously, after being interrupted by the Acies’s sleep talk filled with her bare desires, sighed hard.
“Hey! Time to wake up, Acies?”
Maou, with full force, hit Acies with a pillow to wake her up.
“Puahpua, that scared me……Ma, Maou, what are you doing! Even though it was having a good dream of eating smoked meat of Iberian pigs!”
“Did you really eat those before? I don’t think Nord will let you eat such good things!”
Maou ignored the food menu differences between the asleep and awake Acies, and pulled her up.
“Hey! We should go and train!”
“Eh? Train……haven’t you threw up enough?”
“Girls shouldn’t say such things so easily! Because I don’t want to be like that again, we’re training to find out the reason!”
Even though Maou showed a very proactive attitude to Acies, in reality during the two days before reaching this inn, he had threw up so many times that it was not strange for Acies to say such things.
“Sigh~I’m fine if you want to train. But just like Maou, I’m really tired.”
After Acies jumped off the bed, she stretched with an unsatisfied look on her face.
“Like you, my physical condition is not good. Especially the fact that I’m famished. Perhaps because Maou’s power isn’t holy magic, so it’s more difficult to adjust to it, I really wish that you would be more considerate of me.”
Even though Maou found it hard to understand why Acies, the one who ate the most, slept the most, and enjoyed the most during this journey would say so, since such a huge change occurred to him, it was not strange for something abnormal to occur to Acies.
“……I get it, my bad.”
Maou apologized for waking Acies up in a spurt of agitation, but still said with a complex expression on his face,
“Even so, I cannot just do what Suzuno and Alberto asked for and stay here quietly. Can I ask you a few questions while we eat?”
“Hm? Where did Suzuno and Alberto go?”
Acies, who only realised now that the both of them were not around, looked around her.
“They went off first and left us behind. But if this goes on, it would definitely develop into a drawn out battle. You want to hurry up and see Alas=Ramus right? Lend me your power and wisdom. If not, even if we join in the battle later, we will not be able to guarantee each other’s safety, especially since I will be fired from my workplace.”
Maou could only stay in Ente Isla for one week.
And that was the number of days he look leave from work.
Once that time was exceeded, the temporary leave would become absent without reason, and like this, he would definitely lose his job in Japan.
To Maou, this was something which definitely could not happen.
“Eh? We have been ‘hooked’ (abandoned) and ignored? How mean!”
“…………Sigh, anyway let’s eat first.”
Maou could not be bothered to rebuke the angry Acies, held her hand and headed to a eatery near the inn.
“Then again, I had wanted you to explain from the beginning, why did Alas=Ramus and you want to merge with us?”
“Who knows? Ah, Maou, help me get the plate of stewed vegetables.”
Maou wanted to ask a core question, but Acies brushed the question aside with an attitude more relaxed than receiving the plate of stewed vegetables.
“……I say.”
Maou watched the area surrounding Acies’s mouth gradually get dirty because she ate a stewed dish of a vegetable resembling a pumpkin with huge mouthfuls with a stony look on his face, perhaps she sensed this from the corner of her eye, Acies frowned as well.
“Maou, if you think the answers to anything can be easily obtained, then you are really wrong.”
“I don’t know either, whether is the reason for being able to merge with father and Maou, the reason for needing to merge, or the reason for being able to do such things after merging, I don’t know all of this at all.”
Eating a dish made from stewed root vegetables, in a rare moment, Acies said something in a clear manner.
“But, didn’t you mention some ‘Dependency’ (Yadorigi)……”
Even though it was a little late, Maou still tried to confirm the meaning behind the term Acies’s casually used at the gate of Sasahata High School.
“Maou, when did you know that the action of ‘eating’ is called ‘eating’?”
“Do you think that children eat while thinking in their minds ‘I want to eat’?”
“Hm? Hmm?”
Maou, unable to understand what Acies wanted to say, showed a troubled expression.
But even though he was troubled, Maou did not miss the action of Acies pulling the salad bowl and the large plate filled with bun towards herself with a serious look on her face.
“From doing that action, until doing that action on your own will, knowing that the action is known as ‘eating’, and knowing what happens when ‘eating’, requires a long period of time. Even though I know I can merge with father
and Maou, and know that this would probably be important to my survival, and I know that this is called ‘Yadorigi’, but I still don’t know what will happen by doing these things. I’m afraid that my comrades will not know either.”
Maou, who felt the direction of the conversation was going a little off track, leaned forward a little.
“Didn’t you hear Onee-­‐san mention it before? Things about ‘Malkuth’ or ‘Geburah’?”
“Oh……so the other Sephirah have human forms like you, Alas=Ramus and Iron after all?”
“You know Iron? How surprising.”
Acies, who continued to eat buns even though she was shocked, said,
“‘Malkuth’ is the most intelligent out of all of us. Not only does Malkuth have a good relationship with Onee-­‐chan, Malkuth also taught me many things. Even the term ‘Yadorigi’, I had heard it from Malkuth.”
“……Where are they right now?”
To Maou, this was also a point of concern.
Not just Alas=Ramus, Acies=Ara and Iron who have appeared in front of him, Alas=Ramus also frequently mentioned ‘Malkuth’.
If many Sephirah other then ‘Yesod’, Geburah and ‘Malkuth’ have obtained human forms, then could it be that they are scattered all over the world?
Or is it only the shattered ‘Yesod’ which has been scattered, while the other Sephirah were staying at a fixed location?
“……I don’t know. The last time I spoke to them was already something which occurred a long time ago……”
“Even if you showed a sad expression, I am still unable to pity your squirrel like appearance of stuffing your mouth full of food.”
Acies held two buns with different fillings, one in each hand, and ate each of them in turn in a depressed manner.
No matter what, since Acies did not know the locations of the Sephirah, then it was no use no matter how much Maou thought about it.
“But, I say.”
Maou sniffed, and like how he normally treated Alas=Ramus, stretched across the table and patted Acies’s head lightly a few times.
“We are already at the place where we are close to seeing Alas=Ramus, so we need to work hard.”
“Hmph……actually using this move.”
Acies said rather unhappily, and stuffed the buns in both her hands in one go.
“It can’t be helped, even though I can accompany you in your training, but I’m really hungry. I still want to eat ten more buns! Else I wouldn’t be able to summon any energy!”
“Oh……what, ten?”
Maou looked at his own plate in shock.
The meat filling inside the bun which Acies ate just now was made by mincing meat, vegetables, mungbean noodles and other ingredients seasoned with broth, and was considered a very large bun.
Even though Maou also admitted that it was delicious, it had enough carbohydrates equivalent to two bowls of rice.
Honestly, Acies being able to eat two at the same time was already very surprising.
When Maou ate this together with salad and soup, he could only eat one and a half bun at most.
And since it was of this size and taste, it was definitely not cheap.
“……Sigh, even though there should be enough money.”
Once Maou thought about the travelling expenses in the leather pouch hidden under his hoodie, he became melancholic.
Not considering how much he had to pay, this money was supposed to be Suzuno’s money.
Of course, when the Ente Isla expedition ends, Emi and Nord should both be safe, so it would be fine as long as they were asked to pay later.
But Maou’s pride did not allow him to do something like eating and drinking without helping to solve any problems and then claiming from the company.
“There is no such thing as a free meal in the world.”
This was a firm wedge deeply rooted in Maou’s heart.
Not working at all and leisurely eating and enjoying himself with a lady’s money, whether as a Demon King, or as a man, this was not something he would allow himself to do.
“……My training is going to be severe okay.”
Maou said with a deep voice which seemed to come from his abdomen, Aices nodded-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Hey! Mister! Another ten buns!”
and said to the male owner who happened to pass by.
“It’s useless to say it in Japanese. Uh……Mister, please give me ten more of these buns.”
Maou did not use ‘Idea Link’, and used the Akou language which he had learned before to order in a choppy manner, but it seemed like the other party understood.
“……Ten? Are they for you?”
The owner looked at Maou in shock.
“Even though it’s unbelievable, but it’s this child who wants to eat. She seems to like this dish a lot. It’s fine even if we have to wait, thank you for your help.”
The owner looked towards Acies in astonishment, but when he saw Acies’s relaxed expression, he nodded in a stunned manner and replied.
“Even my son with a huge appetite cannot eat that much at once. Alright, please wait a bit.”
After saying this, the owner entered the kitchen and returned in less than five minutes.
Even though Maou got a shock, after carefully observing the kitchen, he could see that a lot of large bamboo steamers producing appetite inducing steam were stacked inside. A set amount must have been prepared already.
“If they cannot be finished, I’ll help you pack them for later.”
The ten buns on the huge plate were stacked like a snow house in a snow country.
“Maou, what is that mister saying?”
“Probably if we cannot finish, he’ll help us to pack them or something.”
“……Heh heh.”
After Maou conveyed the words of the owner, Acies showed a fearless smile.
“I’m going to make him regret looking down on me!”
The next moment, Acies showed a gaze like a starved wolf and started her attack on the bun snow house.
“Ugpuh, I can’t eat anymore.”
“You’re really a troublesome person!”
After Acies ate seven buns, she announced her surrender.
Because Acies was normally able to eat a lot, Maou had thought she was be like the characters with huge appetites in manga and easily eat the scary amount of buns, but when she ate the fourth one, the young girl’s speed started to slow down significantly.
And in the end, she only ate seven of the ten buns.
Considering Acies’s slender frame, eating this much was already considered a lot, but since she boasted so much before eating, it was hard to deny that the result was really regrettable.
And what caused Maou to take a beating was that Acies did not show any mercy when ordering cold drinks.
Even though Afashan was a land with rich water resources, the drinking water provided by the shop was not free like Japan.
Compared to the buns, the frequency of the drink ordering weighed down in Maou’s heart.
Even if he had confirmed it many times, Maou and Acies’s meal expenses will all be paid by Suzuno.
“……Excuse me, we’ll bring the rest back to the inn to eat, can you help me pack them?”
Maou said to the owner in a bitter tone, the latter relaxed his originally stern expression, nodded, and replied,
“It’s fine. Such a small body acutally able to eat as much as my son, it’s amazing. Such a bold eating style.”
Even though he felt apologetic towards the person giving the praise, Maou was not happy about it at all.
If Acies exercised after eating so much, ignoring the matters about holy magic, holy sword, demonic magic, Ente Isla and the mysteries of Yadorigi, going by the laws of biology, she would definitely throw up.
Considering the fact that she had to rest for a while after eating, caused Maou, who was already worried about whether there was enough time, to feel very frustrated.
At this moment-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
Maou raised his head because of the consecutive explosion like sounds coming from outside the shop.
Acies let out a sound resembling that of a great ape in the snow mountains and looked in the same direction as Maou.
“Oh, those are the firecrackers to exorcise demons.”
Perhaps he noticed both their reactions, the owner, who also looked out of the window, explained to Maou and Acies.
“It was thought that the Emperor had just declared war on the world earlier, but instead, not only did demons infiltrate Azure Sky Canopy once again, even an organization called the Milita had appeared in Fangan. The country which had achieved peace after much effort was collapsing once again, and made everyone uneasy. This was supposed to be set off at the start of the year to pray for peace for the rest of the year.”
The army mustered in the habour city known as Fangan was called the ‘Fangan Milita’, and they seemed to have acted in order to liberate Azure Sky Canopy, after consolidating what was heard from Gabriel and the information they had gathered so after, Maou and the others also obtained related information.
And then, about the information that ‘Hero Emilia’ had joined that Fangan Milita, it had also reached Maou and Suzuno’s ears.
But just like what the female restaurant boss said in Honfa village, a strange pessimism had became popular in Afashan, regardless of whether the ruler was the Unifying Azure Emperor or the Malebranches, the lives of the common people would not change that much.
“……What do you want this country to become?”
“About that. As long it doesn’t turn into a situation of having no food to eat.”
“That’s all?”
“There’s nothing good to expect from the other areas. This is how this country is. Even though the Hakin have been spreading information that the foreign troops in the eastern area of the continent were planning to take advantage of this chaotic situation to make political change, but no one knows how credible this is.”
The owner shrugged, and kept the plate of buns which Acies left behind.
“Please wait for a while, I’ll help you pack these.”
The owner ended the gloomy topic and returned to the kitchen.
Maou watched the owner’s back, sighed lightly and said,
“Ruling a country is really difficult.”
Ever since the apartment had a television, in the news programs which Maou watched occasionally, the topics about countries other than Japan were frequently mentioned.
Everytime he saw the multitude of big and small problems, he would think about how his goal-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐‘the world after he had conquered it’ would be like.
If Maou really built up a country like what he had confessed to Suzuno, would he be able to make sure that the demons under him, and the humans placed under the demons, would ‘have food in the future’?
“Take them. In addition, I am awed that she can eat so much, so I charged a little less.”
When the owner returned, there as paper bag and a string of red cylindrical objects in his hands.
“These are the firecrackers which were producing noise outside just now. Both of you are the travelers who are staying at the inn in the street corner with the priests from the Church right? Even though this is a bit dangerous as a travel souvenir, but this is a lucky item in this country. If you don’t mind, please take this.”
After Maou said this in Japanese, he bowed slightly and received the paper bag and firecrackers.
“Hey, Acies.”
“Hm? What is it? I cannot start training immediately……”
“I know that. But it’s fine to take a walk right. Just treat it as aiding digestion, let’s go out and take a walk.”
“I’m fine with that……pwuah, where are we going?”
Maou looked at the paper bag and firecrackers in his hands with a complex expression and said,
“We’re going shopping.”
“Eh? You’re really going shopping……pwuah.”
Acies, holding her bloating stomach while following behind Maou, was surprised when she saw Maou entering a general store on the street.
“There’s nothing else to do anyway. So I don’t want to waste time.”
“Sigh, I don’t mind it……where is this?”
What Maou chose seemed to be a store which sold cloth and traditional crafts.
Since it’s called a souvenir shop, it was naturally simply decorated and the items sold inside were mostly practical items.
Even so, the store was still filled with fabric, clothes, cutlery, figurines and other products, and it looked like one area in a department store.
“Maou, you wish to buy such things? It feels like this doesn’t match your image at all.”
Acies picked up a wooden trinket box with a bird decoration.
Even so, the size of the box would cause people to trouble over what could fit inside.
“How about using this to hold fuel?”
“It’ll be good if it can do that!”
Acies then pointed towards a water bottle with a water bird decoration.
“Oh, this looks rather nice. Hey, Acies, help me hold this for a bit.”
After taking the buns and firecrackers from Maou, Acies took one look at the items in Maou’s hands and said in a troubled manner,
“Even though I have not been born that long ago, I’m not that sure, those things should be for girls to use right?”
What Maou was holding, were light pink pouches with flower and bird pictures on them.
Two small birds with beautiful feathers perching on a flowering tree branch, and the surface also had auspicious words written in the Akou language.
No matter what, this design did not look like something Maou would use.
“These aren’t for me. They supposed to be souvenirs.”
“Souvenirs, souvenirs……oh, so they’re souvenirs.”
“It’s for Chi-­‐chan.”
“Giving Chi-­‐chan souvenirs……? Maou, even though I don’t have a right to say such things, is it the time to do such things?”
“It’s true that I don’t want to be told this by you the most!”
Maou turned back and showed a stiff smile to Acies, and placed the pouches back on the shelf.
“The hairclip seemed to fit Suzuno’s image better, and it’s a bit expensive! But it feels like Chi-­‐chan would like this kind of comb……hm, this is expensive as well.”
Maou mumbled softly while looking towards the other shelves.
“We still have to hold a birthday party after returning.”
“Birthday party?”
“Chi-­‐chan and Emi’s.”
“Is that so? Emi is the person who merged with Onee-­‐chan right?”
Even though Acies had never seen Emi, but when she met Maou and the journey until now, she had frequently heard this name appearing in conversation, so she knew who the other party was.
On the contrary, before meeting Maou, Nord should have rarely mentioned his daughter to Acies. Randomly Aices felt that after successfully rescuing Nord, this father and daughter would get into conflict about this.
“Hm, it should have been held a few days before the day I meet you and Nord. Because that idiot Emi had these things happen to her, it kept getting postponed. Because there were other things to handle, I didn’t prepare anything in the end.”
Thinking carefully about it, it had already been some time since the decided date of the party.
On Chiho’s birthday, Maou did not even give her a birthday greeting. Firstly, it was something that was not really on his mind, secondly, the atmosphere was not right.
Not just that, even though he did fall into Suzuno’s trap, he still unnecessarily hurt Chiho, who was worried about Emi, on the day the party was supposed to be held.
Even Maou himself felt unexpectedly regretful about this.
Ever since he obtained information about Emi’s whereabouts, Maou was anxiously making preparations with Suzuno to head to Ente Isla, and even on the day he was supposed to set off, he admitted in front of Chiho had he had forgotten to prepare presents for Chiho and Emi’s birthday party.
Like this, even if Suzuno said he was a ‘bad man’, he could not rebuke at all.
Wrong, rather than saying he was a bad man, he was more like a useless man.
“Only Chi-­‐chan, I don’t want to cause her sadness.”
Chiho, who stayed in Japan, even if she was suffering from uneasiness, she would still perk up her spirits and live through every day.
So Maou sincerely wished that after returning to Japan, he would be able to properly make up for the last few weeks so she could show a smile.
Maou seemed to be choosing Chiho’s souvenir in a happy manner, and Acies, who was watching him, suddenly felt some discomfort and pressed her hand against her forehead.
She did not have a fever because she ate too much, but when Maou mentioned about Chiho just now, Acies felt a warm feeling from deep within her forehead for unknown reasons.
Acies used her own finger to poke her head a few times but was still unable to get rid to this strange feeling, so she gave up with a shrug.
“So Maou planned to use Suzuno’s money to buy Chiho’s pre…….ow!”
Just like normal, Acies honestly stabbed Maou where it hurt without any malicious intentions, causing Maou to hit her in reflex.
“That money, I will take out Japanese yen from my own wallet later to replace them!”
“Uuuu~it would be better if Maou didn’t do this so easily……you’ll become a violent man…………eh?”
Acies, who teared up because of the pain on the top of her head, looked up at Maou like she suddenly thought of something,
“Will you give that person called Emi a present too? Emi is a girl right?”
“Uh, a birthday party, should be held for someone important to you right? I know Chiho and Suzuno are important friends, but is it the same for the person called Emi?”
“Ignoring whether Suzuno is important or not……those strange words……did Nord tell you this?”
Maou did not think that Acies already knew about the culture in Japan about birthdays. If so, she probably heard it from someone around her, or someone had coincidentally told her these few days in a place which Maou did not know of. “This was told to me by someone called Satou who took care of me and father. Our fake name, was also borrowed from that mister.”
“Yes yes yes, you’re right.”
After Maou signed, he put down the wooden paperweight which he had been holding.
“Chi-­‐chan will be around at that time after all, so for Emi’s present, it’s more like being compelled against my will. If I did not prepare Emi’s present, it feels as if Chi-­‐chan will definitely get angry……no, wrong, she will probably be sad.”
“Oh? So you have to give Emi a present to make Chiho happy? How strange.”
“Because Chi-­‐chan and Emi have a very good relationship. Or more like, Chi-­‐chan will always find chances to improve the relations between us demons and Emi and Suzuno. At least during the time in Japan, there are no benefits in making Emi or Suzuno angry, so it’s like having no choice and caring for Emi for Chi-­‐chan’s sake.”
“Hmph……the hearts of women are difficult to understand.”
Acies crossed her arms in a happy manner and then pulled Maou’s hands like she thought of something.
“Then in the end, to Maou, what kind of person is Emi?”
“About that. Even though it’s a little complex because Alas=Ramus is in between us, but for me……”
Maou nodded lightly.
“It’s more accurate to call her my rival after all.”
Acies frowned.
She probably understood the meaning of that sentence, but could not see through the Maou’s true intentions.
Maou looked down at the troubled looking Acies with a wry smile, then walked in front of the shelf lined by cutlery.
“Emi is the same, or even more powerful than me, and is the only person who could still see me as an equal, or even look down on me after knowing my true identity. In addition, even though I’m not sure if she is aware of it, she possesses everything I do not have, making me feel envious a few times. I don’t want to lose to her, so using rival to describe her should be the most accurate. That person even calls us enemies.”
“Hm~~but you still want to hold a birthday party and buy her a gift even then~I still don’t understand after all.”
Acies showed a truly troubled expression and started to sway with her arms still crossed around her cheat, since Acies had never seen Emi, there was no meaning in continuing this topic.
Maou ended the topic, turned his sights on the shelves with the products displayed and widened his eyes after noticing a certain item.
“Oh, it’s looks rather good?”
Maou picked up that item from the corner of the cutlery area and examined it closely, and then discovered that this item was not limited to just one type.
“I heard that it’s auspicious to give this type of things to other people.”
These wooden products seemed to be hand crafted items, other than the bird and wing designs which this shop already had a lot of, there were also many wine glass, horseshoe, flower or star design based items.
“Hey, Acies, this should be quite good right? Practical to use, cute designs and even if it cannot be used, it’s not difficult to store them.”
“I’m not too sure, but it should be alright……hm.”
Acies’s vague agreement caused Maou to make up his mind and start to choose.
[Image of Maou holding a plate]
“Chi-­‐chan’s design should be flowers after all. As for Emi……this doesn’t look expensive, so it would be better for me to buy Alas=Ramus’s share as well……I remember Alas=Ramus likes birds, so let’s choose a bird one.”
Maou, who was more concerned about Alas=Ramus compared to Emi, picked up three ‘products’.
“Please help me pack this, and these two separately.”
After Maou made his choices, he brought these products to the owner for payment.
Even though it was a little inopportune, Maou still felt a sense of achievement because he finally would be able to face Chiho properly.
“Then, hey, Acies. Your stomach should almost be……eh?”
When Maou turned back, he discovered that Acies’s face had become pale.
Not only had her gaze became unfocused, her breathing started to become irregular.
When Maou saw this, he immediately had a bad feeling.
Maou took the ‘products’ which were packaged in a simple manner, kept them securely in his shirt pocket, picked up Acies and ran out of the shop.
“Hey! Please bear with it a little! Don’t do that kind of thing in the street!”
However, in a cruel manner, Maou’s hopes still fell through.
Two things happened at once, causing Maou to scream.
For these things not to happen in the store just now was considered the silver lining in the clouds.
Firstly, Acies threw up on Maou’s shoulder.
Acies had eaten a meal which obviously exceeded her capacity for eating, so her body would definitely have a rejection reaction after some time, the portion which exceeded the limit being expelled from the body, this could still be accepted.
However, the more serious thing was that Acies’s forehead seemed to have shot a purple beam towards the ground at the same time.
Even though it has been paved, the road surface here would not have been paved with composite concrete like in Japan, the road, which exposed the dirt underneath, was pierced by the beam shot out from Acies’s forehead, causing a hole large enough to hold the young girl.
Maou frantically grabbed the shoulder straps of Acies’s overalls to stop her from falling down, but that purple beam seemed to have significant propelling power, and just like a rocket, started to levitate Acies, and Maou, who was grabbing her shoulder strap, into the air.
“How is that possible……wa?”
Maou shouted frantically, but it was too late.
Within those people who ran out to confirm the situation after hearing the explosion, the owner of the restaurant was there as well, and he was currently staring at the mysterious girl flying towards the sky like a rocket, totally stunned.
However, as the mothership of that rocket was currently expelling her gastric contents because of stomach was filled with too much stuff while floating in the air, the scene suddenly became very chaotic.
“Hey! Acies! What’s wrong? What happened?”
Grabbing Acies’s shoulder strap, Maou shouted at the young girl while being suspended in the air, but the latter only groaned in a dazed manner.
During this period of time, the area below the pair had descended in chaos, the firecrackers used to exorcise demons started to sound, the Jokokin soldiers normally stationed on the streets started to dash towards here quickly, and some people even held their palms together and started to pray to them.
“What what, why did it suddenly become like this?”
Ignoring the natural phenomenon of throwing up, that purple beam was obviously a reaction from the ‘Yesod’ fragment.
Even though it could be confirmed from this extremely strange situation that Acies’s fragment was located on the forehead just like Alas=Ramus, Maou did not do anything, so for the ‘Yesod’ fragment to still show such a strong reaction, this meant……
“Damn it……Suzuno and Alberto, don’t tell me they failed?”
No matter how he thought about it, this should be an influence from Alas=Ramus who should be in the royal capital or in the nearby area.
Since Acies showed such a strong reaction, this meant Alas=Ramus had met a situation where she had to use a significant amount of power.
The only possibility Maou could think of was that Emi was currently using a holy sword and fighting with a strong enemy at the level of an archangel.
“Hey, Acies! Get a hold of yourself! Anyway, let’s go down first……”
“Ah, hey?”
At this moment, Acies, who was floating in mid air, suddenly used her hands to cover her mouth.
“S, stop! If you do that at this height……”
Even though Maou was worried about Acies’s dignity as a girl, and the carpet explosion she would cause below, Acies still managed to hold it in.
And replacing that-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
The beam from the young girl’s forehead instantly became stronger, Maou was unable to let go of Acies and the both of them, like a rocket which lost control, spiraled across the sky above the town and landed into the defensive moat at the town’s periphery.

Slightly before Maou and Acies launched like a rocket.
“……Unexpectedly, it’s not that impressive.”
A tent was set up on the hill of the Commerical area of the royal capital of Afashan, Emi surveyed the Azure Sky Canopy Castle Tower which appeared on the horizon in the east and mumbled this to herself.
“You’re referring to?”
After Olba, who was standing at the side, heard this, he turned his head and asked, Emi shrugged her shoulders and replied,
“Azure Sky Canopy. Even though it was said to have a beautiful moat and town to cover the wide expense of sky, and I did believe it when I came here for the first one, now that I’m looking at it again right now, I feel that it’s actually not that beautiful.”
“Is that so? Even though it’s a bit inappropriate for me to say this, but if the tallest building in the Western Continent is Saint Ignorid, then for the Eastern Continent, it should be Azure Sky Canopy.”
Olba was correct, even if viewed from a large distance away, the expansion outwards with the Central area town and the castle as the center can still be seen, however, even though this scene looked like a painting depicting towering mountains, it was unable to touch Emi’s heart at all.
“You really don’t have much right to say these words.”
Emi was surprised that Olba, who betrayed the Church and even used the whole of the Eastern Continent and the demons of the Demon World into his sly plans, could still have an interest in discussing beautiful scenery.
“Even though I have never seen the actual thing, after seeing the photos of blossoming Sakura in Kyoto in spring and Himeji Castle, I feel that this place cannot compare at all.”
“Hm, Emilia, if you’re dissatisfied with the scenery here, and when we rescue the Unifying Azure Emperor, you can give him suggestions about the scenery of Azure Sky Canopy then.”
Emi glared at Olba with a dark gaze, then turned and walked towards the tent set up on the hill, which was meant to be the main operations tent.
After this, the members, Emi included, will have a military meeting on the ‘Royal Capital Liberalisation Battle Plan’.
According to the battle plan, the Eastern Continent Liberalisation Army led by Hero Emilia-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐collectively known as the ‘Fangan Militia’ will exorcise the Demon Army forces occupying the Azure Sky Canopy Castle and Central Area.
However, to be exact, the chief criminal who guided the Malebranche into the Eastern Continent was actually Olba, and the reason for Emi staying in Ente Isla, was also because Olba showed signs of collaborating with the Malebranches.
However, he was currently planning to use Emi’s power to exorcise those Malebranche.
Before reaching the border between the Commercial and Agricultural area, the Milita have already defeated two Malebranche Chieftians.
Even though Emi had wanted to kill demons so much before heading to Japan, when she heard that the two Malebranches Draghignazzo and Scarmiglione have died in battle, an indescribable guilt formed within her.
Emi looked at her own palm, and thought back to the time she had slayed demons as some of the people in the current Milita, even if she was astonished by that terror and the fact that her stubborn heart felt that terror, she still clenched her fist.
“Mama, what is Kyoto? Is it Tokyo?”
At this moment, a clear voice sounded in Emi’s mind.
“……No, it’s a large city in Japan. Even though it’s similar to Tokyo, they are cities with different names.”
Alas=Ramus, who seemed to have mixed ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Kyoto’ together, said the names of these two cities repeatedly.
Emi, who regained some of the warmth in her heart because of Alas=Ramus, adjusted the simple scabbard strapped on her waist and continued to walk.
Until now, Emi had never summoned ‘Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing. Not only that, she had never fought with the ‘enemies’ on the front line.
To Olba, compared to having Emi use her power directly, stationing her in one place as the symbol of the Milita was more advantageous, as long as Emi did not act out of line, he will not restrict Emi’s actions in the Milita.
Thanks to that, the holy sword where Alas=Ramus was the host of, did not have to take the lives of the ‘enemy’, however Olba’s actions have already exceeded Emi’s level of understanding.
“L, lady Emilia!”
(T/N: Only because Emilia-­‐sama will sound strange since they’re not speaking in Japanese.)
A Hakin knight troop on standby at the main operations tent ran up to Emilia who had returned with a pale face.
“What is it?”
“There is news from the advance troops who infiltrated Azure Sky Canopy. P, please stay calm and listen.”
“What is it, speak already.”
Even though most of the Hakin soldiers had nothing to do with the war which Emi was reluctantly forced to participate in, she was unable to treat them nicely.
At the beginning, a lot of the Hakin soldiers were afraid of Emi’s abnormal atmosphere, but the information this time seemed to cause them to ignore this fact.
“E, even though it’s unbelievable……”
The messenger soldier reported with a pale face and shaking voice,
“Our army has sighted Demon General Alsiel at the Azure Sky Canopy Detached Palace!”
“What did you say? Ashiya?”
With this, Emi could not hide her surprise.
“Ashi, Ashiya?”
“……Ah, no, it’s nothing.”
Emi accidentally used the Japanese name used to refer to Alsiel when conversing around Japanese people who did not know anything in front of a person from Ente Isla, from this it could be seen how shocked she was by this news.
“T, then, was it really Alsiel?”
Emi suppressed her shaken heart and asked for confirmation, the messenger soldier nodded in a few times in an obvious manner.
“It does look like it, Demon General Alsiel suddenly appeared a few days ago to command the Malebranches, and summoned the Hakin knight troops who belonged to the Azure Sky Canopy and were scattered throughout Afashan back to the city to prepare to confront us Fangan Milita……!”
Emi could not imagine why Ashiya would appear at Azure Sky Canopy at all.
But since Ashiya was there, Emi had to ask this,
“Then the Demon King? Is the Demon King there too?”
In the past, Emi and Suzuno were worried that Maou and Ashiya would join the Malebrache army to form a new Demon Army.
Even though her experiences until now caused Emi to deny this possibility somewhere in her heart, even so, she still had to prepare for the worst case scenario.
Next the messenger soldier-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Eh? N, no, Demon King Satan? We did not receive reports like that……and wasn’t Demon King Satan defeated by Lady Emilia?”
Answered in this manner.
When she departed from Fangan, Emi had discovered that about the information regarding ‘the fate of Hero Emilia’, there were different versions in every area, but only the fact that Demon King Satan had been defeated by Hero Emilia was widely spread as a fact.
So the messenger soldier should have felt troubled about why the name Demon King Satan had appeared at this time.
“……T, that’s true. Only Alsiel is there, I see……”
Emi frowned and mumbled.
Even though Emi could not think of the reason for Ashiya appearing at Azure Sky Canopy alone, from how Ashiya never expressed a liking for the actions of the Malebranche, it could at least be confirmed that the current situation was not what he wanted.
If so, then who brought him here to Azure Sky Canopy, and for what purpose?
“No matter what……”
“Ah, L, Lord Olba……”
Olba, who came up behind Emi without being noticed, spoke without even giving her time to think,
“Since it’s just Alsiel alone, then he is no match for the current Emilia. What we should do has not changed. There is nothing to be worried about.”
“Y, you’re right. And in the huge battle before, Alsiel also retreated from the Central Continent because he was afraid of Lady Emilia……”
The pale complexion of the messenger soldier slowly regained colour after he heard Olba’s words.
Emi, who watched this scene with a sidelong glance, started to show a gloomy expression.
In other words-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“……Is this, the role I have been assigned?”
Within the Milita, the people who could fight directly with Demon General Alsiel or even defeat him, were only Emilia and Olba.
Olba planned to use Alsiel and the Malebranche to re-­‐enact the situation of ‘Hero Emilia saving the Eastern Continent’.
Even though the current Emilia was still unable to grasp his true intentions, the only thing which could be confirmed was that if Emilia did not complete the task Olba gave her, her dreams would be destroyed.
“Then let’s start the military meeting to develop the battle strategy to conquer the Central area and rescue the Unifying Azure Emperor.”
Olba entered the tent first, and after some hesitation, Emi also followed suit.
The tent was as dim as Emi’s gloomy heart, and at this moment-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Did Alsiel come?”
A faint voice sounded in Emi’s heat.
“Since Alsiel came……”
Alas=Ramus’s voice emitted light which was completely different from Emi’s heart.
“does that mean Papa is here too?”
“……………………………………….Papa……refers to……the Demon King right……………”
Emi froze in shock and stopped walking.
“Hm? What is it, Emilia?”
Olba asked after seeing Emi stop suddenly, but even so, Emi was still unable to move.
What was I thinking just now?
Alas=Ramus’s words, caused me to think of something.
It is impossible for me to think this way.
I cannot think this way.
This kind of thing, would definitely not happen.
“……I’m sorry, I won’t be attending this military meeting. I don’t feel well. No matter who the opponent is, it’s fine as long as I fight with the strongest opponent right.”
After Emi said this quickly, she ran out of the tent without waiting for anyone to reply.
“L, Lady Emilia?”
Even if the voice of the messenger soldier from just now was heard behind her, Emi still quickly ran into the tent she was allocated to and slumped on the simple bed.
It was hard to breathe.
Her heart was beating so vigorously.
“……What…….is wrong with me……tsk!”
Emi pounded the bed like she was going to break it.
“No matter what happens……no matter what happens! That guy! Is mine and my father’s……!”
“I will show you a new world.”
Emi clearly recalled that smiling face talking about idiotic dreams at Shinjuku in the evening.
“…………………….That guy……….is supposed to be the enemy……….”
Even though he was not that powerful, every time Emi was in trouble, he would leisurely appear with an arrogant expression and in the end, all the problems were solved as he said idiotic words.
“Mama, Papa will definitely come and find us! So I’ll be good okay?”
She was almost at her limit.
“………….You’re……right……he will come……to find us……”
Emi did not plan to use her weak mental state as an excuse.
But she could no longer able to deceive anyone anymore.
Somewhere within Emi’s heart, she had always hoped that ‘Maou Sadao’, who would always say boring jokes and complaints and dissolve the dangers for Emi and Emi’s important people in a leisurely manner, would appear.
She did not want to acknowledge this.
And she seriously thought it was impossible.
After all, until now, even Emerada and Alberto, Emi’s comrades in Ente Isla, had not shown any signs of action.
They probably were not so clueless to not sense Emi’s abnormal situation, since those two people did not take action, Maou and the others, who were in a foreign world, would not have a reason to take action.
She did not transmit any important information when she used the Idea Link on Rika, so even if Rika really made contact with Maou and Suzuno, they would not be able to grasp Emi’s situation.
Since Ashiya was in Ente Isla, Maou should be searching for his whereabouts with all his might, when she thought this, the non-­‐reinforced deep part of Emi’s heart started to scream.
If Maou came to Ente Isla to go after Ashiya, wouldn’t he discover her predicament and conveniently save her as well?
This kind of underhanded thinking was totally exposed.
However, it was really too ridiculous.
If he wanted to solve the situation Emi was in, just protecting Emi and Alas=Ramus, and bringing them back to Japan was not enough.
Located in the faraway Western Continent, the wheat fields her father left behind were restricting Emi’s heart, and because she could not abandon these things, Emi was forced to participate in this war unwillingly.
Even if Maou regained his overwhelming Demon King form and came here, it would be difficult for him to defeat Olba and Raguel at the same time.
As long as one person discovered that Maou was taking action to protect Emi and gave orders to Olba’s subordinates in the Western Continent, the wheat fields would end up in an irreversible state.
Unless everyone who knew Emi’s situation disappeared from the world, or the whole of Ente Isla no longer cared about ‘Hero Emilia’, even if she went back to Japan, Emi would never have any peace.
The news that Hero Emilia was still alive had already started to spread in the Eastern Continent, and the Hakin Knight Troops and Olba would announce the news to the rest of the world on behalf on the nation sooner or later.
At that time, no matter where Emi went, those people who would want to use the identity and name of ‘Holy Sword Hero Emilia’ in Ente Isla would definitely send troops.
However even if Emi abandoned her father’s fields and dreams for her town and escaped to Japan, there would be people like Lucifer, Suzuno and Sariel in the past, or Ciriatto, Farfarello and Olba who would go to Japan to find Emi without caring about the dangers they would cause Japan for their own purposes.
Like that, in order to get rid of these pursuers, Emi would be forced to swing her sword at the people of Ente Isla, people she should be protecting.
The whole situation only showed despair.
No matter what, it was impossible to completely save the current Emi.
Even so-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Damn it……why……why do you have to enter my heart like this! Stop with this nonsense!”
Emi’s voice was choked.
She did not think Ashiya returned to conquer Afashan or Ente Isla at all.
Because Emi knew Maou would definitely not allow this thing to happen.
And she knew that as long as Maou was disagreeable, Ashiya would definitely not go against his master’s will.
The length of time Emi spent with Maou was so long that she was believe this firmly from the bottom of her heart.
“……Demon King……Demon……King!”
Emi called for the face which gradually appeared in a deep part of her heart-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐that working youth living in Sasazuka and was well liked by everyone around him.
“…………Save…………save me…………”
Her tears would not stop.
Fear, regret, pain, and that faint strange feeling of safety, Emi, who could not grasp the situation of her mental state, could only continue crying.
At this instant, Emi sensed clearly that the rage and sense of justice that had supported her until now and the acknowledgement of a ‘Hero’ to save the world and humans had already disappeared without a trace.
The reason for the setback in Emi’s heart was not because the people of Ente Isla, with Olba as the leader, had done merciless things to the ‘Hero’.
But because she was never the kind of human with noble ideals and spirit.
“……Em, Al……I’m sorry, I’m sorry……father…..sorry, I can no longer, continue to fight alone……”
No matter what kind of birth or blood Emilia Justina the Hero had, until the past few years, she had been living an ordinary life as the only daughter of a farmer, and was just a normal girl who can be seen anywhere.
The will of the Hero born from the hatred of a young girl of less than eighteen years had shattered just now.
“I don’t know, what I should do……father, Em, Demon King……someone come please……”
At this moment.
Even though did not specially summon her, Alas=Ramus still appeared on the bed like a deity to heal Emi’s wounded heart.
On the girl’s forehead was a crescent moon shaped glow just like when the holy sword activated or when she was calling for other ‘Yesod’ fragments.
Alas=Ramus with a soft cotton like warm hands, held Emi’s tear covered face and smiled.
The warm purple light and smile was too dazzling, Emi snuggled up to those hands, as if they would be able to illuminate the darkness in her heart.
“……Ahh, sorry, Alas=Ramus……but, I think I am about to fall apart……”
This was too pathetic.
Even though she was hurt because she knew that Alas=Ramus’s ‘real mother’ was Laila, she was currently crying in front of the ‘daughter’ who she should be protecting.
But even if it was this kind of Emi, Alas=Ramus still said with a mental state as pure as her soft skin and said,
“In the past, I have always been by myself.”
“But, I am with Mama right now.”
“Mama, has always been with Papa. Chi-­‐nee chan, Suzu-­‐nee chan, Lucifer, Em-­‐nee chan, everyone is with Mama.”
After that Alas=Ramus turned her head, shifted her gaze from Emi to a faraway direction and said in a soft voice,
“Acies, must be as well.”
“So don’t worry. Okay? Everyone, will immediately be together once again.”
Emi rubbed at her red swollen eyes and sighed with a shaky breath.
“……Yeah, you’re right, everyone has always been together……”
Emi only discovered this now.
It was true that Maou and the others had been enemies.
But the group of them in Japan had already surpassed the boundaries of enemies, humans and demons, and continued to go about their lives together.
No matter how serious this ‘mistake’ was.
“But, it’s already too late. I discovered this fact too late. At this point, even if I give up father’s wheat field, I can no longer be with the Demon King and the others……”
Emi looked down at her right hand.
“In order not to lose my dream, I listened to Olba……and even killed those from the Demon World, the citizens of the Demon King.”
This was not a battle Emi wanted, and the opponent was not completely innocent.
However Emi still felt that her own actions, was no different from the actions she made against the Demon Army which she had judged as evil.
Even though she knew demons were not monsters who only know how to kill and could not be communicated with.
But because of her own desires, Emi was still unable to stop the Fangan Milita, who used her name and without knowing how many crimes the other party committed, killed the Malebranche Chieftians.
If she insisted that it was to protect her own dream and personally swung her sword to fight, the results may be different.
But from the results, Emi didn to resist and did not do anything and just watched everything unfold.
The Hero who exorcised demons, as the commander for the Milita, dirtied the hands of others.
“The Demon King hates unreasonable things the most. No matter what the reason, he will not forgive my selfish actions. Alsiel should be the same as well. So……”
Just as Emi said this agitatedly-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
There was a commotion outside the tent.
The higher ranking soldiers should have all gone to attend the military meeting, but when Emi noticed, there was such a huge commotion it was as if an attack had occurred.
Large groups of soldiers were walking around and seemed to be arguing about something…..
“L, lady Emilia, I’m sorry for disturbing you.”
At this moment, the concerned voice of the messenger soldier just now was heard from the entrance of the tent.
“E, erhm, are you alright? I heard that you were feeling unwell……”
“……Sorry, I’m fine already.”
Emi was crying loudly just now and it would not be strange if someone else had heard.
With things as they are now, Emi had no energy to hide it, so she lightly wiped the corner of her eyes, got up and appeared.
The glow on Alas=Ramus’s forehead had disappeared together with the mysterious atmosphere just now without anyone noticing, and when Emi’s attention was focused on the messenger soldier, the girl had already jumped on the bed and started to roll around meaninglessly.
“E, erhm, sorry for disturbing you when you’re busy……”
Even though the messenger soldier was a bit shaken after seeing Emi’s face after she cried, he still conveyed the order which hoped that Emi would hurry to the operations tent where the military meeting was being held.
“We have a letter from Demon General Alsiel, sent from Azure Sky Canopy.”
“Alsiel’s letter?”
“That’s right. And he addressed it to Lady Emilia, so Lord Olba hopes you can quickly make your way there……”
After Emi sniffed and sighed hard, she nodded and walked out of the tent.
Anyway, the situation felt a bit strange.
How did Ashiya……Alsiel know that Emi was in this army?
After Emi merged with Alas=Ramus once more, she walked quickly towards the main operations tent.
An unhappy looking Olba, and nervous looking officials were waiting for Emi there.
“You came, Emilia.”
There was goatskin paper spread in front of Olba, it should be the letter Alsiel sent.
“I heard that letter was addressed to me……can I take a look?”
“It can’t be helped.”
There was a reason why Olba used such a reluctant tone.
Because he knew that Alsiel had crossed the boundaries separating him and them, the enemy, and was interacting with Emi as ‘Ashiya Shiro’, his identity in Japan.
From how Olba was not shocked by Alsiel appearing, he should have known beforehand that Alsiel will come back to Ente Isla.
However this archbishop was now showing a stern expression, so it could be seen that this letter was really an unexpected situation to him.
Even though Olba seemed to be unable to destroy the letter sent by the commander of the enemy army addressed to the Hero in front of the Hakin Knight Troops of the Milita, but no matter what, he probably did not expect that Ashiya will establish contact.
From the impression Emi had, ever since they reunited at the foot of the mountain at the Western Continent, Olba had not shown any signs of having headed to Japan. That meant that Alsiel was brought back by Olba’s accomplices (or perhaps Olba was the accomplice).
Not considering ‘Ashiya Shiro’, since Olba believed that he would be able to restrict ‘Alsiel’s’ actions, then it can be reasonably deduced that Olba was supported by a powerful figure from the shadows.
Considering that Raguel was acting together with Olba, there was a high chance that the other party was an angel from Heaven, so even if this ‘letter from Alsiel’ was really written by Alsiel, it logically should not reach Emi at all.
“What is going on……”
Emi frowned because she sensed that there were other people involved other than Olba and the powerful person supporting him.
“Lady Emilia, please be careful. This letter is written in characters we cannot read, perhaps there is a demon’s curse on it.”
Not knowing how the Hakin knights interpreted Emi’s expression, their scared appearances obviously surpassed common sense, but anyway, Emi had to read it before making judgements.
Emi accepted the goatskin paper from Olba, and started to inspect the contents after swallowing her saliva.
Demon General Alsiel’s signature and Emilia’s name was written in Central Trading Language on the top, and then-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
After Emi confirmed the contents, she let out a sound of confusion.
“What’s written on it?”
Even Olba’s anxious voice was unable to cause Emi any unhappiness at this moment.
“Uh……anyway these are not words from the Demon World or a curse, O, Olba? You can’t read this letter?”
Olba answered Emi’s question unhappily,
“I know these are the words from that world! Even I can use ‘Idea Link’ to roughly understand the language over there, but the time I spent there is not so long for me to completely under its words.”
[Image of Emi looking at the letter with Alsiel shown in the background]
Olba pointed at the corner of the goatskin paper.
“Other than the hiragana phonograms, this word means ‘a cold state’, this one is ‘luggage’. As for the text behind, I only know it’s commonly used to express the will for revenge.”
“……Y, yeah, it is like that……”
Emi nodded with a complex expression on her face, and looked at that letter once more.
This was a letter Alsiel wrote to convey a message to Emi.
And Emi roughly knew that Alsiel did not wish to actively become her enemy.
However, she was still unable to understand what Alsiel wanted to convey.
“What’s written on it! Don’t tell me Alsiel wants to tell other people not to send luggage to Emilia?”
“Uh……no, I don’t think that is what it means……”
Emi answered while thinking with all her might.
For Ashiya to choose these words, there must be a certain reason for this.
What message was Ashiya trying to convey to her?
“What exactly is written on it!”
“Uh……wait a bit, I really don’t know what this means. Why were such things written……”
It was not strange for Olba to be in a turmoil and for Emi to be confused. On the letter of the Demon General-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“One day, I will definitely take revenge for the tofu and pickled ginger.”
(T/N: Please refer to Volume 8 for this dish.)
He only wrote this simple sentence in neat handwriting.
“What does this sentence mean?”
“Uh, how should I say this.”
Even though Emi was troubled, she still answered honestly to Olba’s request,
“This word is called ‘tofu’, when combined together it is like cold tofu.”
But this content caused Emi to feel that her dull explanation really could not match up to the current tense atmosphere.
“Tofu? What is tofu?”
Even though Emi almost answered ‘it’s delicious when added in miso soup’ on reflex, she still managed to hold it in.
“Uh, that, how should I describe in our terms, it’s a white and soft food about the same size as a small brick, contains high water content and also tender……but actually doesn’t have much taste.”
“No, no taste? The citizens of the foreign world would normally eat this kind of strange thing?”
The officials of the Hakin knights turned to each other and whispered, and when Emi was explaining, she also felt something was out of place.
“S, strange……yeah, it might be correct to say so.”
She still remembered this combination.
And a meaning which she only knew about was hidden within.
In actual fact, what kind of situation was she in when she ate this.
Even if she felt a frustration as if she could not remember what she ate two days ago, Emi still continued to speak,
“And then this is read as ‘pickled ginger’, the appearance of this thing looks like purplish red tubers, and is a plant which will emit a strong bitter taste into your nasal cavity once you bite on it……”
“J, just by hearing this, it sounds like a terrifying demonic ingredient.”
“I never thought that the food culture of the citizens of the foreign world would be so strange……”
Even though these foods were completely given the cold shoulder, there was also something wrong with Emi’s explanation.
Of course this was mainly because Emi did not know which foods in Ente Isla could be used to compare with them.
“and you cut these and place it on the……cold tofu……”
In order to explain this dish to the people of the Eastern Continent who did not know what tofu or pickled ginger was, Emi subconsciously acted the silent play of cutting pickled ginger with a knife and placed the invisible pickled ginger on top of the invisible tofu-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
At this instant, Emi’s heart and body returned to that moment.
It was what she had been looking with all her might in her dreams, even though it was old and noisy, it was still filled with a strange peaceful atmosphere-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐the scene of eating in that apartment.
What appeared in front of Emi at that time, was the frowning Maou, and the huge amount of pickled ginger which included Emi’s share, being forced on top of the cold tofu.
“What’s wrong, Emilia?”
Emi came to her senses because of Olba’s voice.
Even though the officials looked towards Emi with concerned gazes, her situation was more serious.
Within Emi’s heart, a wave of frustration different from what she felt when she was crying in the tent welled up.
Her face was red, and her abdomen and the edges of her eyes were gradually heating up.
Emi finally understood what Alsiel was trying to convey.
And the instant she understood, an unbelieveable wave of relief and happiness expanded in Emi’s heart, causing her to be surprised while being in a turmoil.
The impossible thing which she prayed for a few short minutes ago, and the despair she felt when she decided that it would not be fulfilled, turned into hope again in front of Emi.
“O, Olba.”
Even so, she still barely suppressed the feelings which almost spilled out and started to think with all her might.
“W, what is it?”
Emi’s urgent tone caused Olba to reply in a tense manner.
“Let’s go to Azure Sky Canopy immediately, there cannot be any delay.”
“What did you say?”
“We have to act quickly, unrelated to mine or your will, Ente Isla is going to be enveloped in darkness once again. Alsiel found out a secret which can directly oppose the fully powered me, and he used Japanese to write a code and asked me to retreat if I valued lives.”
Because of that, Emi was unable to continuously say a whole string of insincere words.
“Y, you’re not just prattling on are you.”
In a determined manner, Emi turned to Olba, who could not speak too harshly in front of the Hakin knights of the Milita, and said in a sterner tone,
“What I said is true. As long as he uses this ‘cold tofu’ and ‘pickled ginger’, Demon General Alsiel would be able to obtain a power which transcends that of Demon General Lucifer, or even Demon King Satan.”
“W, what did you say?”
Emi was not lying at all.
She looked around at the shaken meeting room and whispered to Olba,
“Alsiel had once reversed the power relationship between him and Demon King Satan in front of me using ‘cold tofu’ and ‘pickled ginger’. I also came close to losing. You should know what that means right?”
“……Uh……c, could it be……”
“The reason why I suddenly returned here from Japan was also mainly because of this. If Satan had not endured the ‘pickled ginger’ in my place, I really would not know how things would end up.”
“T, that country known as Japan, how can they have such a strong power……”
“Didn’t you obtain demonic magic together with Lucifer while in Japan? That world also possesses a power which we do not know about, and Alsiel, who originally could not match up to the Demon King at all, obtained a power stronger than demonic magic, far surpassing that of the Demon King……through ‘cold tofu’ and ‘pickled ginger!”
Emi intentionally said this to Olba using ‘Japanese’, a language which the Hakin knights could not understand.
For the sake of conveying her true intentions to Olba alone.
For the sake of conveying the partial truth without lying.
“How is that possible……?”
“Even though I don’t know what you are planning, if we do not act soon, things will really become irreversible. If you look down on Alsiel’s current power, even I would not be able to come out unscathed.”
“Ugh……there, there’s no other choice.”
Olba turned and gave orders to the officials.
Olba did originally plan to use Emi to fight against Alsiel and the others at Azure Sky Canopy.
However, this situation of the Alsiel’s letter which only Emi could read made him feel uneasy.
Olba, as a tactician, should clearly know that just the possibilities of one uncertain factor can twist the conclusion to an unknown extent.
Watching Olba’s back, Emi frantically wiped away the tears she could not hold back in the end, and then continued speaking,
“He’s not just a man who wishes to repeatedly buy eggs which are limited to one box per person.”
Even though she did not know how Ashiya sent the letter to the Milita, just Ashiya’s method and thinking which could change the situation around Emi with just one letter still made Emi honestly be in awe of him.
There was only one person in the world who could find Emi for ‘revenge’ over the ‘cold tofu and ginger’ which Alsiel mentioned.
“The Demon King……is coming.”
Who could be the one who would come to ‘take revenge for the cold tofu and ginger’?
The person who would find Emi for revenge because large amounts of ginger was placed on the cold tofu was definitely Maou.
Emi, unable to suppress her smile which subconsciously appeared, frantically pressed down on her chest.
Things were not solved because of this.
Even if Maou regained his demon form and was willing to help her, her father’s wheat fields were still under the control of Olba and Raguel, and were in a dangerous situation.
Even so, it might be just her imagination, but Emi still felt her vision, which was obscured by a gloomy despair, suddenly seeing the light.
Emi did not think that Maou who abandon her and save Ashiya alone.
Even though having such thoughts was being a bit stubborn, even if he was always complaining, Maou had never done anything like that; even if he did not like Emi, his love for Alas=Ramus was real.
Most importantly, if Maou planned to abandon Emi, Ashiya will not specially send this letter to hint that Maou would come.
As long as Maou appeared in Ente Isla, he would definitely act in order to bring Ashiya, Emi and Alas=Ramus back to Japan.
‘Maou Sadao’ who Emi saw in these few months, was that kind of man.
Of course, the situation was not optimistic.
Just like what was said before, even if Maou regained his demon form and helped Emi, he would be unable to bring Emi, Alas=Ramus and Ashiya back to Japan just like that.
In addition, from the way Ashiya used ‘one day’ on his letter, he could not confirm when Maou would come.
Even so-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“The Demon King……is willing to come.”
Emi’s heart was only thinking of this fact.
As long as Maou appeared, no matter which direction he spoke, the situation will develop greatly.
However Emi was not sure what kind of results will occur after the developments.
Even though she was unsure, for unknown reasons, she could easily guess how Maou would think after finding out that Ashiya and Emi were dragged into the situation.
Maou would definitely not accept this situation.
Whether it was Olba, the people behind him planning this, or even Emi’s dream, Maou would definitely act in order to break all the components of this farce in one go.
Emi did not know how things will turn out after that.
Even though she was not clearly aware of this, but in this instant, including her father’s wheat fields and the peaceful life in Japan, to some extent, Emi had already given everything up.
Emi gave up thinking about what will happen after Maou appears.
Gave up thinking about her own dreams, the future of her father’s wheat fields, and the whole future of ‘Yusa Emi’ which was left behind in Japan.
Emi did not know when Maou would come, did not know when Maou would act, and did not know what he planned to do.
Even if she did not know, she at least knew she had to intentionally act out the part which was allocated to her by Olba and the people planning in the shadows well.
Even if those masterminds in the shadows planned to take action personally after getting tired of this, she could not drop her act.
Until the time the true ‘main character’ unexpected by the ‘audience’ appeared, to create the best climax, she has to continue working hard.
“The only thing the idiotic me can do is this.”
Unexpectedly, this sentence was not self mocking.
These were the true words of the current Emi.
Because she did not force herself, this sentence sounded especially clear and bright, and perhaps because she discovered this, Alas=Ramus, in her merged state, said happily,
“Mama? Have you cheered up a little?”
“……Yeah, I feel like I have become a little happier.”
Emi herself also felt that she was realistic and stubborn.
So if everything went smoothly in the end and she could see the master of that warm table once more-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Even though he might not forgive me, and might really become my enemy this time, even so……”
Emi planned to set the events of the past aside and honestly apologise for the events of the last few weeks.
She resolutely made up her mind.
Vol 10 Chapter 2: Hero, galloping to the battlefield
In the cold and moldy smelling space, Alberto, frowning because his shoes were stained with dust continued to follow Suzuno.
“You already knew that there was such a place below Azure Sky Canopy?”
“I only heard of such information.”
“Only heard of such information huh……hm, I see.”
“This is also considered part of the Shadow Fanatics. I think Alberto-­‐dono should also know that half of the missionaries are spies sent by Saint Ignorid. Because they are a group of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for God, they are able to put their lives on the line to send different kinds of information back to Saint Ignored.”
“By the way, this place is really impressive. How much time and manpower is needed to create this kind of place?”
Suzuno and Alberto were currently walking through an underground passage.
And this was not a normal underground passage.
The Great Wall of the Azure Sky Canopy which extended until the outer regions of the Agricultural Area, the catacombs which can be found underneath the Great Wall-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐in other words, there was a grand corridor inside the underground base.
With nothing else which moves within the large stone corridor other than the spell fire on Suzuno’s hand and the dust at their feet, it was so quiet that it was as though time had stopped.
“It was said that when the Unifying Azure Emperor is in danger, they will follow a fixed route from the ‘Cloud Detached Palace’ at Azure Sky Canopy to the catacombs underneath the whole royal capital to hide from danger. Even though it has never bee used in history, it was said that in order to maintain confidentiality and to ensure that it can be used normally in case something does happen, all the duty offices of the Seisokin Knight Troops have places which connect to this underground catacomb.”
“For you, someone from the Church, to talk about how Afashan ‘maintains confidentiality, it’s really ironic.”
Suzuno did not hesitate at all when moving forward, Alberto following behind, remained wary of his surroundings as he shrugged and said this.
As if to agree with what Alberto said, Suzuno also nodded and replied,
“Even though it is said to be a confidential matter, it is just an act. After all, once the Unifying Azure Emperor uses this route to run away, Afashan will be doomed. If the emperor of this huge empire which frequently has civil wars leaves the royal capital, this means that the current system has fallen apart. So even though such a road has to exist, there will not be a day which it has to be used. Therefore even though this is still a confidential matter, it is still well known. Depending on the location, some of the ancient country catacombs before Afashan and even the underground passage have become tourist spots.”
“Hm, I seemed to have heard before that the tombs of the kings of the past dynasties are underneath the city walls extending towards the east of the royal capital. So it was referring to this. However, even if it is an open secret, if everyone can enter easily, wouldn’t it be advantageous to the people who want to incite civil war?”
“Therefore this road needs to be handed on the people closest to the Emperor, the Seisokin, to manage.”
In reality, the both of them entered this underground passage through the duty office of the Hakin soldiers located at the city wall separating the royal capital and the Commercial area.
Since it is the duty office of the Hakin soldiers, the both of them, as outsiders, had thought it would not be so easy to infiltrate, however even the Hakin soldiers who were supposed to be guarding the city walls were nowherw to be found, and the place was an empty shell.
The both of them did not think it was a trap.
Just within Afashan, there were more than one hundred duty offices along the city wall, the Azure Sky Canopy forces, who could not grasp Suzuno and Alberto’s movements, would not set this kind of troublesome trap when they could not even confirm if they would come.
“Even if the soldiers at Josuikin level and below needed to know the existence of the underground passage, they would not know the correct route to head towards the ‘Cloud Detached Palace’.”
Even though they were called Hakin, there was a strict hierarchy amongst the Afashan Knight Troops.
The difference in position between the highest ranked Seisokin and the lowest ranked Jokokin soldiers was so large that it was not strange for the Jokokin to not talk to the Seisokin out of fear.
“Hm? Then what kind of symbols do you follow to advance? No matter how well the people of the Church External Missionary Department is able to collect information, they definitely would not know the route which only the Seisokin would know……”
Alberto asked frantically, but once he saw the sharp gaze from Suzuno as she turned back with narrowed eyes, he swallowed his words.
In this place, she was not Kamazuki Suzuno, the friend Emilia trusted in Japan.
“Alberto-­‐dono, can you not tell?”
After the highest ranked Inquisitor from the Church’s Doctrinal Correction Council with the nickname of Deathscythe smiled shallowly, she continued to walk again.
“Even though I don’t know how long this passage has been underneath this city, but after a long few hundred years, the appearance of every kerb stone is different.”
“O, ohh?”
“When we are carrying out ‘holy missions’, we would rarely know information about the locations we will infiltrate beforehand. And compared to using fire for illumination in underground spaces, it would be safer to use spells. The Seisokin are excellent even as sorcerers, the roads which have been illuminated over a long period of time with spells are very easy to distinguish.”
“……That’s amazing.”
When thinking to this point, Alberto noticed that Suzuno did not make any noise when she was walking.
After discovering this only his footsteps could be heard in this huge space, Alberto recognized once again that the petite female in front of him was not a normal inquisitor.
However at this point, he discovered another thing which was strange.
“If so……why haven’t we seen any of the Seisokin at all?”
“Within the Milita, there should also be people belonging to the level who knows this route. Depending on the situation, the Milita can also attack the city from here. Regardless of whether the Seisokin staying in the Azure Sky Canopy supports the Milita or Alsiel, don’t you feel that it’s strange that no one can be sensed?”
“I don’t know the reason either……then again, the Hakin duty offices which we passed by when we entered this underground passage were empty as well. Ever since we entered Afashan, I kept having the feeling that the movements of the Hakin troops were strange. The places which obviously should be guarded are empty, and there are large amounts of people posted on the outskirts and the areas far away from the royal capital, places which do not need to be protected.
Suzuno recalled meeting the Seikokin conducting patrols when heading towards Honfa village.
“The people in the royal capital must be sensed the advancement of the Milita. There must be a reason by they rearranged the forces this way. Even if the reason is unclear, there is no doubt that this arrangement is advantageous to us right now. So let’s make use this to the fullest.”
Suzuno let the light spell fly slightly ahead and said softly,
“Since we can already see the goal, we can only move forward. Even if it is a tiger’s den in front.”
Before long, the both of them were standing in front of a slightly opened huge door.
On the other side of the door which might really hide the teeth of a tiger, there was a long staircase which went upwards, the both of them observed for a while but did not sense the presence of any demons or Seisokin soldiers.
“Let’s go. Don’t fall behind.”
Suzuno, who dimmed the light spell to the minimum, ran like the wind, climbing up the long flight of stairs.
Of course, Alberto also followed closely behind, but even after they climbed around a thousand steps, they did not discover any traps or signs of people watching them, causing them to feel a strange uneasiness.
After climbing up the stairs, a dim corridor with the same style as the corridor and the stairs appeared in front of them. The end of this rather short corridor looked like a normal wall.
“Don’t tell me there is something like a revolving door or something?”
“No, we have to go up. Alberto-­‐dono, lend me your shoulder.”
“Go up……eh, h, hey?”
Suzuno jumped up lightly without waiting for Alberto to reply and landed directly on his shoulder.
“In Japan, is that what lend me your shoulder means?”
Even if Alberto, with his shoulder stepped on, tried to express his unhappiness, Suzuno ignored him, leaned her face towards the ceiling and said,
“At times like this, it is better for guys to be around.”
“Men aren’t stepping blocks……what are you doing?”
Because the lower hem of the robes was very long, Alberto, who did not have to worry about messing up, looked up towards Suzuno’s hand.
“Please stand more steadily.”
“Ah? Ugoh?”
However a sudden heavy burden from his shoulder caused him to let out a pained groan.
Even if Suzuno’s boots were sinking into his shoulder, Alberto still bore it with all his might and with a cry which did not sound like it came from a petite lady, the dirt at his feet suddenly stirred up and a light appeared above him.
“……So the exit of the hidden passageway isn’t hidden in the wall, but in the floor.”
“That’s right. Let me go up first, I’ll pull you up from above.”
Alberto followed Suzuno’s instructions and pushed her upwards, then grabbed the hand Suzuno offered from above, after that he was pulled up with a power obviously exceeding that possessed by the slender arm.
Alberto let go of Suzuno’s hand, supported his hand against the floor to prop himself up, and discovered that he was in a room around six tsubo in size which looked like a changing room.
The reason why the interior of the room was dark should be simply because it was nighttime outside. In reality, Suzuno and Alberto had already been walking through the underground passage for a long time.
Luckily, there were thick lit candles around the room, so they could still see the situation in the whole room.
In front of the wall with a mirror hanging on it, there was a beautifully carved oak chair which clearly was made by a famous carpenter, and there was also a small dresser.
The whole wall had drawings of flowers and birds drawn on it using bright pigments and even gold foil, and even though it looked a little small for a room in the castle, it can be seen that this room was used by someone with noble standing.
A sweet scent wafted around the room, probably coming from fresh flowers or sanders.
“What room is this?”
Alberto, having never seen such a luxurious room even though his family background was definitely not considered low class, asked this out of interest, but immediately regretted it.
“Probably a toilet.”
“Oh, I see, a toi…..let……….huh?”
Alberto was momentarily unable to understand the meaning behind Suzuno’s words and looked towards his palm which had made direct contact with the floor.
“Toi, toilet?”
“I’m afraid so.”
The flustered Alberto started to look around the room.
“I, I’m not too sure about the lives of nobles, but using such a large toilet, won’t they be unable to calm down? Then again, where is the thing used for that?”
Alberto, who had thought the room was a changing room or something similar, surveyed his surroundings in order to find the indispensible facility in the toilet.
“……Don’t tell me, it’s that?”
On the floor in the corner of the room, there was a square shaped piece of silverware. After discovering that only that place was a section shorter than the rest of the room, Alberto turned to Suzuno for confirmation with a vexed look on his face.
“That should be pure silver. Considering the effort and money needed to manage it, Alsiel might just faint.”
And Suzuno also made an unnecessary deduction.
“W, why would they put the secret passageway here……”
“For a secret passageway, only some of the castle builders will know during the building. Therefore, during these times, they would normally set it in the shower, toilet or waterways, even if there are other large rooms around these places, it would not raise suspicion when looking at the map.”
“Uh, that’s true, after all, people would not normally want to pass through the floor of a toilet……”
“The reason why the underground passage did not design a mechanism like a revolving door but a design to pass through the ceiling was probably to mislead intruders into thinking they went the wrong way. Of course, there might be other entrances and exits in other places as well, it’s just that the route we took this time happened to have its exit here.”
“Sigh……that sucks.”
Even though it was not known which part sucked, Alberto could only say this.
“Don’t worry. No matter what, this is still a toilet specially used by nobles and cannot be compared to the things used by the citizens of the Western Continent. The floors must have been cleaned very well.”
“I hope so.”
Even if Alberto looked at his palm in a miserable manner, Suzuno seemed to have lost interest in this toilet and started to focus to listen to the movements outside.
“What’s wrong.”
“……There’s a strange place.”
“Strange place?”
“There seems to be a place where a demonic magic barrier and spell barrier simultaneously exist. It’s not that far above us, do you feel anything?”
“Hm……oh, it’s true. Are we going there?”
Alberto looked up towards the ceiling and closed his eyes like he was searching for a presence, then immediately nodded and said this.
“It doesn’t seem to be Alsiel, but for a place to simultaneously have a demonic magic and spell barrier, there must be a special reason. It would be worth taking a look.
“I see, but since we’re already here, we probably cannot avoid meeting Hakin or Malebranches, what do we do then?”
The door to the toilet was opened without any warning, two men with green bandannas tied on their hands entered carrying cleaning tools, and after they saw Suzuno and Alberto, they let out airheaded sounds.
They probably did not expect for there to be people in the toilet, and Suzuno and Alberto, distracted by the presence above, did not notice the advancement of two Seisuikin soldiers.
The four people looked at each other for a few seconds.
“That’s good, people do clean that place after all.”
“Personally, I really pity them.”
“Thanks to them, we finally know the location of the Cloud Detached Palace where the Unifying Azure Emperor is. We’re really grateful about that.”
Suzuno and Alberto walked on the corridors of the ‘Cloud Detached Palace’ in a strangely calm and open manner.
The two soldiers who they met in the toilet were the Seisuikin members left behind in other to take care of the Unifying Azure Emperor’s living quarters, it was said that the place was one of the toilets which only the Unifying Azure Emperor could use (after knowing that the Emperor had a few toilets which only he can use, Alberto was even more surprised).
Even though it was an emergency, they could not leave the Unifying Azure Emperor alone, and after Azure Sky Canopy was occupied by the Malebranches, there were still some Seisokin Seisuikin members staying around the Emperor.
However the people who were able to take care and protect the Emperor himself were only the Seisokin, the members of the Seisuikin cannot approach the sacred body of the Emperor and could only be in charge of cleaning the rooms and items used by the Emperor.
“Those jobs are really hard……it would be good if they could get promoted after this commotion ends.”
Alberto, feeling touched, wiped his eyes as he said this.
Even though a strict hierarchy existed between the various Hakin Knight Troops, the soldiers of the Seisuikin were still proud of their castle jobs and were working hard to clean the toilet, and Alberto had been pitying them since the beginning.
“Sigh, but because they are unhappy with this situation, that is why they told us the location of the Unifying Azure Emperor. Even though we obviously look like intruders, but compared to demons, they still thought it would be better to hand the Emperor over to us. When we meet the Unifying Azure Emperor later, we should report their contributions as well.”
The two members of the Seisuikin did ask Suzuno’s and Alberto’s identity in the beginning, but from how their voice lacked any authority, it can be instantly deduced that they were already very tired.
Luckily, after Alberto revealed his identity, one of the members recognized Alberto-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐the face of the one of the comrades of the Hero who liberated the Eastern Continent in the past, so the group avoided having to battle.
After hearing Alberto’s words, the young Seisuikin members who believed that they came to save the Unifying Azure Emperor not only explained the layout of the Cloud Detached Palace in detail, but also tore the bandanna used to identify them as Hakin knights into three pieces and gave it to the both of them to avoid fighting when Suzuno and Alberto met other Hakin soldiers.
For the three pieces of cloth, two were tied on the left hand while one was tied on the right hand.
This was a code used between the Hakin to say that the people who wore the bandanna torn in this manner were not enemies.
“But they did say some concerning things.”
The young members of the Seisuikin said that the members of the Seisokin and Seisuikin were ‘staying behind’ to take care of the Emperor.
This meant that someone had gave orders in the shadows for all the other Hakin knights besides them to be ‘redeployed to other places’.
But since the Central area of Afashan had been controlled by the Malebranches, angels and even Demon General Alsiel, it was difficult to imagine that the Unifying Azure Emperor still had the authority over the matters of the Hakin soldiers.
Then who was the one moving the Hakin soldiers controlled by the Royal Capital, Azure Sky Canopy which were not in the Milita?
“……No, it’s not the time to think about this now. Anyway the Emperor should be at the top of these stairs. I feel the presence of a strong spell barrier. Let’s go.”
Even though it feels the process here was too smooth, but as long they can control the Unifying Azure Emperor, no matter who detected their movements later, Suzuno and Alberto would just have to escape to the Milita camp.
Even if the first goal of the Milita was to recapture Azure Sky Canopy back from the hands of the demons, it would naturally include guaranteeing the safety of the Unifying Azure Emperor.
Just by achieving this point, they should be able to postpone the battle between the Milita and the Royal Army a little.
After running up the last few steps, what appeared in front of Suzuno and Alberto was a large room which matched the standards of an Emperor’s living quarters, and could only be described as so luxurious that the toilet just now was just an incomparable ‘space’.
Seeing there was no space to hold an audience and no furniture for receiving guests, it was probably used as a private room.
After discovering a figure lying in a huge bed which can hold ten adults, Suzuno subconsciously straightened her posture.
Even if the both of them had seen the Unifying Azure Emperor as an abstract existence in a battle strategy, no matter what, he was still an Emperor standing at the top of a continent.
With Suzuno and Alberto’s status, they should be unable to see the Unifying Azure Emperor in the first place, so even if they got rid of personal feelings, they should still give their highest form of respect.
“Pardon us, we have something to report to your Majesty. Please forgive our rudeness by entering your chamber without permission.”
Suzuno tentatively talked to the figure lying on the bed in Akou language, but the other party did not respond.
“……? Your majesty……”
Even if she felt troubled, Suzuno still injected more force into her tone and stepped forward. At this moment-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
Alberto placed his hand on Suzuno’s shoulder, stopped her from proceeding forward.
“That guy is not the Unifying Azure Emperor.”
“And the strange thing is, I cannot find the spell barrier. There isn’t any sign of a spell barrier around the bed or in this space.”
At this instant.
The space between Suzuno and the others and the bed suddenly distorted in a dark manner.
“Hey hey hey, who dares to do something as bold as barging into the Emperor’s chambers?”
Suzuno pulled out her hairclip at lightning speed and Alberto immediately clenched his fists and entered battle mode.
However the person who appeared from the black distortion was moving slowly like he thought it was troublesome and was emitting an aura like he was going to attack any moment.
After Suzuno saw the one armed large entity appearing from the distortion, she sucked in a breath.
“Li, Libicocco?”
“……Ohh, it’s you.”
That was a demon she knew.
One week ago, the two of them had fought in the school located in Sasazuka where Chiho was, the person who came was one of the Malebranche Chieftians, Libicocco.
“Bell, is it someone you know?”
Even if she was surprised, Suzuno still nodded to reply Alberto’s question, as for Libicocco, even if he saw Suzuno’s face, he did not seem that shaken.
“I had thought that your injuries were very serious for a human, you’re unexpectedly rather healthy.”
“……On the contrary, your injuries haven’t fully healed yet?”
It was strange, even though the both of them had tried to kill each other, they were still happy about each other’s physical condition after reuniting, but just like Chiho’s earlier surprise, the injury Suzuno obtained at the battle in Sasahata High School had already healed until only a shallow scar was left and did not obstruct her movements at all.
But Libicocco’s arm which was cut off by Maou had not fully healed even now.
Of course not all demons would be able to regrow their lost limbs like a lizard’s tail, but even if they met Libicocco in Ente Isla, his demonic magic felt weaker compared to before.
“It’s strange. My wound won’t heal at all, I’m really troubled about that. Even if demonic magic was used to heal it, there’s no effect at all. Therefore, since I’m unable to go to the frontlines, I can only do guard duty, which can be done even by humans.”
Libicocco mocked himself in a strangely human-­‐like manner and looked at Suzuno and Alberto once more.
“Who is that man I have never seen before? He seems to have very strong holy magic. Nevermind you, I haven’t heard that this kind of person would come.”
Even if Suzuno was bothered by how Libicocco phrased his words, she still switched her thinking and shouted,
“Back down, Libicocco. You should know that even if you continue to stay in Afashan, you would not be able to restore the Demon Army.”
“The Milita led by Hero Emilia has consecutively recaptured the cities controlled by you Malebranche, and would reach Auzre Sky Canopy soon. Even if you continue to stay here, you would only lose your life unnecessarily.”
Suzuno said agitatedly, and even though Libicocco stared into her eyes, he still did not reply in the end.
“That kind of thing cannot be fulfilled in the first place. Even though it would be painful to admit this, but you Malebranche are only be lied to by the angels and Olba Meyers and being the victim of Heaven’s plans. Do you think the Demon King wishes for all of you to die without reason? It’s not too late right now, hurry and have all of you retreat back to the Demon World. And pass this message to Alsiel as well. It’s impossible for him to not know of this fact.”
“I understand everything you’re saying. I know we’re very stupid, and also knew that the ones called Raguel and Olba had been suspicious since the start. However, we cannot turn back anymore.”
“Raguel……damn it, another angel?”
Suzuno’s expression became heavy after hearing the unexpected name.
Just having Gabriel and Camael was already too much to deal with, and right now, there was another angel, this situation cannot be delayed any longer.
They would probably actively get rid of all situations which would hamper the plan. In fact, debating in the Cloud Detached Palace like this could be a very dangerous thing to do.
“But all of you are still not at the point of no return! It’s fine as long as the Unifying Azure Emperor is passed to the Milita and all of you return to the Demon World! Just by doing that, you can avoid unnecessary sacrifices of the people who are still alive. Demon King Satan had never asked Ciriatto to pay for his sins! So even to all of you, he would also……”
“It’s not this problem. It looks like you have misunderstood something.”
Libicocco rejected Suzuno’s sincere suggestion without hesitation and said something which greatly shocked Suzuno.
“When I said unable to turn back, it does not refer to this current situation. But the very first wish of the Demon Army.”
“The first wish?”
This should be referring to the thing about avoiding the starvation of the citizens of the Demon World which Maou had mentioned before.
But the situation right now was not the time to leisurely talk about that kind of thing.
“According to Lord Alsiel, if we do not wish for the citizens of the Demon World to perish in the future, this would be our first, and last chance to lay the foundations. If you outsiders come at this time to mess things up, it will only trouble us.”
Suzuno started to feel flustered at Libicocco’s words.
“Alsiel definitely will not put up with all of you being controlled by angels and rule over Afashan! What exactly is going on?”
Only for Ashiya, it was impossible for him to not sense that someone was controlling the current from the shadows. After all, wasn’t he kidnapped by Gabriel?
However, from what Libicocco just said, no matter how she thought about it, the one who was taking command of the Royal Capital, Azure Sky Canopy was Ashiya=Alsiel.
With that, could it be that the personnel rearrangement of the Hakin soldiers was also a command given by Alsiel?
“Who knows. But, this is also an order from Lord Alsiel. Only one person can enter this room. If other people come here……”
Libicocco shifted his gaze away from the shaken Suzuno.
Suzuno, who realised one step too late what this action meant-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Ah, hey!”
And ignored Alberto’s attempts to stop her and activated her Holy Metal Hammer, swinging it towards Libicocco.
“Alright, that’s enough!”
Nevermind being one step later, it was already too late when Suzuno noticed.
The person who blocked Suzuno’s hammer with a palm was not Libicocco.
“Oh my~it must be hard of you guys. Even though I don’t know how all of you infiltrated this place without being discovered, it’s amazing that all of you were able to come here from such a faraway place. This place doesn’t have a Shinkansen station after all.”
“W, who are you?”
Alberto asked for the identity of the large man who suddenly appeared, but before the person himself answered, Suzuno had already shouted the man’s name with hatred.
Compared to Suzuno, this archangel with the same arrogant face seemed to be more concerned about Alberto, and asked with a face full of surprise,
“Eh? I remember that you are someone from here. My impression is that you’re Emilia’s comrade. What happened with the Demon King?”
“I have nothing to say to you!”
“Ohh……it can’t be helped, since I’m annoying after all……but your luck is really good, luckily the one who came is me. You’re called Libicocco right. You actually sent me an ‘Idea Link’ first, did Alsiel tell you something?”
The reason why Libicocco shifted his gaze away from Suzuno was simply to focus to use demonic magic after all.
But what was difficult to understand was why Libicocco, who knew that they were being deceived by Heaven, would listen to Alsiel’s orders and send the information of Suzuno and the others to Gabriel.
Gabriel happily watched the confusion flash across Suzuno’s face and said with a deeper smile,
“Hm~I don’t blame all of you for having questions, but if you have anything to ask, then confirm it with Alsiel after everything ends. Sigh, that is on the condition that you would be able to immediately run back here and ask.”
“W, what are you saying? Uugh!”
“Ugah? W, what’s happening?”
Gabriel only moved his fingertip a little.
However, with just that, Suzuno and Alberto, wielding a hammer and clenching fists in preparation for battle respectively, were unable to move at all.
“Anyway, it’s a key moment right now, so I don’t wish for all of you to make trouble here. If you want to come, then you have to wait for the right time, and that would be when all the actors have arrived.”
“W, what did……you say?”
Even if Suzuno and Alberto tried to resist with all their might, they were unable to move a finger.
“Come again when all the actors have gathered. At that time, whether it is Emilia’s father who is sleeping over there, or the old Emperor who is leisurely living his life above, you can do whatever you want with them.”
Whether it was Suzuno or Alberto, they were unable to turn their necks. Even so, they still widened their eyes as much as they could to confirm the figure of the man on the bed at the edge of their vision.
“Then, even though I don’t know when we will meet again, goodbye.”
However, everything ended now.
The scenery quickly receded in their field of vision.
Whether it was the annoying archangel, the Malebranche who lowered his head like he was tolerating something, the Cloud Detached Palace, or the man on the bed, the scene in front of their eyes disassembled like a kaleidoscope-­‐ -­‐-­‐-­‐Suzuno and Alberto were being thrown into a strange space.
“T, this is?”
“It’s a ‘gate’! Damn it!”
The two of them were swallowed by the ‘gate’ which was probably opened by Gabriel just like that.
Even if they tried to adjust their posture as much as they could, perhaps because they were affected by the restrictive power just now, both of them were unable to smoothly move their bodies.
In addition, because it was a ‘gate’ opened by Gabriel who had overwhelming power, even if Suzuno and the others wanted to activate spells, the flow of the gate did not allow them to resist at all.
“Damn……damn ittttttttttttttttttt!”
Suzuno shouted in regret.
So the result was like this after all.
Could it be that she could only be easily defeated by an opponent with overwhelming power and watch time pass by without being able to do anything?
“Hey, it’s the exit of the ‘gate’!”
“……Ugh, what?”
Suzuno wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and turned her neck in Alberto’s direction.
It was too fast.
Even though less than one minute passed after they entered the gate.
However, in the far distance of this strange space, a glow of the ‘gate’ exit did appear.
Like this, was it possible that they were thrown to Earth or other foreign worlds?
“Be careful, we don’t know where we will end up!”
Without Alberto’s reminder, Suzuno had already adopted a posture to defend against impacts which could be used in multiple situations.
A short time later, the scene in front of the exit started to show a vague outline.
[Image of Suzuno and Alberto falling through the gate]
“……A town?”
“We’re going out!”
The world suddenly regained colour and was filled with air, their vision was no longer filled with the power flow of the strange world, but warm sunlight.
The both of them were thrown into the air.
But it was only at a height where they could still clearly see the movements of the pedestrians below.
It looked like this was a large town.
Even though the opening and closing of the ‘gate’ will disrupt airflow, the pigeons near Suzuno and Alberto still quickly changed formations and gradually disappeared.
They could hear the sounding of bells. Strange. Even though they had only been separated from Maou a few hours ago.
It should be night at Afashan right now.
Suzuno confirmed the position of the sun out of the corner of her eye and sucked in a breath.
Could it be that this place is-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Hey! Can you fly? The roof of that building over there is flat. We’re landing!”
Alberto, who did not notice Suzuno’s shaken state, pointed at the huge building beneath them for the time being.
After carefully observing that building and the streets, Suzuno was really sure this time.
The both of them, who used spells to glide, finally landed smoothly on the roof which Alberto pointed out.
However, Suzuno’s mind could not calm down.
Alberto surveyed his surroundings after landing and started to develop the same sense of worry as Suzuno.
“T, this is……”
After Alberto looked down at the town from the roof, he became speechless.
After looking at the really tall buildings in the distance, he said with a shaky voice,
“Saint Aire……?”
“As I thought……”
Suzuno gritted her teeth.
They were thrown to a really unexpected place.
In front of Alberto’s line of sight was the majestic figure of the imperal city of Holy Saint Aire Empire-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Irihem.
In a certain sense, the situation right now was more serious than accidentally crossing worlds.
The both of them had been thrown to the other side of the map from the Royal Capital, Azure Sky Canopy.
As Suzuno was unable to use the ‘Gate Opening Spell’ without an amplifier, if they wanted to go back to Azure Sky Canopy, they had to use the holy artifact ‘Heaven Stairs’, but that holy artifact was located on the western end of the empire-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐even if they rode horses from the imperal city, it would take two days to reach the Saint Aire Church.
However, right now, Suzuno and Alberto did not have any leeway to spend a few days on moving around.
It was game over.
Suzuno weakly slumped on the roof of the church, but even then, she still managed to pull out her mobile phone from her robes.
The only thing she could do right now, was tell Maou about this embarrassing situation.
But even if she could contact Maou, what could the current him do?
If he knew that Suzuno and the others have reached a dead end, Maou who definitely act, disregarding his own safety.
However, even if Maou, without any fighting power, moved right now, Suzuno did not think he would be able to handle three archangels at the same time.
“Damn it……”
Just as Suzuno clenched her fist in regret like a child and planned to hit the roof the church-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“H, hey, wait a moment. Perhaps we don’t need to be so negative just yet.”
“Since the imperal city is over there, this means that this is Orius sector. In other words……there! That building, that’s the Sorcery Supervision Institute.”
“Sorcery Supervision Institute? That’s Emerada-­‐dono’s……hm? Saint Aire’s Orius sector? W, wait, like this, don’t tell me this building……”
Suzuno looked down at the roof which she had planned to break and widened her eyes.
“That’s right. If my memory is correct, this is the location of the hearing, the Church at the Orius sector of Saint Aire.”
Suzuno felt that her legs which have slumped on the ground were recovering their energy.
There was still hope. As long as everything went smoothly, they might be able to return to Azure Sky Canopy immediately.
Alberto looked back at Suzuno’s eyes, nodded with force and said,
“Right now, Em is below us.”

A strong wind started to blow and the gray clouds started to cover the sky of Azure Sky Canopy.
Gabriel, who was watching this raging storm from the walls connecting the Azure Sky Canopy Castle Tower, looked at the evening moon hiding behind the clouds and smiled lightly,
“Even though no one should be watching in the first place, with this, no matter what happens in this city in this instant, no one would notice at all.”
This sentence which was blown away by the wind was not heard by anyone at all.
“Hero Emilia, and the one leading the new Demon Army, Demon General Alsiel. Like this, all the actors have gathered. All of you must be thinking this right? Naïve. All of you can just enjoy this unscripted drama.”
Gabriel looked at the outskirts at the south of Azure Sky Canopy and nodded in satisfaction.
“If humans live such easy lives, they will become useless. They must move with all their might at some point. Because we are also living as well.”

“This is……what is going on?”
The officer in charge of the Milita’s battles said this in a nervous voice.
“Could it be that Alsiel set some trap?”
It was not strange for the officer to be suspicious.
The royal capital, known as the most majestic and beautiful in Afashan, the Central area of Azure Sky Canopy was actually completely silent.
According to the many reports given by the scouts until yesterday, there was an uneasy atmosphere spreading within the royal capital because of the approaching of the Milita and the viligance aginst the impending battle with Alsiel.
Of course it could be that when Alsiel sensed the approaching of the Milita, he had declared martial law.
But the scene presented to the Fangan Milita, rather than martial law, it felt more like the ruins of a large city.
In the large city centre where no one could be seen, on the main road which led straight to the Castle Tower, even though there were streetlights lit by spells which could be seen in other cities, other than that, there was only the occasional moonlight which shone through the clouds and the moist air blown down from the dark clouds.
“How can this be, so strange……and suffocating.”
The officer leading the way was sweating nervously, troubling over whether he should give the order to pass through the main road.
“All of you follow behind.”
After seeing the figure who rode the horse pass him easily, the officer widened his eyes in surprise.
“L, Lady Emilia?”
“But this only applies to those people who are confident in their own abilities. This place is different from the town battles fought so far. If you cannot keep up with me and Olba, you would lose your lives once you’re surrounded.”
As if he was drawn by that sentence, Olba also appeared from behind with his horse.
His expression was twisted in a sinister manner for unknown reasons, and the leisure he had shown so far could not be seen at all.
Emi turned her gaze towards Olba-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“It should be fine for me to take the lead right?”
and asked in a sharp manner.
“……There’s no other choice.”
Olba’s answer did not contain any energy, until even the officer who did not know anything could feel that it was filled with the bitterness of having no other solution.
Emi nodded in satisfaction at this answer and quickly jumped off her horse.
“I’m sorry for not treating you well during this time.”
Emi, who apologized while stroking the beautiful mane of the horse, breathed in with force after landing on the ground, and shouted in one go,
“Materialise! My power, lives for the sake of eliminating evil!”
With this shout, a strong wind expanded outwards with Emi at the center.
Emi’s torrent of holy magic shot a beam of light towards the night sky, and right now, the holy magic surrounding her body was much denser than when she was in Japan.
The ‘Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing’ appeared from the light exploding from Emi’s hand and showed a totally different large blade.
The holy magic surrounding her body solidified, and that white silver light covering her whole body was actually the holy equipment born from the ‘Evolving Heaven’s Silver’-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐the full form of the ‘Evil Repelling Armour’.
The round shield connected to the left hand guard which did not exist during the battle with the Demon Army in the past, was the materialized completely new power after Emi merged with Alas=Ramus, who was a ‘Yesod’ fragment.
The young girl’s hair changed into white silver like she was purified by holy magic, and her eyes were dyed a holy red colour which all demons feared.
The full form of Hero Emilia Justina who had once saved the whole of Ente Isla descended once again upon Azure Sky Canopy which was controlled by demons.
In the eyes of the Milita, the awe inspiring appearance of Emilia after she transformed was like a new moon had appeared on the ground, and they shouted in unison because they were touched by it.
They believed that they would win in battle.
This time, the ‘Hero of the Holy Sword’ was going to lead our army to resist the evil demons, destroy the darkness enveloping Ente Isla and beautifully achieve victory-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐they did not habour any doubts about this.
Emilia, with her face facing those cheers, showed a mocking smile within the light.
She was no Hero.
Even if she obtained a stronger and more perfect power compared to the time she forced the Demon King into a corner, in this place she was just an opening act.
“Then……I winder what kind of stage Alsiel prepared.”
The mumbles within the torrent of holy magic could not even be heard by Olba who was beside her.
The last time she showed this kind of fearless smile was a really long time ago, Emilia quietly floated into the air slowly.
That figure equivalent to a Heavenly Knight caused the Milita to break out into cheers once again.
“……We’re going, Olba.”
“I know……but, if you dare to act out of line……”
“I know about that, I will fight Alsiel with full power. That would be fine right?”
Even though Olba was frustrated, after he clearly knew that Emilia had not abandoned the wheat fields, but showed a slightly relieved expression and following behind Emilia, started to float into the sky from the horse saddle.
“The target, Demon General Alsiel at the Azure Sky Canopy Castle Tower! Everyone, follow me!”
In order to respond to Emilia’s rally cry, the shout of the Milita shook the city.
“Don’t fall behind, Olba! Heavenly Light Boots!”
As if she was going to pierce through the moonlight, Emilia flew above the main road of the royal capital, Olba also flew, closely following behind.
The Hakin soldiers within the Fangan Milita numbered a few thousand, the sound of their horses following behind was earth shattering.
“Demons appearing at the right flank! They’re coming!”
Emilia, who did not slow down in her flying speed at all, shouted to Olba in a sharp voice.
Before confirming the situation, Olba first fired a wind blade in that direction.
As if they were chasing the flying Emilia and Olba, countless Malebranche appeared one after another.
Even though these Malebranche fell to the roofs of the houses after being hit by Olba’s wind blade, they were still demon soldiers and were not so weak to lose their lives from that.
However-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ “Continue forward! Our target is just Alsiel! Ignore those small fry!”
The Milita galloping in the outskirts of the royal capital towards the Central area increased their speed under Emilia’s orders.
Whether it was Olba, or the soldiers of the Milita, they had no time to give a fatal blow to the injured Malebranche.
The small troops of Malebranches appeared sporadically like flying insects, these numbers were obviously not enough to defend the capital, and the arrangements looked like it was meant to send them to their deaths.
The other party seemed to understand this, so they would either use long distance demonic magic attacks from far away, or attack a few times with their blades and sharp claws and retreat quickly, repeating these hard to decipher movements.
Then again, what happened to the Hakin soldiers who stayed in the Central area of the royal capital?
If Alsiel really wanted to meet Emilia and the Milita head on, it was impossible for there to be no traps set on the main road to hinder the advancement of the soldiers.
In order to defend the royal capital, it would not be strange for the Malebranche to use the Hakin members staying in the royal capital to fight, but since earlier, they could only see the figures of the Malebranche using the boldness of their appearance to hide the fact that they had lesser numbers.
But including Olba, Emilia did not give the Hakin soldiers in the Milita any time to feel any confusion about this strange situation.
From experience, Emilia knew that as long as she showed absolute power, she could easily create an illusion within the people following behind that she would be able to solve anything no matter what happened.
And since they are only human, on the level of the ‘Hero’s comrade’, Olba, who was only treated as an add-­‐on to Emilia, could not prevent this absolute power at all.
As long as Emilia acted according to Olba’s plan, the latter could not stop it.
The Milita, with Emilia at the head, galloped straight down the main road without any obstructions, and they reached the moat in front of the castle tower.
Even if the Milita had already lined up in front the western gate of the castle tower, the door was still tightly closed.
Even if the troops behind were scattered and fighting with the Malebranche, there were no significant changes in the battle situation.
Emilia and Olba looked up at the castle tower, while not letting their guard down.
“I am Hero Emilia! The Fangan Milita and I have come together to liberate the royal capital, Azure Sky Canopy! Demon General Alsiel! Show yourself quickly!”
Emilia’s voice filled with vigour caused Olba to very uneasy.
The Emilia before had obviously felt very negative about the battle plan.
However, the spirit which Emilia had shown towards the battle seemed even more determined even when compared to the previous battle with the Demon Army.
“……‘Cold tofu’……and ‘pickled ginger’, what exactly are these things?”
After Emilia read Alsiel’s letter, her attitude changed.
But the Olba right now was unable to suspect the ingredients which Emilia mentioned, so he felt a strong sense of uneasiness.
“Ooh, that is!”
At this time, the terrified shouts of the soldiers who mustered up their courage because of Emilia’s power were heard.
“That is……”
“He, he’s coming!”
Emilia saw the figure on the balcony of the Azure Sky Canopy Castle Tower far above as directed by the voice. “I’m surprised you’re able to come here! Hero Emilia, and the filthy human rebels!”
Just that loud and clear voice was able to frighten the soldiers of the Milita.
It was a voice which contained demonic magic.
People who are weak and body and mental strength would lose their will to fight once they hear the voice of demons, or even faint.
The man who ruled the sky of Azure Sky Canopy was not the Ashiya Shiro in Sasazuka who wore shirts with loose collars and worn-­‐down pants and felt happy or worried based on the savings balance.
But Demon General Alsiel who commanded huge numbers of demons and ruled the Eastern Continent as one of the Four Kings of the Demon Army.
The armour on the top half of his body and the mantle swaying in the wind were definitely of high quality, and whether it was his attire or the ominous aura he produced, it matched well with his status as a Demon General.
The auras produced by Emilia and Alsiel collided vigorously to the point that it felt that a distortion might appear at the point where both their gazes intercepted.
“But doing so is too foolish! Hero Emilia! Even though you know I have the power of ‘cold tofu’ and ‘pickled ginger’, you still wish to go against me!”
“A, are those words true? What exactly is ‘cold tofu’ and ‘pickled ginger’?”
Alsiel’s words filled with demonic magic and boldness caused Olba to be extremely surprised.
Emilia, who watched this scene with a sidelong glance, replied with a determined attitude while trying to hold down her laughter.
And that was the secret signal.
“You’re the one who’s foolish, Alsiel! The ‘cold tofu’ of ‘my holy sword’ does not need ‘pickled ginger’! No matter how much time passes, this will not change!”
This was the secret signal to show that Emi did receive Alsiel’s message.
Emilia could see clearly that Alsiel, who looked down here from high up, was showing a smile at the corner of his mouth.
“Since you said this much, then I can only use my abilities to make you understand what is reality! Hero Emilia! We weren’t able to determine the victor in the past, so let’s end this with a one-­‐on-­‐one!”
“Just what I wanted!”
“W, wait, Emilia, like that…………ugh?”
From a bystander’s point of view, Emila had fell for Alsiel’s provocation, so Olba frantically wanted to stop her.
However, two figures appeared in front of Olba, who had wanted to stop Emilia who was already rising upwards.
“Don’t tell me……that you wish to obstruct the glory of a one-­‐on-­‐one battle, Olba Meyers.”
It was the young Malebranche Chieftian, Farfarello-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Even though I personally wish to ask you about many things, if you wish to be a hindrance no matter what, then we will be your opponents.”
as well as the current top Chieftian who commanded the new Demon Army, Barbariccia.
“I don’t know what sly plan you and the angels have planned……but Lord Alsiel is different from us stupid demons.”
Barbariccia’s voice held deep anguish and regret.
His ignorant past self which was instigated by the human in front of them caused him great regret.
“After this farce ends, I will humbly accept any kind of punishment. However, at that time, I will definitely drag you down with me.”
Even though Olba was indignant, but facing these Chieftian level opponents, even Olba would not be able to win easily and even if he successfully got rid of these two guards, he would no longer be able to interfere with Alsiel’s and Emilia’s battle.
Olba clearly felt that something had started to go off track.
With Emilia’s current power, it would not be difficult for her to defeat Alsiel and these two people in one go.
But this happening, should be the final stage in the plan set by Olba and ‘them’.
Couldn’t ‘they’ feel that this situation was suspicious?
Ignoring Olba’s flustered manner, Emilia and Alsiel were currently facing each other at a height much higher than the Auzre Sky Canopy Castle Tower.
Opposite from the presence of the holy silver light and sinister black light, the sky where the both of them were at was so tranquil that it was scary.
“……How nostalgic.”
The one who spoke first, was Alsiel.
“……That’s true.”
“At that time, you also came to this castle with many Hakin soldiers.”
“You were also leading much more demons.”
“I don’t think that I have lost to you at all.”
“It’s just a strategic retreat, right?”
Emilia suddenly looked up at a much higher place, the sky which was covered by a thick layer of clouds.
“That day……the Demon King appeared in the sky.”
The two people facing each other started to reminiscence on their memories of two years ago.
Hero Emilia had planned to liberate the whole area of the Royal Capital, Azure Sky Canopy and fully exorcise the demons controlling the Eastern Continent and the one who obstructed her that day, was Alsiel.
The battle lasted for a few hours, and faced with Emilia’s overwhelming power, Alsiel looked like he was going to lose.
At that moment.
Behind Alsiel, who had planned to perish together with Emila, a voice was heard.
Emilia wanted to hear that voice more than anyone else.
She wanted to see that figure more than anyone else, and decided to kill the owner of that voice.
That was the voice of Demon King Satan.
Even if she had defeated all the Demon Generals including Alsiel, helped liberate most of the world, that voice, that figure, that amount of demonic magic, even as Emilia felt hatred, she also felt fear.
When she saw the culprit who destroyed her everything with her own eyes, and the first time she felt that strong power, a stronger hatred was born in Emilia’s heart, suppressing that fear.
If she lost to this entity, then whether it was the world, her father’s soul, or her village hometown, everything will end without any salvation.
Until now, she was unable to forget those gloomy, heavy and painful feelings.
At that time, Demon King Satan came in order to admonish Alsiel who planned to use this own life to turn the disadvantageous situation around and to command him to retreat.
That was the first time Emilia talked to him.
With the enemy of the world.
“ ” “ ”
Emilia, who pulled her back to the present, was somehow unable to immediately remember the conversation at that time.
But that incident was just a simple memory, and was not a memory which was needed now.
Emilia shook her head lightly and looked towards Alsiel again.
“Would he, really come?”
“He will definitely come. But……I don’t know when that will happen, and I won’t know what will happen at that time.”
Alsiel himself also could not predict what kind of effects Maou’s arrival will have on the situation. Even so, even if they did not discuss it in detail, Emilia’s and Alsiel’s view on a certain issue was the same.
Maou will definitely not do anything that will destroy the time they spent in Japan.
“You know right, so right now……”
“Us, who cannot do anything, at least when we still have energy, we will have to continue acting our own roles right?”
“That’s right.”
Alsiel clenched his fists, turned to the side and showed a fighting posture, Emilia, matching him, also waved her holy sword, entering her battle standby mode.
“Before we begin, I have to apologise to you about something first……because I was too weak, I caused…..a lot of citizens of the Demon World, to be killed……I’m sorry.”
“……This only means that…..you and I do not have enough power to overwhelm everything. Whatever has to be done after the war, we can trouble over it after the war ends. Compared to that……”
Alsiel looked towards the strongest appearance of the holy sword which Emilia called the ‘final form’, and asked in a low voice,
“Alas=Ramus didn’t catch a cold right?”
“She’s very well. This child, is much mentally stronger compared to us.”
“That……would be the best!”
Alsiel’s powerful fist, accompanied by the low voice, was swung towards Emilia.
In a calm manner, Emi used the shield on her left hand to block the attack from the front which exceeded the speed of sound.
The strong wind from the collision, the sound and the impact even spread to the ground far below.
“I though I used my full force.”
“I told you, Alas=Ramus is very strong! Hahhhhh!”
Emilia deflected the fist she received just now, and planned to the use the tip of her feet which became a weapon after being enveloped by the Evil Repelling Armour, to kick towards Alsiel’s body which showed an opening after he twisted away, however, once her foot hit Alsiel’s unprotected chest, and produced a sharp sound and rebounded back.
“……That hurt!”
Emi teared up because of the impact from the tip of her feet, the both of them temporarily pulled apart, as if the confrontation at the beginning just practice which they had agreed on.
“Looks like it’s not just your head which is hard.”
“My body can even deflect the blade of Durandal. If you don’t fight seriously, you won’t be able to hurt me.”
“……Looks like, this would be a drawn out battle which will be more strenuous than I thought!”
“If one does not occasionally use full power, the senses will become dull.”
“I can’t believe you’ll say that, if so, you better not complain when it ends!”
The blade of the holy sword reflected a white light, Emilia, who showed a fearless smile on her face, swung her sword-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Heavenly Mist Fang!”
The light storm which raged towards Alsiel’s body was completely different from the time Emi attacked Maou in Shinjuku.
Alsiel tensed in order to defend against that violent light storm, but because of that he was unable to react to Emilia, who overtook the wind and rushed up to him.
“Air piercing flash!”
Emilia used the punch which was taught personally by Alberto, and hit the top of Alsiel’s defenses with the largest speed and power, causing him to fly backwards.
Just that air pressure was enough for the tiles on the roof the castle tower, which should have been protected with defensive magic, to crack and fall to the ground.
Even though Alsiel used demonic magic to nullify the inertia, Emilia had followed closely and flew in front of Alsiel, who had been sent flying.
“Heavenly Light, Fire Slash!”
“It’s useless!!”
That flame of the Hero had injured Demon General Lucifer during the battle at Sasazuka, but Alsiel deflected it with just his aura.
Taking the opportunity that Emilia had not recovered from her position when wielding the sacred flame, Alsiel turned his body once in the air and kicked mercilessly at her shoulder.
Even though she had the protection of the Evil Repelling Armour, Emilia still frowned from the pain because her dominant shoulder was kicked with full force by the Demon General.
That was a huge opening.
“Ugh, t, this is……!”
When she came to her senses, Emilia was unable to move her body at all.
Alsiel produced light beams from his hands which could transmit strong psychic powers, and stole the freedom of movement from Emilia, and then-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Ugh, wahhhh, w, wait a momenttttt!!!”
Alsiel let Emilia maintain that state of being restricted by the strings of psychic power, and started to spin her with him at the center like a carousel.
“Spin,spin, spinnn-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐spin!”
“Allllas=Ramus, why are you still so relaxed!”
Even though Emilia resisted with all her might, it seemed like Alsiel was serious this time.
Being controlled by the power, she was unable to resist properly at all.
The moment the centrifugal force of the rotation was at its strongest, Alsiel actually threw Emilia directly at the roof of Azure Sky Canopy Castle Tower.
Accompanied with a force which would cause a normal person’s bones to shatter until there was no trace left, Emilia’s face hit the roof the Azure Sky Canopy directly. Just this pure force of impact was enough to cause the roof the castle to explode open as if it had been planted with a bomb.
Thanks to that, the Azure Sky Canopy castle which had been honoured as the top ranked building in the Eastern Continent showed its bald head just like an actor in a comedy skit suddenly losing their wig,.
“……Stand up! Emilia! You shouldn’t be so weak to surrender to this right!”
“……Yes, you’re right, I know I have to be serious, but even though I know that……”
Emilia, who landed on the castle like a meteor, with Alsiel’s shout, quickly pushed the building debris out of the way and got up.
“I hit my nose! That’ really hurts!”
Emilia gripped the holy sword with both hands, and dragging the a track formed by the building debris, flew towards Alsiel with the intensity of a rocket.
Emi slashed her blade towards Alsiel multiple times, the light reflected off the ‘Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing’ left silver white light tracks just like shooting stars.
As the trajectories of the end of the blade from all directions moved too quickly, from the eyes of the humans on the ground who looked up, Emilia looked just like a silver orb.
However even though a sharp sound was heard everytime Emilia swung her sword, who could imagine that those were sounds of Alsiel defending those attacks as if he had seen through those attacks executed at light speed?
For Alsiel to be able to rule over the various powerful clans of the Demon World, and conquer the human world as a general of the old Demon Army until the end, one of the reasons was because of his extreme resilient body.
Alsiel’s body was even able to bare handedly catch the attacks of the ‘Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing’ which had evolved to its final form after merging with Alas=Ramus, like this, what did normal humans have to do to be able to injure him?
Just showing that overwhelming body resiliency was enough to make the elites of the Eastern Continent Hakin soldiers to fall at the feet of Demon General Alsiel.
Emilia’s slashes and Alsiel’s defenses had completely entered a stalemate, and just as everyone though they would continue the fight just like this-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Light Explosion Burst!”
The instant Emilia finished shouting the chant, a wave of light which was not from the blade expanded outwards with her body as the center.
Alsiel, who was focused on handling the slashes, responded too slowly, and when his fingertips could feel the heat, his entire vision was enveloped by light.
Even the light which sent the Malebranches flying at Choshi was unable to deal any serious damage to Alsiel’s body.
However, this kind of light was already enough to temporarily rob him of his vision.
Emilia accurately grasped the Alsiel’s weakness which lasted less than one second, went past the arm he used to deflect the last slash attack-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
After that her heel pressed straight into the center of Alsiel’s chest.
There were no injuries on the surface of his body.
However the impact resulting from the full powered kick of the Hero ran wild within Alsiel’s body, causing the hardest body to become the hardest meteor, crashing into the castle, causing a hole to appear in the top layer of the bald head.
The longer Emilia’s and Alsiel’s fight went on, the beautiful scenic area acknowledged even by Olba-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐the Azure Sky Canopy Castle Tower would become more and more damaged, after the torture with the roof being torn apart, the walls being scraped off, and the balcony being shattered amongst other things, its original appearance cannot be seen anymore.
“That was payback, Alsiel! Stand up! It won’t end just like this right!”
“……Hmph, if you keep using your full power right now, I won’t care if your strength gets depleted later.”
Both their positions were switched, this time it was Alsiel’s turn to pull away the tiles and look up at Emilia.
“That sentence, I’ll return to you as it is.”
“How stubborn……”
Alsiel could not help but snap and slowly floated to the sky once again.
“But let me warn you first, don’t damage the castle too much. If it affects what’s below, you would regret it.”
Even though it was a demon’s face, Alsiel still slowed a serene smile like a parent who was going to disclose a huge secret to the children, and said,
“Nord Justina is imprisoned in the Cloud Detached Palace, Even though he has a guard at his side, if the castle is damaged too much and affects Cloud Detached Palace, something bad might just happen. You probably do not wish to lose your father who managed to survive because of such a farce right?”
Emilia’s feelings at this moment were really hard to describe.
It was stagnation like even her breathing had stopped, as well as shock.
And then it was the slightly red cheeks, and the eyes which produced tears.
Based on what Alsiel said, one part of Emilia’s dream which she had chased for a long time was within reach.
“……Is that true?”
“If that man really is your father. He was taken from Japan together with me.”
Emilia sucked in a breath.
Even though Emilia did not know how Alsiel came to Ente Isla, she never thought that she would know that what Gabriel said-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐her father was still alive and in Japan-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐was real in this kind of scenario.
“Father……was really in Japan……always, near me?”
“I’m not sure about how near. The one who met that man the earliest was Demon King-­‐sama.”
“……Is, that so?”
The one who found her father in Japan, was Maou.
Emilia carefully kept the facts Alsiel told her into her heart.
“But naturally, if we continue with the current situation, Nord will definitely not return to your side. The people in the shadows controlling our stage are now watching this battle. As long as we act carelessly, Nord will instantly be sent to a place where you cannot interfere with.”
“……I see.”
“What’s wrong, have you lost your motivation?”
Emilia answered calmly and even though Ashiya asked this, he also knew that this question was meaningless.
Because Emilia’s red eyes was exuding a demon-­‐like fighting spirit.
“Thank you, I regained my spirits.”
“Seeing your expression, it’s as if you wish to raze the whole world to the ground.”
“Actually saying such rude things to a girl. After hearing the words just now, I have already firmed up my determination to continue acting. And also to cause a huge ruckus after the act ends.”
“……Very good!”
Alsiel, who lifted his mantle, exuded a sinister light from his whole body, and launched a sudden attack on Emilia with renewed fighting spirit.
Emilia also let the holy magic cover her whole body, raised her holy sword to prepare to deflect Alsiel’s attack and swung her holy sword downwards before flying once again.

Beside the unreliable candlelight lamp, Maou Sadao was hugging the LED light and mumbling to himself.
“Fwahhhh…...ah, how dark.”
“Now isn’t the time to say such a thing. Hey, how’s your body?”
Maou put down the lamp, and looked towards Acies’s face as she propped her upper body up on the bed.
“Hm……my head hurts a bit……and my neck as well……”
“You used that kind of flying method after all.”
From the physics point of view, using the energy produced from the forehead to fly into the sky was too reckless. Just thinking about having the use the neck muscles to bear the burden of the upward propelling energy caused Maou to feel as if his neck and back had started to hurt.
“Even though I roughly remembered what happened……but what happened later?”
Acies’s question caused Maou to show a dejected expression.
“What else could happen.”
Maou, who fell into the moat and was soaked through, carried Acies on his back, who had fainted, back to the inn, but as expected, the patrolling Joseikin soldiers came to look for them after the restaurant owner reported them and questioned Maou.
“So……what happened in the end?”
“I used the names of Suzuno and the Church, and in order to avoid the incident escalating, I bribed the Joseikin soldiers who came and asked them to keep quiet.”
It can only be said that Maou had used the most underhanded method a person could think of to solve the problem.
Even though no one was hurt, their strange actions such caused a commotion and opened up a huge hole in the road.
Normally, it would not be strange even if they were immediately arrested for this situation.
The lucky thing was that Suzuno had recorded her status as a Church priest in the visitor log when she stayed at the inn, and caused the problem to become an international issue which could not be judged by the Joseikin soldiers present, but if higher ranked Hakin soldiers came to arrest them one or two days later, it would not be anything surprising.
“That’s how things are right now, we have to leave this inn as soon as possible. If your body is alright, let’s go.”
Acies showed a compliant expression and watched Maou return to his spot under the lamp.
“Maou? What have you been doing since just now? You keep making strange noises.”
Acies stared at the area next to Maou’s hand in the dim room, he looked like he had placed the lamp in the horizontal position and was turning something.
“Suzuno and Alberto had not contacted me at all. Even though it has been eight hours since they left.”
“Eight hours? Ahh, it’s already so……Maou!”
“Don’t ask me why I didn’t wake you up okay? You aren’t in a normal state either. Before being sure of the condition of your body, we cannot act carelessly. This is not just for my own good, but also for yours.”
After Maou said this, he pointed at Acies’s forehead and the latter also frantically covered her forehead with her hands.
The young girl’s forehead was still glowing faintly, and even though Maou spent a great effort so that the Joseikin soldiers did not see this scene, but talking about this now would not help the situation.
After Acies digested these words, she looked to the area next to Maou’s hand.
“……Does not having any contact have anything to do with that thing?”
“To some extent, I was charging the mobile phone just now. Since I can’t use any power at all, doing so will help the accepting the ‘Idea Link’ a little. Seriously, not spoiling after dropping into the water is already a miracle.”
What Maou was turning was the LED light which by manual methods could be lit up, tune in to radio stations and charge mobile phones, an excellent piece of outdoor equipment.
Ever since he came to Ente Isla, Maou only charged his phone when exchanging phone numbers with Alberto, even if it was an old model mobile phone with lesser functions, it was about time for the battery to run out.
Even though Maou turned the handle with all his might, it might be a mechanical problem or a mistake in the usage because the charging speed was not as quick as indicated on the manual, and Maou had been turning it for three hours.
Perhaps the effect of dropping it into the water was more serious than he thought.
“I have turned until it feels like I’m going to get tenosynovitis. This made me understand once again that human bodies are really fragile.”
After saying that, Maou gave a wry smile and looked towards Acies’s forehead.
“So, Acies. How is it? Is Alas=Ramus fighting?”
Acies seemed to remember a little about the moment her forehead became a rocket.
She shook her head lightly-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“……I’m not sure as well.”
Then she said in a soft voice,
“But just now, a feeling of warmth exceeding the limit seemed to fill my chest.”
“Even though your rare show of seriousness feels rather convincing, did you forget about the other thing involving exceeding your limit?”
Maou referred to the pile of warm things which Acies forced into her stomach, but the latter acted like she did not hear it.
“But right now……”
Then the girl, maintaining her stern stone, looked straight in a certain direction.
“Right now, I know. ‘Yesod’, using a surprising amount of powr, is currently fighting a dark force.”
“Southeast of here……that’s the direction of the centre of the royal capital.”
Maou focused in the direction which Acies indicated.
However, no demonic magic or holy magic could be sensed from the aura of ‘Yesod’ in the first place.
Since Acies used ‘surprising amount of power’ to describe it, Emi probably activated an amount of holy magic equivalent of the amount she used when fighting Gabriel.
In this way, even if this was the outskirts in the outer regions of the royal capital, Maou was unable to sense it.
“Damn it, could it be something really went wrong with me?”
No matter how much Maou clenched his fist and troubled over it, he could not think of any solution.
And currently, there was a more serious problem.
What happened to Suzuno and Alberto who infiltrated the Central area of Azure Sky Canopy?
If Emi released Alas=Ramus’s power and was fighting with someone, then her opponent could only be Ashiya or an angel.
Even though he was not sure about how this battle started, regardless of whether the plan succeeded or failed, they should have made contact before the battle begin.
“For our side to be unable to initiate the contact, it’s really too disadvantageous.”
Maou, who could not gather any demonic magic, was unable to send any ‘Idea Link’ to Suzuno’s or Alberto’s phones.
“Hey, Maou.”
Acies spoke to the frowning Maou with a stern expression on her face,
“I know Maou’s situation is very grueling. But please! Go together with me! Onee-­‐san is nearby! I can’t ignore that!”
Maou also looked back at Acies with the same stern expression.
When Acies became a rocket just now, Maou did not show any signs of discomfort like when he used Acies’s power a few days ago.
Like this, even if Maou was unable to use the holy sword, Acies might still be able to use the power herself.
When fighting with Kamael in Japan, Acies’s ability even exceeded him.
Even though they did not know if the difference between both their power levels would change after coming to Ente Isla, a place which would cause major shifts in their power, at least in this current situation, Acies was obviously more useful than Maou.
Thinking to this point, Maou suddenly remembered what happened when he merged with Acies.
“Hey, Acies.”
“What is it?”
“You merged with Nord before right?”
“That’s right?”
“Then are you able to separate from me now?”
“Eh? Uh, about that……”
Acies widened his eyes in surprise.
“Because the other person was father, so I thought it would be fine, but I have never tried to recover, so……”
“Never tried But when you were at Sasahata High School, didn’t you easily merge with me? And you sounded as if it was easy to transfer from Nord over to me.”
“Because ‘the other party was Maou’, that’s why I can say the transfer is easy. However, since so many problems appeared on my end, perhaps we might not be that compatible. Ah, but it’s confirmed that Suzuno and Alberto are not suitable in the first place.”
“Mysteriously, I would have close to no problems with Chiho. For Amane, it seems to be fine, yet not really. Rika and Kisaki aren’t suitable. Not considering personality, Lucifer and I should be the most compatible. That stinky angel can die, it’s impossible, I don’t even want to consider it. Ah, since that person called Emi can merge with Onee-­‐san, I think it should be no problem for me as well.”
“W, what is that?”
Even though the stinky angel should be referring to Sariel, for the people Acies judged to have no problem-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐in other words, people she can merge with, they had nothing in common at all.
Maou, Emi, Chiho, Urushihara and Nord can be merged with, Amane is unconfirmed, but even if it was said that Suzuno, Sariel, Alberto, Rika and Kisaki cannot be merged with, Maou did not know the standard at all.
And because he did not know the standard, it was difficult to understand why Urushihara had strangely good feedback.
Once Maou though that he did not know which side Ashiya and Emerada will be put on, he was thoroughly confused, but once he remembered what happened when he merged with Acies, he still had a question.
Because he heard it during a time of chaos, he only remembered it now, but this incident cannot be glossed over.
“Hey, Acies. Could it be that the ‘Yadorigi’ you talked about before……”
Before merging with Maou, Acies had termed Maou as the ‘Yadorigi’. Could it be that Acies and Alas=Ramus used this to refer to the people they could merge with?
“Ah, yeah. It refers to those people who can.”
However when Maou accepted this, another question emerged.
“Isn’t that very strange?”
“Which part?”
“‘Yadorigi’ refers to a parasitic plant which latches on its host right? When though you and Alas=Ramus merged with us, why are we called the ‘Yadorigi’?”
“Hm? This isn’t strange at all you know?”
Acies replied directly in a nonchalant way with a distracted expression on her face,
“All sentient beings in this world, are the ‘Yadorigi’ of the Tree of Life. Maou, you probably got the order wrong.”
“O, order?”
Maou, whose thinking became a mess, turned silent, but Acies did not even give him time to continue thinking,
“Hey, Maou! Forget about that first! Onee-­‐san is in danger! Hurry and take me to Onee-­‐san! If Maou doesn’t move, I won’t be able to move as well!”
“O, oh……”
“No matter what kind of enemies appear, as long as I go there and work together with Onee-­‐san, we would definitely, most likely, probably can win them all, and Maou just has to stay in a safe place and rest, please! Let’s go now!”
“In various ways, I became reluctant to go. Sigh……”
Acies’s negative guarantee was unable to assure Maou, but since Alas=Ramus was fighting, that meant Emi was already fighting with someone.
Even though Maou could not sense any corresponding presences at all, even if Acies wanted to joke, she would not tell meaningless lies.
“What is it?”
“Emi……no, is Alas=Ramus alright?”
“She’s full of energy!”
Even though Acies’s answer was old fashioned and abstract, anyway, Emi and Alas=Ramus were using their power in good conditions.
“Acies, can you ride a Moped?”
“Maou, are you going to ride a Moped there? I should be able to ride one, but I don’t have the leisure……”
“As long as Alas=Ramus is still safe, we would need to use the Mopeds to move. I will not back down on that.”
Acies right now, might still be able to fly in the air together with Maou like the time they flew from the Fuchu Driver’s License Exam Centre to Sasahata High School.
But Maou rejected that method.
“Suzuno did not contact us, Emi and Alas=Ramus are fine. That means that there will be no advantages even if we rush and fly over. We have to avoid our movements being detected by Gabriel and Kamael for as long as possible. If they find out that we’re here, and throw us through the ‘gate’, it will be hard to ensure that we will still be able to work together with Alas=Ramus from that place and fight. You also wish to see your sister right? Then there’s no need to rush, or else what can be done will become impossible.”
“Hm……I understand. I normally watch father drive and accompany him to the exams. So as long as I roughly know how to control the vehicle, I will be able to to do it.”
“……Hm, that’s true.”
It felt as if taking the exam was something which happened a long time ago.
Thinking about it, the first time he met Acies and Nord, it was on the bus which they took in order to head towards the Fuchu Driver’s License Exam Centre to take the driving exam.
“I definitely want to bring Emi back and ask her to pay back the money I spent on the driver’s exam.”
Maou nodded and patted Acies on the head, and after showing a small and cruel desire for revenge, he slapped his thigh and got up.
“Then let’s pack the luggage. Ah, then again, where did Suzuno put the keys for the Mopeds?”
“Maou, can we go eat before we set off?”
“Even though there was such a serious commotion, you still want to eat?”
Maou answered with a laugh.
“Before rushing into Azure Sky Canopy, I wish to buy a few things first. I’ll let you eat when we reach the next town, just bear with it for now!”
Maou rebuked Acies, who immediately reverted back to her normal attitude.
Acies seemed to understand this reply and nodded with a smile, but after seeing something in the corner of her vision, she asked Maou,
“Maou, that?”
Those were the three wooden spoons which Maou bought for Chiho and Emi as presents before Acies’s rocket incident.
The items craved out by the carpenter using one piece of wood seemed to be treated as a lucky item.
Chiho’s spoon had a small flower like a Sakura carved on it.
Emi’s and Alas=Ramus’s spoon had a pair of birds carved on it.
Even thought the store helped to pack it, after the tragedy of falling into the moat, Maou could only take the items out from the ruined packaging and box just like this.
“Ah, that’s right, what do we do about it. It would be meaningless if the carved portion is spoilt, it needs to be wrapped up with buffer material.”
Maou tried to look for something which could wrap the three spoons, but uncoincidentally, when he glanced around, there was no buffer material in his surroundings which could carefully protect the precise wood craving.
During the period of time when he felt lost-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“What do we do about the luggage belonging to Suzuno and Alberto?”
“We probably will not return here, so we can only take them away with us. But it’s troublesome to bring them along, should we just store them here and have Alberto take it later? Ah, but since such a commotion occurred, those things might be confiscated……”
“Hey, Maou, I remember that when we checked in, they did say something about what we have to do about the water when we check out right?”
“Ah, you’re talking about the fees for the well water and the water for the stables right……it’s so hard to accept that the water needs to be paid for. Even though it doesn’t taste that nice.”
The problems which they had to solve before setting off were emerging one after another.
Since they decided to leave this place, they could not just leave everything behind and leave the room, so when the both of them checked out and took out the Mopeds from the stables, and added the backup fuel, thirty minutes had already passed.
Vol 10 Chapter 3: Demon King and Hero, witnessing the revolution in Ente Isla
“Is that man that strong?”
Raguel, with punk style afro hair, watched the battle between Emilia and Alsiel on a hill on the outskirts of Azure Sky Canopy and asked this in surprise.
“I remember when he was at the Tokyo Tower, wasn’t he trashed badly by Gab?”
“Sigh~because we were in Japan that time.”
Gabriel answered his comrade’s question in a cold manner.
“The demonic magic he used at that time was something from the person hiding behind Sasaki Chiho, forcefully creating demonic magic which didn’t exist on Earth and gathering them, since pure demonic magic can be obtained here directly, the situation should be a little different.”
“Could it be that Emilia is showing mercy?”
Gabriel turned to look towards the source of the other voice.
A largely built man wearing red armour was standing there, with a young boy at his side.
“Gabriel, I remembered that Emilia was able to make you retreat after obtaining the power of ‘Yesod’ right? Why is she fighting on equal terms with this standard of demon?”
“Kamael, your voice is scary, are you still bearing a grudge about the incident from before?”
“That is because all of you will let your guard down at the last moment. I’m just worried that even though the plan has not been carried out entirely, all of you would think that things have already ended.”
Within Kamael’s voice, an obvious tone of unhappiness at Gabriel’s relaxed attitude was heard.
“I’m really unreliable then.”
Kamael glared at the complaining Gabriel with an expressionless look on his face, then he looked down at the boy next to him, Iron.
“Even though it’s not complete, Emilia is still the ‘Yadorigi’ of a child from the Sephirah. You should know that this power cannot be underestimated.”
“Hm, that’s right, and earlier, you were disadvantaged by ‘Satan’ because of that.”
Kamael glared at the frivolous Gabriel in a threatening manner, but he also knew that the other party was not a person who would be shaken by this.
“Sigh~if so, Emilia definitely would not lose. And even if something really goes wrong, we just need to go help Emilia slightly earlier. I’m not letting my guard down okay. It’s just that aren’t we going to wait for Emilia’s power to be mostly used up from of the battles with Alsiel and the Malebranche before making contact with her?”
“What’s that about using up, they have been fighting for a few hours.”
Raguel sighed in an irritated manner.
“About slightly more than 10 hours.”
Kamael said stiffly.
That’s right, even since Emilia and Alsiel started to fight each other, such a long time had passed.
Even if the Hero and Demon General who had powers exceeding that of humans fought, for a one-­‐on-­‐one battle, this kind of time was abnormally long.
In addition, the both of them had been fighting at full power without stopping.
“Does that matter, we’ll just let them fight until they’re satisfied. Even though I understand you want it to end quickly, but if mistakes are made because of anxiousness, you could be like Sariel who paid with the rest of his life.”
Raguel and Kamael seemed to remember something, and frowned with complex expressions on their faces.
Gabriel gave a wry smile because of both their reactions and said,
“Sigh, let’s just stay calm and wait. Some time later, one of them would start to become weaker……”
At this moment-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
Iron, beside Kamel, quickly turned their heads to the side.
“What’s wrong?”
Gabriel, who had been smiling leisurely the whole time, was the first to notice Iron’s reaction and asked.
“What is it?”
Kamael and Raguel looked towards Iron as well, but the latter still looked straight towards the land far to the south of the hill.
“Something is coming.”
Raguel and Kamael watched Iron’s behaviour with surprise, and as for Gabriel, he turned his face in the direction of Azure Sky Canopy, and in a place which the two angels will not see, the corners of his mouth lifted upwards.
“Iron, what did you say was coming?”
“That is……”
Iron’s eyes widened and he shouted the name of that object.
“……I remember, that’s called a Moped?”
Raguel and Kamael repeated this, troubled.
“Moped, Moped……what is that, I feel like I heard it somewhere before.”
Raguel frowned in a confused manner, while Kamael silently followed Iron’s gaze.
“He finally came……”
Only Gabriel mumbled in satisfaction and calmly watched the battle at Azure Sky Canopy.

Two Mopeds producing sharp sounds were moving down the neat streets of the royal capital’s Central Area at full speed.
Maou Sadao, riding on the Honda GYRO ROOF, looked at the Azure Sky Canopy city in the distance as well as the silver and black flashes who were engaged in a vicious battle in the sky above the castle and scolded,
“What are Suzuno and Alberto doing! No matter what, it looks like the worst situation is occurring!”
“Maou! That! Over there! Onee-­‐san!”
From the wireless earphones used by the drivers, Maou could hear Acies’s excited voice.
“I know that! You’re too excited, even your sentences have become fragmented!”
“Maou! It’s fine already right? Let’s fly! Since we’re already here, there’s no need to care about the angels!”
“I already told you not to be hasty! Azure Sky Canopy is huge! This distance doesn’t look that near yet, we won’t be able to work together with them……hey, the enemies are coming!”
Maou looked in front of him and shouted.
The outskirts of the capital of Azure Sky Canopy city were the areas for the nobles, a large group of knights stationed at the main gate of the nobles area, seemed to have become frantic because a sudden mysterious moving object was heading their way, but in the end, they still chose to eliminate the intruders.
They should be the rear troops of the Fangan Milita.
They saw fireballs conjured by spells and arrows heading towards the Mopeds like a storm.
“Maou! It’s bad! What do we do?”
“Charge at full speed! Don’t be afraid of the spells!”
“Seriously? Even though I’m not afraid, it hurts when it hits!”
“Rest assured! Believe in the ability of Japanese vehicles! Ugoohhhh!”
Maou revved up the engine once again, the vehicle let out a sharp cry, and passed through the raging storm like attacks of the Milita.
“Ah! I don’t care anymore!”
When Acies saw this, she also threw caution to the wind and followed closely behind.
Countless spells and arrows hit the windshield and roof which was unique to the Honda GYRO ROOF.
However even if it tilted, melted or had a hole opened in them, the fiberglass strengthened plastic roof made which represented the essence of Japanese technology still helped the passenger block all attacks.
“Oh! How amazing!”
“Don’t underestimate Japan’s technology!!”
With the sharp scream of the engine, Maou ad Acies passed by the patrol troops of the Milita.
That strong presence and boldness caused the Milita Hakin soldiers to dodge them and clear the path.
And the arrows which they frantically shot from behind could not catch up with the GYRO ROOF at full speed at all.
In the eyes of Maou and Acies, they could only see the two people who were battling vigorously and moving around in the sky with overwhelming power.
“Alas=Ramus, Ashiya, Emi! I’m coming!”
From faraway, Maou could clearly see the figures of Ashiya in his demon form and Emi, carrying a huge holy sword and in her half angel form, conflicting violently in the sky.
“Maou! Something is approaching from behind!”
At this moment, the tense voice of Acies was heard.
Maou glanced at the rear view mirror and discovered that within the soldiers they shook off, there was actually a troop which rode horses and were catching up.
Some people have already nocked arrows on their bows and were preparing to shoot.
“Calm down, Acies! Use that!”
“Eh? Would that kind of bluff really work?”
“Our enemy is not the Hakin! We just have to scare the horses and slow them down! Just do it!”
“Got it!”
After Acies agreed, she took out a cylindrical shaped red object about as thick as a door curtain from within her suspenders.
Those were the demon exorcising firecrackers which the both of them saw when Acies became a rocket.
“A lighter is really convenient…….yahhhhhhh!!”
Acies, who used a lighter on the Moped started to scream, that voice, through the earphones jarred Maou’s ears, and then the surroudings were covered by exaggerated sounds of explosions.
The firecrackers, formed via a long chain, started to explode one after another because of the fire at the fuse.
“Idiot! What are you doing, throw it out quickly! Else you would get scalded!”
“Yahhhhh, c, cough!!”
Acies screamed strangely while coughing and threw the firecrackers behind her.
Maou also took out a string of firecrackers from within his hoodie, used a lighter to light them, then quickly threw them behind him.
The area behind them was filled with sounds of explosions and the smoke from the explosions, after glancing at the rear view mirror and confirming that the Hakin soldiers who planned to shoot their arrows are panicking, Maou accelerated and moved forward.
“Acies! Are you alright!”
“The smoke is choking……cough, cough!”
“Looks like you’re fine! Hey, I just said this and new troops have appeared in front! Press your horn quickly!”
“Oryaaaaaaaaaa!” At the intersection of two roads in the Central area, there was also another Milita troop who was patrolling, after they noticed this area, just like the troop just now, frantically met Maou and Acies head on.
However, an ear shattering strong sound suppressed their movements.
Maou and Acies pressed the Moped horn repeatedly.
The Milita, who were shaken because they had never heard this sound before, not only were they unable to stop Maou and Acies, their eyes were even hit by the strong LED headlights when their attention was focused on the both of them and temporarily lost their sight.
Using this opening to pass through their defenses, Maou threw firecrackers at them before he left, so the soldiers, who became flustered because of the smoke, were unable to pursue them immediately.
Perhaps they heard the commotion, one knight troop which ran out from a different side road from the chaotic troops just now, caught up with Maou and Acies.
“Maou! They are planning to use spears to attack from the side!”
“Calm down! The firecrackers?”
“They’ve been used up! The rest are in the boot!”
“We used too much at the beginning……hah!”
Two soldiers rushed towards Maou, the latter used firecrackers like just now to stop the horses in their tracks and threw something to Acies.
“What is this?”
“Spray this at the noses of the horses!”
“O, oh? Ohhhhh??”
What Maou threw to Acies was a huge can of insect repllent especially for outdoor use.
The only camping item which Maou and Suzuno bought without arguing, in a place which was totally unrelated to its original use, and used in a definitely illegal way, demonstrated great effectiveness.
The horses, whose faces were hit by the strong smell of the insect spray, foamed at the mouth, behaved in an obviously strange manner and fell to the ground in panic.
Acies confirmed that the soldier who fell was not in life threatening danger through her rear view mirror and at the same time, could not help but say,
“I did bad things to the horse……”
“That’s the fault of the person who used them in battle.”
Maou pointed out the crux of the problem which could not be denied, and waived Acies’s responsibility.
“Hey, there doesn’t seem to be anyone nearby now! Let’s replenish the firecrackers from the boot quickly.”
Maou confirmed the surrounding situation, stopped, got off and opened the boot, then pulled out large amounts of firecrackers.
Even though the travel lugguage and the personal items belonging to Suzuno and Alberto were stored within the boot, Maou threw out all the water and food, and used the cleared out space to contain the weapons used against humans when attacking Azure Sky Canopy.
Of course these weapons which were gathered from various villages in the Agricultural area before reaching the Central area, only had the effect of being an empty show of strength.
However if the angels sense Acies seriously using her power and attacked her collectively, there was no guarantee that Acies would be able to resist, so they could only use weapons which normal people can manage to use.
However, if the item used was too lethal, and someone was killed, even though it was for the sake of saving Ashiya, Emi and Alas=Ramus, it would still be a stain on their conscience.
Therefore the weapons Maou had chosen……
“Hey, just in case, remember to put the wooden knife in a place you can reach.”
“Eh……like that I would only be able to use one hand.”
“If something does go wrong, then just throw it at the enemy directly. Either way, we will avoid harming humans as much as possible.”
“Even if we don’t hurt anyone……is it really alright to use this method to fight?”
It was not strange for Acies to complain as such.
Waving a wooden knife without wearing a helmet, throwing large numbers of firecrackers around, shining headlights at people’s eyes and pressing the horn to spread noise to their surroundings.
The actions made by the king of demons and the jewel making up the world-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐the mysterious girl born from the Sephirah, were no different from the car drifters.
Wrong, even if one searches through modern Japan which has entered the Heisei era, car drifters which would cause trouble for others by using these kind of outdated, unconstructive and petty methods can no longer be found.
Since they had already gone this far, it actually felt that the strange decorations installed on the GYRO ROOF and the horn used to create noise was a bit wasted.
“What happens next is the important part!”
However, that was not everything which Maou had prepared.
“The closer we get to the castle, we would probably get more pursuers, at that time, use this.”
After saying this, Maou took out a simple bottle sealed with a cork, the outside of the bottle was fully lined with firecrackers and a sticky liquid was contained within.
Part of the bottle opening had a piece of paper clamped down by the cork which was meant to be a fuse, extending within the bottle, and it looked like a gasoline bomb.
“Are you serious?”
Acies asked like she could not stand it, but Maou replied confidently,
“We need to think of ways to meet up with the people fighting over there and Suzuno, whose whereabouts are unknown! If we encounter a situation in which you have to use your powers to fight, my safety is not guaranteed, therefore as much as possible, we will leave the usage of your power as the last restort. Your power is too eye-­‐ catching, so for this part, let me tell you ‘sorry’ first!”
(T/N: Maou’s use of sorry is strange here, and if I translated it literally using the definition on the internet, the translation would be ‘Paiseh’, which would not be understood by anyone unless you happen to be Taiwanese, Singaporean, Malaysian or someone who knows Singlish or Taiwanese dialect. So I just converted it into the proper English term.)
“……I see.”
Even though it was not known if this is exaggerated or discreet, since noise was spread everywhere and troubles were caused for others, it felt as if this was not a problem of whether the power was eye-­‐catching or not, however, from Maou’s pronouciation which even Acies thought was strange, he seemed to have forced himself into the ways of a traditional car drifter.
“Suzuno……please hurry back and stop Maou……this guy is hard to handle……”
Acies, who reluctantly stuffed the firecrackers into her clothes, looked at the battle unfolding in the faraway sky and mumbled without any signs of anxiety at all.

Just as Emi deflected Alsiel’s sharp claws of the unknown number of time, she heard a series of strange noises.
It was the sound of a sharp turning sound gradually becoming closer.
Alsiel, who noticed this, also stopped his attacks, and looked in the direction where the sound came from.
That sound was familiar, but it felt like something which should appear in this kind of place.
“That is……”
With the sound of operating engines, the two objects which approached this place behind the Milita lined up below-­‐ -­‐-­‐-­‐
““Mopeds from a pizza store?””
Emilia and Alsiel exclaimed simultaneously.
Those were Mopeds with roofs normally used for delivery by Japan’s pizza shops.
“C, could that be……”
Alsiel and Emilia, who did not know how long they had to fight for, were starting to show signs of tiredness.
Even though she had held hopes that the Demon King might appear later, she would occasionally suspect that it might just be Alsiel’s optimistic deduction.
After all, Emilia had not sensed the strong demonic magic which the Demon King would exude if he came here.
Because it was this kind of situation, she was unable to predict when Maou will show up.
“That guy……how reckless does he want to be.”
Did he successfully get the driving license later?
She never expected that the Demon King would ride a Moped to intrude into the battle between the Hero and Demon General.
There were two Mopeds racing along the ground below. Was the person who came with him Suzuno, or was it Urushihara?
After confirming that two Mopeds were heading straight here on the main streets in the Central area towards the castle tower, Emilia had wanted to show a wry smile, but she instantly froze.
“W, what is that……”
The Milita below seemed to discover that the Mopeds were approaching and had panicked because they could not grasp the situation, but they still scattered and attacked the Mopeds.
However, the speed of the two Mopeds did not seem to decrease at all.
That was expected.
If they slowed down, the consequences would be unthinkable.
“T, that is……”
Not just Emilia, Alsiel who also noticed a certain fact was so shocked that he had forgotten to attack the Hero.
The two Mopeds were actually bringing the ‘King’s Army’ behind them.
“I sayyy! It’s about time you gave uppp! Quickly use my power alreadyyy!”
Amongst the sound of explosions which shook the ground and air, even if Acies’s shouts were continuously heard from the earphones, Maou could not do anything.
“Alright, just quickly throw the firecrackers out!”
Acies protested Maou’s self-­‐defeating instructions agitatedly.
“It’s no use! They’re already used to it! Weren’t Maou’s gasoline bombs totally useless!”
“We have already come here! How can we run away at this stage! And if we stop the vehicles now, and just like dominos, we will be crushed together with the Mopeds by these guys who cannot brake! If you don’t wish to become minced meat within the pieces of the Moped! Then continue rushing forward!”
Maou saw Acies looking behind her with teary eyes from the corner of the vision, and the gritted his teeth when he confirmed the hopeless situation through the rear view mirror.
“So didn’t I say that flying would be good!”
“If we’re the only ones flying away, the Mopeds would be crushed! Like this, I will definitely be scolded severely by Suzuno after this, and also Motorized Dullahan III will be taken in by me later! How can I just break it!”
“Who cares about you!”
Maou and Acies pulled a large group of strange people and raced on the road heading towards the castle, no, they have already lost control.
Other than the persevering Milita patrol troops which chased after Maou and Acies despite their car drifter like disturbances, the Malenbranche troops who had been fighting with the Milita, as well as the Hakin knights and foot soldiers who were not part of the Milita and were originally in the capital also appeared from unknown areas and entered the fray, so with the two Mopeds at the front, this ‘King’s Army’ with humans and demons mixed within, but was yet totally uncontrolled, quickly reached the main gate of the castle.
“Maou! There’s a baldy and demons up ahead!”
Olba, Farfarello and Barbariccia were currently watching Emilia and Alsiel’s battle in front of them, and even though Maou and Acies had already reached the place where they could see their figures, if they accidentally hit the brakes right now, the ‘King’s Army’ which were scarier and wolves and were crazily chasing them would not be able to react in time, causing the both of them to be crushed together with the Mopeds just like small animals dragged into the bison migration in the savannahs.
“Who cares about some baldy and demons! We’ll just race pass them! We are going to rush straight into the castle!”
“This can’t beeeeeeee??”
Maou ignored Acies’s scream, and pressed on the accelerator, and as if to provide the closing for the fireworks, he secretly lit up large numbers of firecrackers, stuck waterproof tape on the horn so that it honked non-­‐stop, then
turned on the alarm on the LED headlight which would no longer be used to its maximum volume, and threw it towards the main forces of the Milita in front.
“De, Demon King Satan?”
“Lord Demon King?”
“What? You said Lord Demon King?”
Maou led the ‘King’s Army’ which caused a lot of trouble to the inhabitants of the royal capital Central area and was approaching, Olba, Farfarello and Barbariccia recognized him one after another.
“Yo! I’m a little busy right now, let’s talk later if you have anything!!”
However, just like Maou declared, he shook off the baldy and demons who were looking at each other stunned at a ferocious speed.
The two Mopeds passed under Olba who was floating at around the height of a human’s head, the wind which was produced blew Olba’s robes upwards, and the inner wear of Olba Meyers who betrayed the Church was boldly revealed to the grand royal capital of Afashan.
“It felt like I saw something horrid, but forget about it! Acies! Maintain this speed! I want you to open your boot and throw everything out!”
“I don’ care anymore! Do what you wantttt!”
Maou came up diagonally behind Acies, used the tip of the wooden knife to press the bottom of the boot which Acies loosened beforehand and opened the lid.
What rolled out, were large amounts of Maou’s homemade gasoline bombs.
Those gasoline bombs which were made from the reserve fuel they saved because of Alberto, shattered once they dropped onto the groud and splashed the gasoline on the road.
Maou threw the pre-­‐ignited firecrackers there-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“So hoooottttttttttttttttt! Uwah! Did it catch fire??”
The ignited fuel naturally produced a burnt smell and exploded.
Even Maou, who lit the fire, was hit by the hot wind, the firecrackers held by Acies and Maou also started to burn and produce exaggerated explosions.
“Ow, ow, ow, uwahhh, wahhh, so hooott!”
The Mopeds, which were burning at the back and the ‘King’s Army’, while in this state of spreading smoke, flames and explosions, rush straight through the center of the main forces of the Milita, broke through the main gates of the castle and entered the core of the castle.
In the instant Olba, Farfarello and Barabariccia were unable to react in time, the Milita patrol troops who were chasing the two people had already entered the grounds of the castle directly, Olba and the others as well as the main forces of the Milita could only watch this, totally stunned.
Throwing the original main cast-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Emila, Alsiel, the Malebrache Chieftians and Olba entirely to the side, the ‘King’s Army’ led by the uncontrolled Mopeds of Maou and Acies, rushed into the castle in a chaotic manner, and ran around haphazardly in an unhindered manner.
The huge grounds within the castle were able to contain the Azure Sky Canopy castle tower and the Cloud Detached Palace, and had beautiful gardens, work offices and other facilities, but thanks to the noisy firecrackers and white smoke, they could still see the location of the leading Mopeds from the sky.
At this moment, Emilia and Alsiel simultaneously let out cries which lacked any tension.
The white smoke of the leading vehicles stopped in front of the gate of the Cloud Detached Palace.
Meanwhile, the Milita shoulders who chased after the Mopeds fell off the suspension bridge in front, and some crashed into the war because their formation was much wider than the width of the door, even so, the troops behind were unable to stop, an a domino like tragedy occurred in front of them.
However, even so, the Mopeds did not stop their uncontrolled charge.
Smoke started coming out of the windows of the Cloud Detached Palace. The noisy engine sound, sounds of objects being broken or knocked over, unexplained explosions, screams from humans or horses, and other unidentifiable sounds were continuously heard, and even if a person was not present, they could easily imagine that a hellish situation was taking place in the detached palace.
No matter what it was, and even the people themselves, they had forgotten about Emilia’s and Alsiel’s battle.
Everyone looked anxiously at the interior of the Cloud Detached Palace, seeing what kind of tragic state it had ended up in after being trampled upon by the car drifters and the ‘King’s Army’.
Thanks to that, Emilia discovered that the sky in the east was brightening, and the fact that dawn was coming.
“……Ah! Oh, oh no!”
At this moment, Alsiel shouted frantically because he noticed one thing.
“If, if this goes on……the Cloud Detached Palace will……”
However, Alsiel’s shaken attitude suddenly became a thing of the past.
The sky shook, shattered.
Emilia and Alsiel widened their eyes in surprise.
The Cloud Detached Palace which rivaled the Azure Sky Canopy castle ruling over the large empire of the Eastern Continent was penetrated by a purple light beam and started to break apart.
The light pillar pierced the sky and shook the Earth with a loud boom.
The blue and red moons in the night sky appeared behind the clouds which were torn apart by the light pillar.
Emilia looked up at the sky.
The figure of that man, appeared in the sky just like the olden times.
Demon King Satan, who dodged Emilia’s final blow and escaped to the foreign world, was now looking down at the Earth above the sky of the Azure Sky Canopy castle with the two beams of moonlight as the background.
However, there was a difference from that day.
Demon King Satan, was the Demon King, but yet was not.
Even though that overpowering demonic magic unquestionably belonged to Demon King Satan, that appearance was that of the youth who worked hard in Sasazuka, Japan, Mauo Sadao.
Under the gazes of everyone on the land, Demon King Satan slowly descended until he was beside Alsiel and Emilia.
“……Demon King-­‐sama.”
Alsiel, feeling touched, kneeled in the air and waited for the descending of his master.
As for Emila, she stayed where she was, stunned.
The person who always said favourable words to confuse her, worked hard, loved by humans, and loved humans, the strange embodiment of the Demon King-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Maou Sadao, was right there.
However, as if with perfect timing, the glow of dawn appeared from the eastern horizon which did not lose to the purple light pillar.
The darkness ebbed like they were celebrating the arrival of the Demon King, the sun and daylight appeared like they were welcoming the Demon King and started to chase away the night from the sky.
Staring at Maou’s appearance, Emilia thought-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
Why had she not sensed such demonic magic power before this?
However this man Maou Sadao was not so considerate to answer Emilia’s questions.
What was heard from above was the normal frivolous voice.
“Not only did I not get the license, I even borrowed a lot of money of Suzuno, and after taking one week off, I obviously would not be able to get any salary for this period of time, and after I return, I still have to repay the people who helped to cover my shifts, it’s really one disaster after another.”
Even though these words did not match the style of the Demon King, it still deeply entered the heart of the current Emilia.
“When we return, I will give both of you a good lecture. In addition, you’re not allowed to complain no matter what I do next month. No matter how many times I fail, I will definitely get the license. I even bought a Moped!”
“……I understand.”
Alsiel, still in his kneeling position, deeply bowed his head.
And then-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“……Sorry, I caused you some trouble.”
Emilia also honestly apologized.
And it was so honest that she herself was surprised.
“What is this, Emi, did you eat something strange when you were captured?”
Seeing Emi’s depressed state when holding the holy sword, it was Maou who frowned instead.
“W, what.”
“Are you controlled by someone? If you’re too honest, it really feels strange.”
If it was the normal Emila, she would have been angry not, but for unknown reasons, she did not feel like doing it at all.
“I occasionally have times like this as well.”
She, who admitted this honestly, was different from normal.
“Even though I don’t think that you would forgive me……but, if I can go back to Japan, I have many things I have to apologise for.”
“O, oh……h, hey, Ashiya, Emi’s a little strange right?”
Maou, who had enough demonic magic for the whole world to prostrate at his feet, looked at Emi with a gaze which showed that he truly felt that this situation was strange while asking Alsiel this.
“You are correct. But……this time we returned to Ente Isla involuntarily, causing Emilia and I to go through many things. With regards to whether the current Emilia is strange or not, we should wait until we ‘return’ to Japan before discussing this at our leisure. After all, whether it is us, or Emilia, we have already lost too much in the previous battle…….”
Maou, stunned from Alsiel’s words, raised his head to look at the destroyed Cloud Detached Palace and shouted,
“Hey, come up here.”
Emilia and Alsiel also looked in the direction which Maou shouted towards.
Then a figure slowly appeared from the light pillar.
The expression of the small figure could not be seen as the purple pillar and sunlight was facing them.
But the instant Emilia saw the large built man whom the small figure was carrying, her heart suddenly started beating so vigorously it was as if it was going to burst.
“Emi, until now, I also do not think that you will forgive what I have done before. But as a symbol of apology, I found a certain important person to you, and I’m returning him to you now. Sigh, even though I did not do anything special besides finding him the very first time, and just now, I only coincidentally found him there, so I could conveniently brought him out.”
That was a sound emitted from Emilia’s soul.
Compared to the figure in her memories, the other person had grown older by a few years.
But it was impossible for her to forget that magnificent stature, and the calm expression.
She definitely would not forget.
The holy sword instantly disappeared from her hands, and Emilia used her free hands to receive the man’s body from the small figure.
From the warmth she felt in her hands, Emilia’s heartbeat became more vigorous.
The man’s body felt light.
Right now, Emilia Justina had the sturdy body and holy magic to only feel that her nose hurt a bit even after being thrown with full force towards the castle roof by a Demon General, she was no longer that young girl who did not know anything and only knew how to cry.
Even so, her tears still fell.
No matter what anyone else said, she was unable to produce her true feelings.
And because she was unable to produce her true feelings, she would continuously feel troubled and could not find the answer.
However once she obtained the answer like this, Emilia knew.
She was not a Hero after all.
After the illumination of the purple light, Emilia saw the face of the middle aged man who was breathing steadily and sleeping soundly.
The father she thought she could no longer see was still alive, and was now lying in Emilia’s arms.
Just like that, Emilia’s heart was filled with the sense of satisfaction, as if all battles have already ended.
She was not a Hero of Justice at all.
She was just the daughter of a farmer who hoped to reunite with the father she loved, Emilia.
“This is really……not a……dream right……”
As if the cursed locks which restricted her were removed, Emilia’s heart started to calm down gradually.
“This isn’t a dream. So hurry up and set up a barrier. And Ashiya, stand back a bit.”
“Hm? Ah, y, yes.”
“Eh, ah, t, that’s right……uh!”
It was only until Alsiel, whose demonic magic was harmful to humans, backed off, did Emilia come to her senses. She frantically wiped away her tears and opened up a holy magic barrier to envelop the body of her father Nord.
“Then, this incident this time has not ended. Emi, is Alas=Ramus still alright?”
“……Of course. Until just now, she was energetically fighting with Alsiel……eh? What?”
Emilia wiped away her tears which would not stop, but immediately got a surprise because Alas=Ramus started to make a ruckus inside her mind.
“Eh? What, eh? I, I understand. Come out!”
With Alas=Ramus’s silent urgings, Emilia did not materialise the holy sword, but Alas=Ramus.
The child of the Sephira, Yesod who appeared in mid-­‐air, looked straight at the small figure who was carrying Nord just now.
“Yo, Alas=Ramus.”
Seeing the girl’s lively appearance, Maou could not help but show a smile.
“Today, I brought someone who wants to see Alas=Ramus.”
Alas=Ramus nodded like she already knew what Maou’s intentions were.
“Acies, it’s been a long time.”
Alas=Ramus stretched out a hand towards the small figure.
At this instant, the light pillar which went through the Cloud Detached Palace disappeared, and the young girl’s face was seen in the light of dawn.
After Emilia and Alsiel saw that face, they sucked in a breath.
Even though she looked significantly older, that girl who had silver hair and a clump of purple fringe, still looked exactly like Alas=Ramus.
“D, Demon King? W, who is this child?”
“Demon, Demon King-­‐sama, this young girl is after all……”
“Onee-­‐san……it’s been a long time huh.”
The two Sephirah girls facing each other, one was staring attentively, while the other was gazing in embarrassment.
“I got a shock. I never expected for Onee-­‐san to still look like a small girl.”
“Acies grew up.”
Seeing Alas=Ramus show a flower-­‐like smile, Acies looked down and replied,
Acies, with her head lowered, started to shake, her expression also started to distort, and instantly was covered in tears and snot, and then-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Onee-­‐ssannnn! I really missed youuuuuwahhhhh!”
Acies, whose tears suddenly burst out, became a crying mess, tightly hugging onto Alas=Ramus.
Acies cried loudly ignoring the stares of the people around her, and rubbed her snot filled face onto the stomach of Alas=Ramus who still looked like a small girl.
“Ew, Acies dirty.”
Even though she showed a slightly unhappy expression, Alas=Ramus did not push Acies away.
“Onee-­‐sannnn!! Wahhhhhhh!!”
“Acies, don’t cry, be good, don’t cry!”
From this, Alas=Ramus was Acies=Ara’s older sister after all.
Even though she had also did reckless things and cried into order to chase after Acies, once she saw her ‘younger sister’, she immediately showed a older sister like proud expression, using her small palm to stroke Acies’s hair.
“Uuuuwahhhhhh!! I was so lonelyyyyyyyyyy!! Onee-­‐san-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐aaaahhwuahhhhhhhuwahhhh!”
“Uh, erhm, Demon King?”
“Demon King-­‐sama……this is…….”
Maou gave a wry smile while replying Emilia and Alsiel who could not follow this sudden situation,
[Image of Alas=Ramus and Acies=Ara]
“This shows that there is more than one set of touching reunions.”
“O, oh……”
“E, even though I don’t really understand……”
Emilia and Alsiel looked at each other.
The tension from the life and death battle lasting more than 10 hours just now could not be felt from the both of them, here, there was just the original state of Ashiya Shiro and Yusa Emi who would be led around in circles by Maou’s strange actions in the six tatami room apartment in Sasazuka.
“Sigh, anyway, when we return, we would need to hold a grand family meeting.”
“O, oh……”
“E, even though I don’t really understand……”
“Oh my.”
At this moment, a sound which did not match the current atmosphere and did not know any manners was heard.
It was a soft electronic sound.
Emilia and Alsiel looked left and right, confused, Maou searched the pockets of his pants and pulled a certain object out.
“Mobile phone?”
Emilia recognized Maou’s phone, which had become all battered.
The casing of the old flip phone had melted from the heat, and even in the part which the two sections connect, the parts have cracked, exposing the wires, and even the LCD screen which Maou was barely able to open was covered in cracks.
Even so, calls could still go through. The corner of the LCD screen was glowing and the vibrator section missing its cover was vibrating and making noise.
“This thing has been through many things, such as firecrackers, high heat, or even falling into a moat, and it was even hit here just now.”
Maou showed his mobile phone to Emilia with a wry smile.
“But it’s amazing right, even if the screen and the casing has become like this, it can still be used as long as nothing goes wrong. The SlimPhone won’t be able to do such a thing. It’s good that I charged it beforehand.”
Maou pressed the call button and picked up the phone.
Even if the screen had broken, he also knew who the caller was.
“Idiot Demon King, what in the world did you do!!”
Once he picked up the call, Maou immediately heard an unkind angry shout, and even Alas=Ramus standing at the side flinched like she had heard that voice.
“Noisy. Since both of you were so slow, Acies couldn’t wait anymore.”
“The voice of Suzu-­‐nee chan?”
Alas=Ramus’s eyes lit up.
Of course Maou did not pick up a normal call, but the ‘Idea Link’ which Suzuno sent.
“I was in a bad situation too! Forget about that first, what in the world did you do! Why has the Milita turned into fallen dominos in front of the Cloud Detached Palace!”
“Huh? You’re at a place where you can see the castle tower? Relax. Even though we hit many places, I will fix the Mopeds properly later……”
“Answer my question first! Has your power been restored? Than again, you actually casually broke my Moped! You……”
“Take it, Acies.”
“Eh? Huh? Eh? Uh, eh? Hello, Suzuno?”
“Acies? Is it Acies?”
“Yeah, uh, erhm……”
Acies rubbed at her swollen eyes and nose, then said with her tongue stuck out,
“Once I thought that Onee-­‐san was nearby, I became excited.”
“Suzuno, I don’t understand what you’re saying! Hm? Switch to Maou? Okay.”
“……It’s something like that.”
“As if! See what you have done!”
“Hm? What about it?”
Maou looked down, the walls of the Azure Sky Canopy Castle, known as the defensive facilities of the side palace, was totally covered by the fallen tiles of the castle, and its original state could not be discerned at all.
“Emilia’s father and the Unifying Azure Emperor are over there!”
“I know.”
Suzuno shocked voice, as if she was doing a spit take, was transmitted through the Idea Link.
“When I let Nord help me receive Acies, my demonic magic came back.”
“W, wait? L, like this, Emilia has reunited with her father? What happened with the Unifying Azure Canopy?”
“Yeah, relax. Libicocco will send the old man to you. Ashiya seemed to have clearly instructed them as such earlier. I heard that you have successfully infiltrated the place once?”
“What? Alsiel? I don’t understand what you’re saying at all?”
It was natural for Suzuno to ask this.
Even though the details were not know because they did not chat long, Maou roughly knew that Alsiel, standing beside him and awaiting orders, knew what kind of explanation Alsiel had given Libicocco.
It seems most of the Hakin soldiers had been banished from the royal capital, Azure Sky Canopy.
This was mainly to avoid having a large scale battle in the capital with the Milita in this situation which involved even the Emperor.
If a civil war occurred in the capital, many deaths will occur regardless of humans or demons, and according to Gabriel’s explanation, the goal of Heaven was only for Emilia to win in the battle against Alsiel.
Alsiel, who felt that there was no need to create unnecessary sacrifices in this situation, managed to move the large scale forces fighting for the Unifying Azure Emperor by himself in a short span of time.
Of course, the reason why Alsiel was able to do such a thing, part of the credit went to the ‘directors’ of the performance working behind the scenes, but Maou did not know about that.
What Maou knew was only the ‘reason’ why Alsiel carried out that action.
The reason why Demon General Alsiel did not want too many deaths to occur within the Afashan knights controlled by Heaven and the citizens, thus causing the nation to descend into chaos.
However that reason-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Eh? What’s wrong?”
Emilia asked when she noticed Maou’s gaze, but Maou shook his head silently.
could not be revealed to ‘humans’ at all.
“I’m sorry, I’ll explain later. I’ll leave the details of the human world to you. I’m busy here as well. I’m counting on you, Doctrinal Correction Council. Use that old man well. I’ll leave it all to you.”
“Ah, Demon King……”
In order to brush things aside, Maou closed the phone once he said this, raised his head and said,
“Ashiya, is this everyone?”
“I’m afraid so. Even though this is the first one I’m seeing that man with red armour.”
Alsiel, who also sensed the strange situation, got up and nodded.
“I missed the first act completely, so it’s the second act now?”
“Because the people in charge of directing this stage are not very patient people.”
Following Alsiel’s gaze, Emilia, Maou, Alas=Ramus and Acies showed stern expressions.
In the raging sky of Azure Sky Canopy, three figures were seen.
Even though they did not wish to see them every single time, they were all familiar faces.
“Fake white face……”
The stern voice of Alas=Ramus, who was stroking Acies’s hair, disappeared into the wind.

Olba, watching Maou and the others from below, was very anxious.
This situation was obviously not part of the plan.
Upon careful observation, chaos and confusion started to spread amongst the surrounding Fangan Milita-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐and even amongst the Hakin Knights.
The battle which suddenly stopped, and the purple light which pierced the sky.
The soldiers were currently looking up at the Hero and Demon General who had been fighting a battle in a way which exceeded all human intelligence, but were now surrounding a human like a family which had been separated for a long time.
Of course, the ‘King’s Army’ who had been chasing the mysterious transport vehicles were currently in a strange situation.
Even though it was not know why Demon King Satan had remained in the same state as when he was in the foreign world Japan, either way, it would be impossible for ‘them’ to not see this situation.
The Demon King Satan’s interference should not be in ‘their’ script.
But as long as ‘they’ appeared, even Demon King Satan will not be a match for them.
Once he thought this, ‘the people’ Olba placed his hopes on appeared in the faraway sky.
Whether it was the two Malebranches who were in charge of stopping Olba, or Emilia and Alsiel in the sky, they turned in the direction of ‘the people’ when they saw ‘them’ approaching.
That’s right, everything has not ended yet.
Only the ‘enemies’ whom ‘they’ had to defeat while working with Emilia had increased a little.
In the worst case scenario, as long as he depended on ‘their’ power, it would not be impossible to eliminate everyone in the air right now to solve the problem.
Just as Olba planned to call to and approach ‘them’-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“It’s good to see that you are so healthy, Olba-­‐dono.”
A cold killing aura pierced Olba from behind.
He had some impression of the intelligent female voice.
“I had never thought that Olba-­‐dono who disappeared in the foreign world Japan would actually be in Afashan.”
“Y, you are……”
“However……one issue is so regretful that it even overshadows the joy I feel at reuniting with Olba-­‐dono, whom I respect a lot, and that would be being in the position of condemning Olba-­‐dono. I am unable to overlook the dark sly actions of betraying the Church which Olba-­‐dono has committed.”
At this moment, seeing the owner of the voice behind him with Olba separating them, the one who spoke out in surprise, was Farfarello.
“Ah, you are…….then, were you the one who rode the ‘Moped’ over just now?”
Farfarello, to the new ‘Demon General’ who he had seen before on the roof of the Tokyo Metropolian Building, bowed deeply.
““Crestia Bell……””
Olba’s groan overlapped with Farfarello’s greeting.
The top inquisitor of the Church Doctrinal Correction Council Kamazuki Suzuno-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐also know as Crestia Bell, said with a completely calm tone,
“Regretfully, that was not me. I have just returned here from the Western Continent. The people who rode the Mopeds over are currently over there.”
A flash of complex feelings flashed across Bell’s face, after she glanced up in the sky, she immediately collected her expression and said to Farfarello,
“Malebranche Chieftian, restricted to this moment only, I order all of you as the Demon General of the new Demon Army, Crestia Bell.”
“W, what? New Demon Army? Farfar? What is going on?”
It seems like Barbariccia did not know this and shouted in surprise, Farfarello stopped him from the side.
“Lord Barbariccia.”
“B, but……”
“Then, new General, what orders do you have?”
“B, Bell, what are you planning……”
Bell ignored Olba’s question and said directly,
“Malebranche Chieftians and your clan, as long as all of you are willing to calmly obey all my orders from now on, Demon King Satan will forgive your independent actions, and allow you to return to the side of Emperor Minister Camio, the proxy for the Demon King.”
“Hu, human, you know Lord Camio?”
Bell’s words caused Barbariccia to feel very shocked, Farfarello nodded lightly and replied,
“Alright. I am willing to obey the orders issued by the General.”
The Malebranche Chieftian, with a sharp gaze, looked up at their true master, Maou Sadao-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ as known as Demon King Satan and the three figures he was facing.
“With thing as they are now, I do not plan to make excuses for our stupidity. But just from the results, we have been betrayed by Olba and the people of Heaven, and lost many of our kind. So we have to accept suitable punishment.”
“Your wise understanding is a big help……Olba-­‐dono doesn’t have any objections right?”
Bell released a killing aura which could freeze others.
Right now, the person in front of Olba was no longer the lady would worked under him, responsible for the holy inquisition missions and underground work.
And because she was in front of him, Olba was able to feel a strong confidence originating from justice and light, the pride she had towards herself and the charm and power which resulted from this.
“W, what are you saying, what happened to you……”
“Olba-­‐dono, whether it is the past or present, my wishes have not changed. My only wish is for this world to allow all citizens to walk towards a bright road of belief filled with justice and peace. I simply obtained a determined heart to make this my goal in the faraway foreign world.”
After Bell said this calmly, she looked up again at the three men facing Maou and the others.
She could not have been mistaken, the large man wearing the red armour, was the man who destroyed the last trace of belief she had for the god she believed in, Kamael.
The other man who she had never met before, based on Maou and Emilia’s description, he should be the angel known as Raguel.
As for the last person, there was no need for any confirmation of his identity right now.
With a large build, and always showing a frivolous smile like he was looking down on others, wearing an annoying ‘I LOVE LA’ T-­‐shirt, the guardian angel of the Sephirah Yesod, Gabriel.

“Yo, you third rate directors have finally appeared.”
Maou showed a fearless smile in front of the three angels.
“……Seriously, how much do you want to obstruct us.”
Kamel’s face seemed to be distorted in rage.
“Satan…………! Satan!!”
As for Kamael, he already did not care whether Maou was in his demon form or not, and would be so overcome with anger once he saw Maou, he would roar incoherently like magma was going to pour out of mouth.
“We will definitely not let you off this time. Even though I have heard that you defeated Kamael earlier with an absolute advantage, we are in Ente Isla now. In the atmosphere of this world, holy magic occupies an overwhelming ratio, Demon King, it is impossible for you to win against us.”
“Raguel, you should only say this after you actually win. Else it was be embarrassing if you actually lose you know? I am still the boss of the demons, and at this kind of time, I will taunt you as much as possible yeah?”
“Who loses and wins can be discerned immediately. And it seems like you do not have the strange power which you used when you defeated Kamael.”
Maou did not continue paying attention to Raguel, and changed his target.
“……Then, what do you plan to do Gabriel, are you going to fight too?”
Maou turned towards Gabriel, standing beside Raguel with his arms crossed, the latter nodded with an unmotivated attitude, nodded and said,
“Hm, if it really comes down to wanting to fight or not, it should be fight?”
“As for the other one……looks like I don’t have to ask.”
The instant Kamael saw Maou, he had glared at Maou in a bloodthirsty manner.
Even though he was missing the trident which was seen at Sasahata High School, from their experience, Maou and the others knew that even if archangels fought barehanded, they can exhibit overwhelming power.
“For the sake of peace in Heaven, we have to chase the evil demons out of Ente Isla. Demon King Satan, I will definitely not allow you to come and obstruct things.”
However Maou laughed off Raguel’s words.
“You guys are clearly third rate no matter what you go. For that kind of thing, this esteemed Hero had already done it some time ago. Regardless of scale or actors, it pales when compared with her, and you still exaggeratedly say that you want to ‘exorcise the evil demons’? Even if you want to copy a popular movie, you need to spend your effort, B grade!”
“He hasn’t changed at all.”
The corners of Emilia’s mouth could not help but turn into a smile because of this similar angry scolding.
“Whatever you say, this is necessary for our plan. And even if Emilia is on your side……”
Raguel’s sly gaze which did not match an angel at all caused Emi to curl up the corners of her mouth in disgust.
“What will happen to her afterwards? It’s fine if she wants be our enemy, but helping Demon King Satan in front of so many people, and betraying the human world, what do you plan to do afterwards?”
“Don’t forget your father’s wheat fields are still in Olba and my control. If you dare to resist us now, not just the Demon King, even your father who you met after a long time will be eliminated by us.”
“Huhh? Father’s wheat fields?”
This piece of information which he had heard for the first time caused Maou to turn towards Emilia.
Emilia was unable to look at Maou in the eyes and lowered her head, blushing.
From Maou’s point of view, he probably thought that Emilia tied herself in a cocoon because she was stubborn about unimportant things.
Thinking that she was going to be looked down by him, Emilia’s heart became quiet from helplessness.
“……Sigh, yeah, forget it.”
However, unexpectedly, Maou did not scold anything like ‘are you an idiot’.
“What is important to someone is differs from person to person. Sigh, but like this……”
Then Maou looked towards Raguel with an irritated expression,
“You have shown how third rate all of you are. How serious are all of you? Even that troublesome pervert plans to fulfill his wishes using his own power, and based on that, Sariel is a few hundred times better than all of you.”
Maou’s expression distorted in disgust and punched his own palm.
Maou spat.
“Even though I don’t know where the fields of Emi’s home are, as long as we instantly get rid of all of you here, we don’t have to worry about that place getting destroyed. Acies, even though Nord is like this now, you can still fight right?”
Maou confirmed with Acies.
Even though Acies had changed her merging target from Maou to Nord when she discovered Nord being protected by Libicocco in the Cloud Detached Palace, from Acies’s explanation, if the ‘Yadorigi’ Nord is in an unconscious state, Acies’s power would also become weaker.
“Aughhh……hm, but Maou, you plan to teach them a lesson right? Then I have a better method. If it’s here, it can be done.”
Even though the tears and snot had not stopped, Acies still replied to Maou’s summons, and her body started to emit a purple glow.
“Hey, the person over there who looks really hard.”
“Hm? Huh?”
Alsiel calmly approached Acies.
“Maou had been throwing up non-­‐stop here. Probably because the foundation is holy magic, but this might work, so I’m accepting it.”
“What? H, hey! Where are you putting your hands……stop! Know some shame! What are you doing!”
Acies grabbed the neck of Alsiel, who had kneeled to Maou, forcefully pulled him up and bare handedly patted down the sturdy armour which matched the image of the General.
“Aah! How can this be! A, after so much effort……!”
This was not a cry from Alsiel, but Ashiya Shiro.
The dignified new armour and cape worn by the General, under the wrecking of the girl of the ‘Yesod’ fragment, slowly started to become more and more damaged.
Once he thought of the money and work invested into this equipment, and the dignity as a General, ‘Ashiya Shiro’ could not help but scream.
“There is one after all!”
Acies, who stripped the terrifying Demon General half naked, held ‘that’ up in satisfaction.
It was a fragment of ‘Yesod’.
It was the ‘Yesod’ fragment which Olba brought to the Demon World which had caused Ciriatto’s communication orb to glow and fell into Barbariccia’s hands in the end. It did not react strongly to holy magic but demonic magic.
“After seeing this, I felt that this person may be able to do it.”
“W, what does that mean?”
Ignoring Alsiel, who screamed because his title as Demon General was damaged, Acies showed a victory sign to Maou, it seemed like she had lost interest in Alsiel and quickly flew to Maou’s side.
“Hey……w, what are you doing?”
Acies hugged Maou tightly and moved her forehead towards his.
Even if it was this kind of setting, Emilia still blushed because she witnessed Maou’s and Acies’s faces being so close to each other.
“……That’s right, normal people would think like this. It’s not me being too self-­‐conscious. It can’t be helped if this is misunderstood.”
Just as Emilia heard Maou’s voice of feeling relieved about something, her field of vision was filled with a purple glow.
Maou’s forehead and Acies’s forehead made contact in the glow.
“In order to ‘understand’, it can’t be done without touching foreheads after all.”
And then that activated.
Anyway, Emilia had to use all her might just to prevent the barrier surrounding her father from falling downwards.
When she finally managed to open her eyes, a strange scene had appeared in front of her.
The flow of purple, and black.
Perhaps it can be described with wind, light, darkness or sand.
That was the flowing of pure black and purple.
The sky symbolizing the greatness and beauty of the royal capital, was dyed black and purple, then a deep voice was heard.
“I really have a group of good subordinates.”
Even so, it still sounded really frivolous.
“Ashiya, it’s amazing you have this kind of fragment.”
“A fragment being exposed to demonic magic for a long period of time……thanks to you, Acies seemed to have become more adjusted to me.”
The instant the black flow and purple flow disappeared, the one who appeared from within was the Maou, who still retained his human form but still exuded overwhelming demonic magic, and-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Prepare yourselves, you stinky angels!”
Acies=Ara whose eyes were glowing red, with a fierce expression on her face.
“Maou! Let’s kill them!”
When she said these dangerous worlds, Acies showed a toothy smile, and when she emitted her third glow of light, her whole body instantly transformed into light orbs, being absorbed into Maou’s body.
Emilia watched this phenomenon, stunned.
Wasn’t this the phenomenon which occurred when Alas=Ramus merged with Emilia?
However, not just Emilia, Alsiel, Bell, the two Malebranche Chiefitans, and Olba, and even the large numbers of Hakin soldiers waiting down below, all got a huge shock with what happened next.
“……’Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing’……?”
Emilia could not believe what she witnessed with her own eyes.
What appeared in Maou’s hands, was the similar looking ‘Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing’ which Emilia used after merging with Alas=Ramus.
The only thing different from the ‘Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing’ was that the power filling up the blade was not holy magic, but demonic magic, and from the atmosphere, that was not a simple replica.
“The other……holy sword……”
“Acies is, the younger sister.”
When everyone was feeling shocked by the new holy sword, only Alas=Ramus said this with an obviously happy gaze.
“Younger, younger sister? Y, you’re talking about the child called Acies=Ara?”
“Yes. Acies is, the younger sister. The other half of ‘Yesod’.”
“Other half……”
Emilia was astounded by Alas=Ramus’s words.
Until now, she had never though about the meaning behind the name-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐‘Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing’.
Because the appearance of the holy sword changes depending on the density of the holy magic provided to it, Emilia had thought that was the meaning of ‘evolving’.
As for ‘One Wing’, she thought it was just a name.
With just one wing, it would not be able to be of use.
For anything to spread their wings and fly in the air, they would need one pair of wings.
If so, then there would definitely be another ‘One Wing’ somewhere.
“B, but that is a holy sword right? Why can the Demon King……and that ‘holy sword’ is exuding demonic magic……”
“The fragment of ‘Yesod’ seems to not be restricted to just holy characteristics.”
The one who answered Emilia, was Alsiel, who was trying to fix the broken armour and clothes.
“We seemed to have haboured a huge misconception about the existence of the Sephirah. The ‘thing’ belonging to you and Alas=Ramus, and the ‘thing’ belonging to Demon King-­‐sama and the young lady, are definitely not some sacred sword……there’s a button missing here……”
“The ‘Yesod’ connects life and life, and the branches of a soul and another. I have always been with Acies.”
“Connect branches of the soul……?”
Emilia was still unable to digest the words of her ‘daughter’-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Papa, do your best!”
as if being pushed by Alas=Ramus’s cheers, Satan’s battle had already begun.
Maou casually swing Acies’s holy sword with an unhappy expression on his face.
With just that, the three angels became wary in reflex.
By just simply raising the other holy sword.
Was enough for the angels to become nervous.
Combining Maou’s immeasurable demonic magic at his most powerful when he was conquering Ente Isla, the child of the Sephirah Acies who had been crying up till recently, and the fragment which was brought to the Demon World by Olba and was passed to Alsiel via Barbariccia, that resulting power was that strong.
“Sigh, anyway.”
Maou spat unhappily.
“I am going to trash all of you in one go. With this, the war on the ground can be solved through negotiations by the humans, and the fields of Emi’s home, wherever they are, would be able to avoid destruction. The remaining things can be left for later.”
Everyone present did not listen to Maou’s words to the end, and when they came to their senses, Raguel had already been seen flying by a heavy impact.
No one could see Maou’s movements clearly.
Even Gabriel and Kamael only saw Raguel originally standing beside them instantly turning into Maou.
The sound which could not keep up with Maou’s movements, only spread out to the surroundings now as a shockwave, it can be seen that his speed just now had already exceeded the speed of sound.
Emilia used a spell barrier to protect Nord and Alas=Ramus, Alsiel also concentrated on protecting himself to prevent his clothes from being messed up again.
After seeing Raguel get sent flying, Kamael and Gabriel called out their Black Iron Spear and Durandal on reflex, but such actions were meaningless.
“Satan……I will definitely kill you today……”
“Hey, Kamael? If you don’t calm down a little now, it might be really bad you know?”
A rare shaken expression appeared on Gabriel’s face, the tip of Kamael’s Black Iron Spear exuded a blade like killing aura, and the hatred felt from under the full face helmet made it easy to imagine the expression underneath.
“Kill Satan kill Satan kill Satan kill Satan kill Satan kill Satan killllll!”
“…….I say, I obviously have not seen you before.”
“Satannnnnnn! Oohhhh!!”
Maou lightly deflected the tip of the spear quickly enough to almost generate to vacuum as if he was facing a bamboo sword.
Maou did not overlook the chance at this opening, and slashed horizontally at Kamael on his right while shooting a black energy ball towards Gabriel on his left at the same time.
The two archangels were unable to keep up with Maou’s speed at all, Kamael’s spear was split into two because it was unable to withstand the power of the slash, and Gabriel, unable to totally cancel the impact was sent flying backwards into the far distance just like Raguel.
Maou, who threw the three archangels in three differnet directions, and with his eyes fired up in anger like he had taken in the red moon in the sky, he arrogantly stared at these people who had shown all kinds of ugly behaviour.
“I’m very angry. Because all of you actually willfully played with and bullied my comrades, subordinates, citizens and the humans I planned to conquer. That is why I will definitely not let all of you off today!”
“W, wait!”
Emilia quickly strengthened her father’s barrier, but moved him behind her in worry not long after, that was because Emilia’s sight could not keep up with Maou’s movements at all.
Gabriel and the fully armoured unfamiliar angel, definitely have battle abilities surpassing that of a human, but those archangels who were able to make Maou and Emilia dance in the palm of their hands in Japan, were currently being run around in circles by Maou alone who was not even in demon form.
The new ‘Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing’, cut Durandal which was still a little damaged, into half, even the hilt; Maou’s fist shattered Kamael’s new armour as if it was a piece of paper.
And now, even Raguel, who managed to recover from the impact in the beginning, Maou did not even use his hands, with just the aura emitted from his eyes, part of that irritating afro hair disappeared.
“W, wait, this is too messy……uwahhhhh!!”
Just as Gabriel’s shoulder was cut by Acies’s Evolving Holy Sword blade and bled in a red line, and he somersaulted-­‐-­‐-­‐ -­‐
“Satan, Sataannn!! Damn itttttt!!”
Kamel, whose chest armour was broken in one blow, groaned in pain-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“W, what is going on, are you really that Satan who Gabby was playing in the palm of his hand earlier?”
As for Raguel, whose afro hair had a depression like a jigsaw puzzle piece, perhaps just like what he said earlier about not being good at fighting, he could not even get close to Maou.
“Yeah, since my daughter is watching, as a father, I would need to work harder than normal, yosh!”
Maou used the ‘Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing’ like he was looking down on Raguel, and waved the blade at Raguel, who was obviously outside his range of attack.
However, as if matching the trajectory of the sword, Raguel was slashed by an invisible blade, and the power Maou released in the distance which obviously looked too far away, actually left countless small wounds on Raguel’s body.

Olba, Barbariccia, Farfarello and the Milita on the ground could only watch this battle in a stunned manner.
The situation occurring above them had already exceeded their level of understanding.
“I, I never thought that archangels, could actually be……”
The one who shuddered the most at this situation was Olba.
He had originally strongly believed that if something went wrong, the archangels would be able to clean up the mess using their overwhelming power.
In reality, they did have that kind of power, from what Olba knew, even the power Demon King Satan had when he was at his full power could only barely fight on equal terms with Emilia.
“……Then, it’s about time.”
The only one who was calm, was of course Maou’s ‘comrade’, Crestia Bell.
“B, Bell, what do you mean? They are real angels, do you really plan to side with Demon King Satan and betray Heaven and the whole of Ente Isla together with Emilia?”
Even if Olba scolded her harshly, Bell still looked unperturbed, she had already separated herself from the level of belief which Olba mentioned.
“I never thought that I would hear such words from the mouth of Olba-­‐dono.”
With a wry smile, Bell walked away from behind Olba and approached the Milita slowly.
“In this world, there is no such thing as ‘real angels’ right?”
Even Olba, who betrayed the Church without hesitation, was rendered speechless by this sentence which could not possibly have been said by a Church inquisitor.
What is this woman saying? Does she not see those existences in front of her?
Olba moved his line of sight to the three angels fighting in the sky, but Bell lightly shook her head and replied,
“They are only ‘humans who call themselves Gabriel, Kamael and Raguel’.”
Then she declared,
“If having wings and strong power means that they can call themselves an angel, then I’ll go to Tokyu Hands to buy prop wings and wear them, then call myself an angel for you to see. A person like Olba-­‐dono, don’t tell me you really think that those people are the ‘angels’ as mentioned in the bible?”
When Bell was advising Olba, she did not have any signs of ridicule or disgust on her face.
She was using the expression of an inquisitor question the faith of an old man when what he believed had been denied.
“The angels people entrust their faiths to, should be the symbols of kindness and model behaviour, existences which humans use to ingrain the teachings of the Church and bible into their hearts, and not those humans who came from a faraway place who have strong powers. Even though I don’t know when you started to become misguided, but once I think that the Olba-­‐dono whom I had respected actually being unable to understand such a thing, I am very saddened.”
Bell glanced at Olba in sadness, then immediately changed back to her calm expression-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“……The Hakin knights gathered under the flag of the Milita, please listen to me!”
She shouted to the knights who were looking up at the battle in the sky in a troubled manner.
“I know all of you are confused. But, the scene all of you are seeing right now is all true. Right now, two ‘Heros’ carrying the holy sword, are now punishing the ‘demons’ who are causing the much loved great Empire Afashan to descend into terror!”
“W, what?”
“You said demon?”
“H, hero of the holy sword?”
“Lady Emilia, but……”
“Even though the appearance is that of the holy sword, but that power……”
“The demon should be that Alsiel right?”
Amongst the knights who have heard Bell’s explanation, most of them naturally suspected this new information, these knights did gather because of the pure feelings to defeat Alsiel, therefore they are of course unable to honestly believe these words.
“Bell, what are you……”
Bell’s absurd and farfetched speech, which aimed to forcefully shift the point of discussion, caused Olba to show an expression of shock.
Even though he did not know what she planned to do, for just one person to shout out this standard of discussion, who would believe it?
“The one over there is Alsiel! But the ones who are bringing disaster to Afashan this time are not Alsiel, and also not the Malebranche. I am going to prove this to everyone right now! Let me invite the comrades of Hero Emilia, Lord Olba Meyers……”
“W, what?”
Faced with the sudden calling of his name, Olba momentarily became flustered, but Bell had not finished speaking.
“Lord Alberto Ende, and……Malebranche Chieftian, Libicocco……”
In the direction Bell pointed towards, a few figures were seen.
Over there, Olba saw his past comrade Alberto, as well as the one armed Malebranche, and got another huge shock, however, the third surprise was beside Alberto within the protection of a spell barrier.
That person’s stature was even shorter than Bell, and since he was stooping, his originally short height looked even shorter.
Even if he was wearing luxurious clothing, that old frail body still made him look miserable and shabby, and he did not look majestic at all.
However even so-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“as well as the master of the grand Empire, the Unifying Azure Emperor to testify.”
Bell announced this calmly, but this still shook everyone present.
“H, his highness……?”
Someone said this in a shaky voice which was even more shaken compared to the time when they saw Alsiel appear, and after that, when the morning sun lighting up the sky clearly shone on that figure-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Imperial Majesty……!”
“Azure Emperor……!”
“It’s the Imperial Majesty!”
“Your Majesty!”
“K, kneel, quickly kneel down!!!”
Once this elderly person who could not even stand on his own feet appeared, it thoroughly destroyed the morale of the Milita.
The soldiers threw away their weapons, put their fist against their palms in front of their chest and bowed, then consecutively lowered their heads and kneeled to the elderly person.
From Alsiel’s orders, he had been protected by Libicocco before Maou appeared, from Maou’s orders, he was brought here by Libicocco, and right now, the person standing in Alberto’s barrier and being protected, was a small elderly man who could be blown over by the wind anytime.
He was the one ruling the huge empire of the Eastern Continent, the Emperor of the whole of Afashan, the Unifying Azure Emperor himself.
His face was covered in wrinkles, and using his muddy eyes buried in the dry skin which lacked any liveliness to look up at the sky of the old royal capital, he sighed in a raspy voice.
The elderly man called out in a tone which sounded like a groan.
The person who looked up after hearing this voice was a Seisuikin General who held a rather high position amongst the Hakin knights in the Milita.
“General of the Seisui……what that……lady said……is all true.”
“The one who listened……to the slanderous talk of those people who called themselves angels, and called the Malebranche demons, to the country was me……”
The Seisuikin General was sweating nervously and listened carefully so as not to miss any words said by the Unifying Azure Emperor.
Whether these words were good or bad were not a problem at all.
What the Emperor said would be the truth, and experiencing and observing his meaning was the justice of the Afashan Hakin Knights.
“All this……is for……the sake of making Afashan, more prosperous, in order……for the whole world to know, you citizens, are this strong……”
“We are flattered!”
“However those people……were only……making use of the false things, within the legends spread around, by the barbarians in the west……they forced me off the throne, and made the Azure Sky Canopy theirs……and involved my people, into the fight between demons and humans, plotting to harm all of you……”
The words of the Unifying Azure Emperor were broken up and mixed with weak breathing, but even if he was old and weak, his words were still filled with the dissipated ambition, anger and greed of an Emperor.
“The reason why……Alsiel……placed me, within the Cloud Detached Palace for protection, was actually…….because he was worried that the Hakin Knights, loyal to me, would kill each other, and made this arrangement. More accurately, he is the one who saved my nation’s citizens, and was the strategist who arranged the meeting, with these reasonable warriors……from the west.”
Even the Hakin would be shaken up by this sentence.
But in Afashan, what the Unifying Azure Emperor said was the truth.
And he actually said that Alsiel had protected the country of Afashan and its citizens.
“……If at the beginning, the demon who came to find me, was Alsiel……my power……might have already……spread through the four seas and five lands.”
The scary thing was, from what the Unifying Azure Emperor said, if the leader the angels brought was not Barbariccia but Alsiel, and Afashan had declared war on the other continents while relying on his power, he might have really conquered the world.
“My……loyal and brave……Hakin……warriors. Don’t mistake your enemies……gather under, the holy sword……and show, Heaven, the glory of Afashan.”
It was impossible for all the soldiers to hear that raspy voice.
However even so, all the Milita still straightened their posture and paid their respects of the Unifying Azure Emperor.
“……Top Inquistor of the Doctrinal Correction Council of the Church Crestia Bell, and Archbishop Olba, comply with the royal decree of the Unifying Azure Emperor.”
“H, hey, Bell, you……?”
“Yo~Olba, you look great, long time no see.”
Even though Olba became very anxious because his title was used by others without his permission, but Alberto, who handed over the Emperor to the Seisuikin General, had already clamped his thick arm around Olba like he was a good friend.
“As comrades of the Hero, let’s do your best, okay……”
Even though an extremely happy smile was seen on Alberto’s face, but he leaned into Olba’s ear and whispered in a volume no one else could hear,
“I don’t know what ambitions you had, but it all ends here. At least die like a human in the end.”
“A, Alberto……”
“Then, Inquisitor Bell! Can you explain, the people we should defeat……the true enemies who have become a threat to Ente Isla, who are they?”
Alberto, while using his strong arm to restrain the struggling Olba, and asked Bell at the same time.
Bell nodded and used her finger to point at the sky.
“I am making the judgment, as the top inquisitor of the Doctrinal Correction Council. The ones going against the people who have the holy sword are the true enemies of us humans. Which would be the three ‘traitors’ who call themselves angels!”
“Ugh……ha……haha, hahahaha.”
Gabriel, who had the front of his shirt grabbed by Maou, laughed bitterly as his limbs hung weakly.
“So, so cruel……I, I did tell you quite a lot of things, so I thought you would hold back a little……”
“Stop saying things which are beneficial to you. I have already held back a little. Not just this incident, I still hold a grudge of being tricked by you a few times.”
“Hm……I see, I understand……haha.”
“Anyway, I won’t kill you. I’m going to bring you back to Japan, and make you tell us everything you know.”
“P, please have some mercy……”
“You can beg that person as well. She is more ruthless than me.”
“Ah……she looks like she has a very stubborn personality.”
Maou and Gabriel focused on the same person, and of course it was Emilia.
Even though she probably could not hear this conversation from where she was standing, but perhaps she felt that the both of them were talking bad things about her, Emilia frowned and glared in this direction.
At this moment, Raguel and Kamael, who were grabbed by the neck by Maou’s other hand at the same time, groaned.
Just from the results, things have ended with Maou’s one-­‐sided victory.
Just like what Raguel and the others have planned, Maou had thought he would have a difficult battle.
Unexpectedly, in Ente Isla where both parties could use their full power, the guardian angels of the Tree of Life actually only had that standard of power, until even Maou himself felt a little disappointed.
“Right now I should ask this first. So in the end, what does this Kamael have against me? I don’t have any impression of this, but honestly, this standard has already exceeded what can be considered gross.”
“……Hm, it’s a long story. And it probably has something to do with the main things you want me to say.”
“Then we can talk about it when we go back. Then again, not considering you, what can be done about the other two? If we just make them unable to regain their power……wait, like this……hey, where did Iron go? I remember that Iron is ‘Geburah’, so Kamael should be responsible for him right?”
Gabriel nodded like he recalled this only after Maou mentioned it.
“That’s right……what is Kamael doing, if Iron did his job properly, we probably wouldn’t have lost so badly……”
Gabriel’s words caused Maou to be rather surprised.
“D, don’t tell me, Kamael can merge with Iron like Emi and Alas=Ramus?”
“No……it’s a bit different from merging……why would, Iron……”
“Maou, did you mention Iron just now?”
At this moment, Acies’s sharp voice was heard in Maou’s mind.
“Don’t shout so suddenly. Y, yeah, I did mention him. So you do know Iron after all?”
“Of course! But I don’t feel any presence of Iron from that guy called Kamael. In addition, he is the type who cannot be our ‘Yadorigi’.”
“What did you say?”
Acies’s words caused Maou to be very surprised.
Kamael could not be a ‘Yadorigi’. In other words, he cannot merge with the children of the Sephirah?
“……Hey, the ‘Yesod’ on my end said Iron is not around.”
“Eh, how can this be…….because before we came here, he was still with us……Kamael, didn’t you end up controlling ‘Geburah’……”
“Control? Don’t say stupid things! We will not be restricted by anyone! All of the Sephirah will act in order to complete ‘Knowledge’, and will be released with the completion of ‘Knowledge’! ‘Yadorigi’ is just a temporary transition! We are the jewels who make up the word! We do not accept anyone’s control!”
“H, hey, wait, Acies, you just casually said something important……”
“Maou! Let’s ignore these people, and quickly look for Iron together with Onee-­‐san and Onee-­‐san’s ‘Yadorigi’! Then rush into those guy’s home and cause a ruckus! Hurry! Quickly! Very quickly! The faster the better!”
“Shhhhh, calm down a little, I have many things to handle, let’s first……”
“Demon King! Above you!”
“……Retreat alreadyyyy?”
When Emilia’s sharp voice was heard, that phenomenon had aleady occurred.
“Uugh, t, this is!”
Gabriel, who was still grabbed by the front of his shirt by Maou, once he saw ‘that’, he let out a scared groan.
The space distorted and a dark crack appeared like it was going to rip open the beautiful blue sky illuminated by the sun.
Even though a strange situation can be confirmed to have occurred just from this, no power could be felt from this, and no sound was heard, if not for Emilia’s warning, no one would have discovered that phenomenon, that was the strangest part of it.
“De, Demon King, you better run. This is really bad!”
From Maou’s impression, Gabriel had never been as frantic as right now.
Maou had suspected that getting carried away and acting, like his normal behavior, but from the emotions appearing in Gabriel’s eyes, it really did not fit the archangel’s style.
Gabriel was definitely feeling fear.
“T, this is a ‘gate’! But it’s not a normal ‘gate’. But something what would suck everything present……uwahhh!”
“U, ugoh?”
“W, what happened?”
That ‘gate’ which suddenly opened in the air, like a vacuum cleaning vacuuming the room started to suck in everything below it.
“Ugh, w, what is going on!”
Bell, who was on the ground, tried to press herself onto the ground with all the might in order not to get sucked in by the suction, it felt like as long as she relaxed, she would be sucked in immediately.
About this, Alberto and Olba were the same, even though the Hakin Knights had supported each other to form a human snow house in order to protect the Unifying Azure Emperor, it looked like as long as they were not careful, their whole leg would leave the ground.
“Ugh, ah, oh, oh no……”
However, Bell unfortunately had nothing around her which she could grab, so her light body instantly left the ground.
Even though she tried to fly to resist, her body could not summon up any power.
Just as Bell was going to be sucked upwards just like a tree leaf-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“What are you blanking out for.”
Someone grabbed hold of her in the air.
After turning back and seeing the huge existence behind her supporting her body, Bell had a huge shock.
“Li, Libicocco?”
“Even though you were so determined in Japan, don’t panic just because of this.”
The one who saved Bell, was actually the Malebranche who fought a life and death battle with her, Libicocco.
“Y, you……”
“I am not getting sucked upwards.”
“It’s the same for Farfar and Babariccia as well. Lord Alsiel, and Lord Demon King too……it looks like that ‘gate’, only attracts strong holy magic……”
After hearing what Libicocco said, Bell tried to survey her surroundings, Alberto and Olba were resisting with all their might to avoid being sucked upwards, but the Hakin soldiers did not seem to be subjected to such a strong power.
Bell stared at the sky faraway, peering past Libicocco-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Ugooohhhhhhhhhhheyyyyy, damn it, what is going on!!”
and saw the angel in Maou’s arms being sucked in very strongly, and Maou’s body almost got pulled upwards together.
It looked like even Gabriel was unable to resist this suction force, and was stuck between the gate which wanted to pull his body and Maou who was determined not to let go, such that his chest and neck were pulled tight.
“E, Emi!”
Emilia’s body, seemed to be affected by this ‘gate’ as well.
“Ugh, h, hold on, Emilia! Can you still be considered a Hero like this!”
“This has nothing to do with being a Hero or not!!”
“D, don’t move around! I might tear you apart with my claws!”
“D, don’t care about me, my father is more important……”
“Damn it! Why do I have to be the one to protect Emilia’s father!”
Even though Emilia managed to hold on with Alsiel and Farfarello’s help, but like Bell and Gabriel, she was unable to freely move her body.
On the other hand, Nord, enveloped by the spell barrier, even though he did not have a strong power, he seemed to still be attracted because of the spell barrier, so Barbariccia helped Emilia press him down.
“Hey, Gabriel! What is that! What is happening……eh, ah!!”
In this instant, Maou left hand which was grabbing the necks of two angels, loosened because of the effect of the strong wind.
“H, hey, wait! Damn it!”
A moment of carelessness, caused the unconscious Raguel and Kamel to be sucked high up into the horizon, gradually disappearing into the ‘gate’ which tore into the sky.
“Damn it……hey, Gabriel!”
Maou managed to grab onto Gabriel’s shirt and pulled him over, and because he judged that he would lose his grip if this went on, Maou wrapped his own arm under one of Gabriel’s arms and secured it on Gabriel’s neck and pulled down with force.
“What is going on! The people with strong holy magic are being sucked over one after another!”
“So……painful……I, I’ll die……”
“Hey! Gabri……!”
“Maou! That!”
At this moment, Acies spoke with a voice which was more urgent than before, and was filled with hatred.
Even if he was trying to make Gabriel stay with all his might, Maou still looked up towards the mysterious gate because of the drive felt in that voice, and then he saw it.
“That is……”
A very small figure was seen within the ‘gate’.
And that figure had a human like appearance.
The other party was not very tall, and was about the height of Urushihara and Sariel.
However that orb like head and the inflated whole body which resembled a plushie gave others a short and fat impression.
Maou recently saw this unique silhouette on television.
It was something which even children in Japan knew about. What was that attire called?
And because of that, in this kind of place, in this kind of situation, this attire should not be seen at all.
“…….Space, suit?”
The ‘person’ within the ‘gate’ which Maou intermittently saw was wearing something which could only be described as a space suit which on Earth, could was only worn by the people known as astronauts.
From Maou’s postion, he could not see the ‘face’ underneath the opaque spherical mask at all.
However for unknown reason, Maou knew that the person wearing the space suit had said something.
At this moment-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
Acies within Maou’s body started to scream in pain.
“A, Acies, what’s wrong!”
“Uugh……ugh, akaaaaaa!!”
But Acies did not answer to Maou’s calls, and just continued to scream.
“What’s wrong, Alas=Ramus! Are you alright!”
At this moment, Maou heard what he did not want to hear, Emilia’s scream.
The thing Maou was worried about the instant something went wrong with Acies came true.
“Emi! What’s wrong! Don’t tell me Alas=Ramus also……”
“I, I don’t know! She suddenly felt intense pain……”
“D, damn it……what is going on? Hey, Acies! Pull yourself together!”
“Ma……Maou……it, it hu……rts……ahhhhhhhhhh!”
“Alas=Ramus! Alas=Ramus!”
Something strange happened with Maou and Emilia’s body at the same time.
Purple orbs flowed out from both their bodies and these light orbs were being sucked into the gate.
“Mama! It hurts! It hurrtts!”
“Maou……body……my body! Uwahhhhhhh!”
“Acies! Damn, damn it! Hey, Gabriel! What is happening! Who is that person?”
“……My, my neck……is being strangled……isn’t……it obvious……who do you think, us angels……take our……orders from……”
“Whose orders……….?”
Why had he not thought about this before now?
The people who appeared in front of Maou and the others and called themselves angels, other than the Heavenly Troops, all of them had interacted like they had an equal status.
Sariel was like that, the Judgement angel Raguel was like that, and even the guardian angels of the Sephirah Gabriel and Kamael were like that, even though they all had crazy missions, titles and power, they were still angels of equal standing.
However, didn’t they say it frequently?
Didn’t they frequently mention Heaven’s orders or their own missions?
Who was the one who gave orders and assigned missions to these angels?
That kind of existence, there was only one.
“That kind of thing should not ‘exist’ in ‘this world’.”
Just as Maou thought of this answer, the ‘gate’ opened in the sky above Azure Sky Canopy unexpectedly lost its suction power.
The power sucking Emilia and Gabriel upwards disappeared and the control of gravity suddenly returned.
Gabriel’s neck was thoroughly strangled because of this impact and caused him to finally lose consciousness.
However, Maou had no time to bother about this.
“A, Acies? Are you alright!”
“Alas=Ramus! Get a hold of yourself!”
When the suction power disappeared, Maou and Emilia’s bodies stopped releasing light orbs.
At the same time, the pain torturing Acies also dissipated.
Alas=Ramus’s situation seemed to be the same, Maou saw Emilia tightly hugging her own chest and calling out for her.
Even though he temporarily relaxed, Maou still looked up at the door, then he was hit with a feeling of shock that was so strong that this current shocking situation was blown away until there were no traces left.
“W, what is thattttt?”
After Alsiel, Farfarello and Barbariccia saw the same thing which Maou saw, they let out a scream which did not sound like it would come from this world.
“W, wh, wh, what is thatttt?”
“W, what’s wrong, Libicocco?”
Even Libicocco on the ground showed a frozen expression of terror, causing Bell, who had been helped by him, to panic.
However, the one who could not believe what he was seeing the most was probably Maou, and a urge to scream out loud welled up in his heart.
It could be seen how impossible this situation was.
In some way, a person more mysterious and scary than the mysterious existence wearing a spacesuit had appeared in this place.
To those present, even the wind which was caused by the suction of the ‘gate’ just now only felt like a grassland breeze, the person who came was wearing a wide brimmed hat dyed in an eye piercing fluorescent purple colour with a golden coloured peacock feather stuck in it.
Even though the noble like curly hair spreading down from the hat was elegantly pretty, but compared to the shining silk gown with the same colour as the hat, it did look mentally damaging.
On the arm which the handle of a handbag made from rainbow coloured jewels was hung, a pure gold bracelet which spiraled upwards in a spring like manner was worn, looking just like a piece of deboned pork, as for the nails, fluorescent coloured nail polish was applied that looked it might just induce nausea.
Extending from the gunpowder barrel like body, underneath the feet belonging to the cannon like legs, there were thin white high heels which made it hard to imagine that they would be able to support the weight of their owner.
Even though countless reasons for her not being here could be found, this noble lady who lived in an extremely intelligent world and could even cause the rising sun to want to escape back into the eastern horizon was the landlady of the wooden apartment Villa Rosa Sasazuka in a faraway foreign world, Shiba Miki.
“L, l, l, lllllllllandladyyyyyy??”
Maou finally could not help but scream.
After that, Shiba, with a normal leisurely attitude, turned that neck which made people wonder if there were really joints within, and bowed elegantly to Maou.
[Image of Shiba Miki]
“Long time no see, Maou-­‐san. I apologise for bothering you when you are busy.”
“Eh, ah, no, rather than saying I am busy, uh……erhm……”
“I have already heard about the general situation from Sasaki Chiho-­‐san. Even though such problems definitely do not happen normally, Amane seemed to have let slip many things……”
When she spoke to this point, Shiba looked towards Emilia.
Emilia, who seemed to remember that she had spoken to Shiba once, showed an expression which was filled with confusion.
“Because I feel that I cannot leave those children who have made that young lady and Maou-­‐san their ‘Yadorigi’ alone.”
“Yado, rigi……”
Why does Shiba know about this term which Acies mentioned a few times before?
“I am still unable to be so cruel as to let my distant siblings suffer, and still do nothing about it.”
After that Shiba showed a smile which came with the Sephirah power and pressure that was enough to overwhelm anyone watching, looked up at the ‘gate’ in the distant sky-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“……Will you stop for today? I think you should know that it’s not a good thing to get into a conflict with me right?”
Then shouted at the astronaut within the ‘gate’.
It was not known if the other party had heard or not.
However the astronaut within the ‘gate’ suddenly turned around-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
and just like this, in the same way as when it appeared in front of everyone, disappeared with the gate without any signs or lingering presence.
After that, only the sky, the two moons, and the Azure Sky Canopy and Cloud Detached Palace, close to destruction from the battle and the light pillar, were left.
As well as-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Has it……ended?”
At the same time Emilia mumbled this softly, the demons, angels and humans slowly got up as if they were freed from their bindings.
“No, nothing has ended at all.”
Shiba Miki, standing naturally in the air, clearly denied Emilia’s words.
“Not just that, perhaps it should be said that nothing has begun. When I was listening to Sasaki Chiho-­‐san’s explanation, I had not imagined that it would be this chaotic, but it seems like the symptoms in this world (Ente Isla) are very serious……”
“……Landlady-­‐san, what are you……”
“No, call me Mi-­‐chan.”
(T/N: No is said in English.)
“A, alright……”
With this request which came from the gorgeous atmosphere of the lipstick which were redder than Kamael’s armour, even Maou had to nod.
“Maou-­‐san, Ashiya-­‐san, Kamazuki-­‐san and Yusa-­‐san, firstly please return to Japan together with that handsome youth.”
The ‘handsome youth’ Shiba was talking about, was referring to Gabriel who was almost sucked into the gate near the end of a fierce battle and fainted from Maou choking him in the end.
Ignoring the fact about returning to Japan for the moment, Maou who felt that Gabriel will be faced with abject terror after he was brought back suddenly felt some pity.
“P, please wait a moment! W, we can’t just leave this situation alone and go back……!”
Emilia said this to Shiba frantically.
Even though the angels controlling Afashan and the Malebranches have been defeated, and the mysterious ‘gate’ had closed, this did not mean that the chaos Afashan was facing had been solved.
Right now, there were still many Malebranche present, and the confused Hakin soldiers would not just stand back and let Alsiel go back to Japan.
Even though the angels and demons were pulling strings behind, Afashan was still in the situation of having declared war with the whole of Ente Isla.
“About that……those things have nothing to do with me.”
“B, but……”
Emilia looked down at the numerous gazes which were staring up here from the ground.
Everyone there was feeling uneasy because they did not know what to do next.
Should they continue to fight, who should they fight with?
If it was Emilia in the past, she might have said something motivational as a Hero.
However, right now, Emilia could only fight for herself, and had deeply felt that she was a person who only cared for her self-­‐interests, with this kind of mental state, no matter what she said, she did not feel that she would be able to convey her true thoughts to so many people.
As for Maou who was still obviously exuding demonic magic even though he was holding the holy sword, he would not qualify at all.
At this moment-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
A small space distortion appeared on the ground next to Bell.
Even though it was on a small scale, it was still an obvious sign of a ‘gate’ appearing, the people who had experienced the phenomenon just now raised their guard on reflex.
“Yosh……uwah~~it really became so messy!”
“I never thought it would turn into this kind of situation.”
The two humans who appeared from within the gate were people Emilia were familiar with.
“Eh, Em?”
One of the people was Emerada Etuva, who should have been in Church trial in Saint Aire, and the other person was……
“And……General Lumark?”
After recognizing the face more unexpected than Emerada, Emilia shouted out.
The instant the beautiful female general who was wearing ceremonial armour used for external negotations and appeared to be around 10 years older than Emilia-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Heather Lumark, walked out of the ‘gate’, she gave a stony expression because of the destruction around her, but after she recognized Emilia in the air, she waved energetically towards her.
And looking slightly to the side, the Hakin knights could be seen confirming the safety of the Unifying Azure Emperor after making sure that the strong wind caused by the opening of the ‘gate’ had calmed down.
Shiba, looking down at all of this, said softly in a elegant manner,
“The issues of this world, will be decided by the people of this world.”
“Every~~one! Ceasefire~~! Please~~ceasefire! This is a request from Emerada Etuva and Alberto Ende~~! Temporary ceasefire~~!”
“The Emperor also wishes for a ceasefire! Everyone please stop taking action for now! If anyone does not comply, I will impose corrective action under the name of Hero Emilia!”
When everyone was unable to decide how they should act next, Emerada and Alberto started to control the situation in their own ways.
“……The few of you should come down!”
In the end, Bell shouted towards the sky.
Maou, Alsiel and Emilia looked at each other when they heard their comrade’s voice from the ground.
“Please go. This little bit of time is still within the permitted range. During this period, this young man and…….”
Shiba moved her finger slightly.
And then the unconscious Gabriel left Maou’s grasp, hanging in the air like a hooked tuna.
After that Maou and Emilia’s bodies glowed lightly, in the next instant, Alas=Ramus and Acies, weak and with their eyes closed, materialized.
“I will take care of these two children. Especially if Maou-­‐san continues like this, you would cause trouble to the people down there right?”
Since she was able to ignore the will of the ‘Yadorigi’ Maou and Emilia, and materialise the children of the ‘Yesod’ fragments, the mystery of the existence of Shiba only deepened further.
Maou and Emiila glanced at each other, and the former immediately suppressed his demonic magic to a minimum and slowly landed on the ground.
At this point of time, neither Maou nor Emilia knew anything about the reason why Alas=Ramus or Acies appeared.

“All of you are so reckless~Azure Sky Canopy Castle has become so broken down~~”
“That’s right!”
The ones who spoke to Maou and Emilia who landed on the ground were Emerada and Bell.
“In some sense~~the impact this incident has caused on the world is more serious than when Isla Kentourm fell to the Demon Army.”
“S, sorry.”
The Demon King himself apologized awkwardly, but even so, Maou still did not understand something.
“T, then again, Emerada, weren’t you in some religious trial? Why have you appeared here?”
“Re, religious trial?”
Emilia, who did not know about Emerada’s situation, let out an abnormal cry in surprise, as for Emerada, she looked to Bell beside her with a normal leisurely attitude and said,
“It was Miss Bell and Miss Lumark who freed me~~”
“Suzuno and General Lumark?”
“It wasn’t as exaggerated as freeing. We just took care of some rodents illegally occupying the country.”
The female knight wearing ceremonial armour-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Heather Lumark, shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly when she was mentioned.
“When Miss Lumark~~knew that I was sent to accept an apostasy trial ~~she specially returned to the Empire from the Central Continent~~”
“Because I felt that Emerada could not have made a mistake such that she had to go through a trial for being a Church traitor. If it was her, she would have dealt with it more cleverly. And expectedly, this incident was caused by Pepin.”
“Making it sound as if I have a sinister personality~~”
Lumark shrugged in response to Emerada’s protests,
“It is like that right.”
“It’s not like that~~!”
Emerada puffed up her cheeks and pouted in dissatisfaction, but regrettably, no one was willing to help her rebuke Lumark’s words.
“With just my power, I would be unable to free Emerada in such a short time. This is all thanks to the assistance from Lord Alberto and Inquistor Bell.”
“I don’t really understand, Suzuno, did you go to the Western Continent and come back? How did you go there?”
According to Maou’s memories, Suzuno and Alberto should have left him and Acies at the inn and infiltrated the royal capital only half a day ago.
With this, how did the both of them go to the Saint Aire in the faraway Western Continent to help Emerada and Lumark?
“We had failed in infiltrating Cloud Detached Palace……and then we were thrown to the Imperal Capital of Saint Aire by Gabriel.”
“Yeah, I did hear from Libicocco that both of you were sent to some place……”
Maou looked towards Gabriel who was floating in the sky because of Shiba’s power on reflex.
“Honestly, I had thought I would be unable to return. But once I thought that Emerada-­‐dono was in the Imperal Capital of Saint Aire, there would still be some hope if I asked her to use the ‘Angel’s Feather Pen’.”
“When I saw Miss Bell~~Alberto and Miss Lumark entering the venue of the apostasy trial~~I thought I was dreaming~~”
“Apostasy trial……ah!”
Maou remembered once he heard this.
The original position of Kamazuki Suzuno-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Crestia Bell as a priest.
“Actually conducting an apostasy trial to an important person of Saint Aire, and actually one of the heros who saved the world without getting an acknowledgement from me, the top Inquistor of the Doctrinal Correction Council, this is a serious situation. Because the person who has a higher postion than me is only Archbishop Robertio-­‐dono. I was still thinking which person gave the permission to start the trial.”
Since it was an apostasy trial, then of course it would have to be judged how the accused violated the teachings of the Church.
And the ones who can judge that would be the Unorthodox Interrogation Council, now renamed as the Doctrinal Correction Council.
“The officials in charge of the trial and General Pepin standing exaggeratedly at the witness stand got weak at the knees once they saw my face.”
“And then, when Bell was stopping the trial, Lady Lumark forced Pepin to re-­‐examine all the ‘evidence of apostasy’.”
Alberto continued to explain and Emilia could only listen to the other large battle whicho ccured on the other side of the world in this half day in a stunned manner.
“However~~even though I have not acted carelessly~~I was still checkmated by Pepin~~it’s so infuriating……ne! Olba~~?”
Emerada abruptly threw the conversation to Olba.
Even though only himself and Maou and the people who knw the truth knew about this, but after Raguel and Kamael disappeared, and Gabriel fainted, Olba, who was behind the Malebranches, Maou and Alsiel, was currently isolated and helpless.
Emerada, with a snake like gaze, looked towards Olba who was shaking until he could not stand steadily.
“W, what is it?”
“It’s useless to act dumb~~even though the purpose was dark~~you seemed to be setting up situations energetically everywhere~~”
Olba’s face was pale, and even the top of his bald head had lost its colour.
“Didn’t you ask the priests from Cassius City Church who did not know anything to take Afashan’s money~~to bride the rotten forces of Pepin~~and used that to manage the areas around Sloan village~~that underground rodent Pepin~~seemed very happy after receiving your money~~?”
“I, who was investigating the areas around Sloan~~was probably an obstruction to him~~and when he used the apostasy trial to imprison me in the Imperial Capital and was feeling happy about it~~Miss Bell turned the situation around~~and once Miss Lumark pointed at him from behind with a thin sword~~he threw out a lot of evidence which was so dirty that people can’t even throw up at it~~”
“After Miss Lumark brought those evidences to the location of the trial~~and Miss Bell said many scary things to the inquisitor sent by the Church~~Archbishop Robertio even used the Heaven Stairs to rush over from Saint Ignord~~and kneeled to plead to stop my trial~~? But that is to be expected right~~? After all, not only has the archbishop who winded up being missing~~got into another scandal and had clear evidence stacked against him~~even the illegal acts of the priest in Cassius City Church were found out~~”
Emerada, as if she was torturing Olba who had completely lost all colour in his face, said every single word slowly.
“The Church knights and the guards in the areas around Sloan village are all under our control now~~you were planning to do something bad~~at the hometown of my good friend right~~?”
“E, Em? If, if so……”
After hearing Emerada’s words, Emilia could not help but shout out.
Since Olba’s underlings around Sloan village have been controlled by Emerada and Lumark, that means-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“……Emilia……because we did not have enough power, you seemed to have suffered a lot. But it’s alright now. Your father’s fields are now being protected by the people of the Sorcery Management Institute.”
Emerada explained warmly.
Emilia covered her face with both hands, and sighed lightly.
It was a sound caused by her sincere feelings of relief, happiness, regret and hope.
After seeing Emilia release her tension, Emerada declared with a determined attitude which matched her title as the Royal Court Sorceress of Saint Aire,
“Olba Meyers. You will take responsibility for fooling the masses, violating the teachings of the Church, endangering everyone in the world and belittling the position of the savior of the world (Emilia).”
Olba hung his head, depressed, and quietly listened to his declaration.
His sins this time were really revealed to the world.
“However, if you still have some shred of conscience……and are willing to speak about the darkness currently enveloping Ente Isla, Holy Saint Aire Empire will give you a chance to redeem yourself. Olba, your foolish dream has ended.”
Alberto grabbed the dejected Olba by the arm like he was going to arrest him, and the latter let him do it without any resistence.
After confirming that Olba had already fully submitted, Emerada sighed deeply.
“Sigh~~it’s tiring after all~~”
“This is where you can be sinister……”
When Lumark saw Emerada relax, she said this while sighing, but she immediately straightened her expression, and after tensely confirming the situation on her end, she turned to the Hakin knights of the Fangan Milita and said,
“Then……Hakin Knights. My name is Heather Lumark, the representative of the Western Continent in the Five Continent Knight Alliance. The reason I came this time is to meet the Unifying Azure Emperor.”
If it was a normal external negotiation, no one would do it this way.
Just by using the ‘gate’ like an important person and invading the central area of the country was enough to cause a serious international problem, and requesting to see the Emperor without any appointment was a very rude thing to do.
“Just say……what you want.”
The one who pushed away the knights with a raspy voice and appeared was the Unifying Azure Emperor himself, who no one would have met before under normal circumstances unless the person was an ambassador of royal status.
“This time, is an exception……under this blue sky, whether you or me……we are all……just human.”
“Thank you for your words.”
Lumark followed the customs of Afashan and knelt in front of the Unifying Azure Emperor, and Emerada also followed suit as a high ranking official of Saint Aire.
“Your Majesty. I represent the Five Continent Knight Alliance, to come to ask your Majesty to lay down your arms.”
Lumark continued to speak,
“The tragedy which occurred at the royal capital, Azure Sky Canopy, was just part of the tragedy enveloping the whole of Ente Isla. If the humans fight each other before recovering fully from the scars left behind by the Demon Army, it would be difficult to escape the true danger to this world. Even the grand history of your esteemed country may end, I believe that your Majesty would not want to see this happen.”
“Can I request your esteemed country to send a representative to head towards the location of the Five Continent Knight Alliance to witness the ceasefire agreement? Even though it’s just a short period of time, we still hope that the people in the east, west, south and north to enjoy the peace from before the Demon Army invasion, I hope your Majesty can allow this.”
After hearing Lumark’s explanation, Emilia glanced sideways at Maou’s situation on reflex.
After looking, she started to wonder why she did such a thing.
What Emilia was concerned about, was whether Maou would be bothered by Lumark’s words said in such a way as if all the conflicts in the world were the responsibility of the Demon Army.
The Ente Isla before the invasion of the Demon Army was definitely not a place where everyone worked together, a peaceful world where days are passed in happiness.
The manipulations of large nations in the background were natural, and even the wars between small nations were a common occurrence, and other than Afashan, the Halun nation in the Southern Continent was also filled with civil war.
Of course what Lumark said was due to convenience in negotiations, and there was no need for anyone to accept it without question, but Emila, but discovered that she had never considered Maou’s feelings, still ended up being troubled over it.
On the other hand, the Unifying Azure Empeor, who faced these words, unexpectedly agreed to Lumark’s request.
“……Alright. The declaration of war……before……was caused by my bad judgement……so, I will send the leader of the Seisokin knights over.”
“……Many thanks.”
Lumark bowed her head deeply to express her gratitude.
Even though it became very shabby, the Unifying Azure Emperor, after ending the negotiation with Lumark, still returned to the Azure Sky Canopy Castle where the structure was still safe under the protection of the Hakin Knights from the Milita.
After Emerada and Lumark saw him off, they rushed to Emilia’s side.
“About the affairs later~~you don’t have to worry about them~~”
“Even though I would not be able to get your trust to say these words now……but the whole of Ente Isla have gradually started to understand the meaning behind the burden which Emilia had carried by yourself.”
“Em……Miss Lumark……”
“After today~~Emilia should fight for your own sake~~Alber and I~~would support you fully just like before~~”
“……Yeah, thank you.”
Emilia nodded with force, and hugged her friend tightly.
Emerada probably knew the whole time that Emilia had always been fighting for her own sake.
Even so, so would still stay at Emilia’s side like now.
Emilia sincerely hoped that she would be able to repay this friendship in the future.
Lumark watched the warm hug between the two of them, changed to a stern expression, and turned towards the young man who hid his overwhelming demonic magic inside his human body.
“I did not think you were the Demon King who invaded Ente Isla before, this is really surprising. In fact, for us to be able to leisurely talk like this is a strange thing.”
“I know that more clearly than anyone.”
“However……strangely, your existences are already very import to the current Emerada, Alberto and Emilia. In addition, if not for the power from your and Inquisitor Bell, we would have been unable to save Emerada, expose Olba’s sins, or let the Eastern Continent stand on the stage of negotiations with the five continents. Even though we cannot throw everything to the wind, and we intend to pay you demons back for your sins……even so, just for now, I am very thankful to all of you.”
Lumark gave a salute with her eyes, Alsiel showed a complex expression, Bell nodded her head and only Maou was smiling,
“Forget it. No matter how dejected I have become, I am a Demon King, and these guys are demons. Even though we failed before, this does not mean that I have given up on conquering Ente Isla. If you’re still saying such naïve things, all of you will regret it one day.”
“I will pray that such a day never comes……then……”
Lumark passed over Maou’s challenge with a fearless smile, and then turned to look towards Barbariccia, Farfarello and Libicocco, who were awaiting orders behind Maou.
“Ignoring the incident this time, if we allow all of you to return to that place called Japan, we will be very troubled. If you are unable to do something about these Malebranches, we might have to fight again immediately.”
“I know that. I have already told them a few times, asking these guys to go back to the Demon World.”
Maou frowned-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
And then, without changing his expression like he was opening a window in a room, he easily opened a ‘gate’ next to Lumark.
He shouted behind him, the top Chieftian of the Malebranches answered immediately.
“Ciriatto should have returned first. If you have learnt your lesson this time, then be compliant for the time being.”
“……I understand……”
“Lord Demon King.”
Following the respectful Barbariccia, Farfarello also knelt beside Maou.
“Everything is as Lord Demon King said……and I hope you can forgive our stupidity.”
“Have you respected me a little? Remember to bring every single Malebranche back alright?”
On the other end, Libicocco turned and said to Bell,
“I don’t know what you plan to do later……but you better not die.”
“I never thought there will be a day that a Malebranche would worry about me.”
Even though Bell gave a wry smile, it did not seem that she was unhappy about it.
She moved her hand to Libicocco’s lost arm,
“I hope the next time we meet, our relationship can develop such that we do not communicate with blades, but words.”
“Whatever you say. Seriously, why are all humans so strange.”
“It’s the same for me as well, recently I understand you demons less and less.”
This was a scene which would not occur at all two years ago. This scene which logically should only exist in room 201 of Japan Villa Rosa Sasazuka had appeared in the world of Ente Isla.
The conversation between human and demon.
Seeing this reality which humans and demons both did not think would happen at all occurring, Emilia subconsciously bit on her lip.
Barbariccia and Farfarello ordered the Malebranche who were staying in the Azure Sky Canopy to gather, and then new Demon Army, under the watch of the uneasy Lumark, who was not used to large numbers to demons, returned back to the Demon World through the ‘gate’ which had been opened by the real Demon King.
“Hey……Demon King.”
Emilia-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Yusa Emi, who did not have the Evolving Holy Sword, One Wing or the Evil Repelling Armour, said to Maou’s back as he watched the Malebranches leave,
“I have something I need to apologise to you, just like what I said before……erhm……”
“Are you referring to the thing about the Malebranches?”
“……Yeah, I……”
Emi explained what had happened until now in a stuttering manner.
What happened when she returned to Ente Isla, the fact that her father’s wheat fields were still growing, and letting the Malebranche Chieftians get killed by the Milita simply because of that wheat field.
She honestly, explained everything in detail.
Maou did not interrupt Emi at all, and only quietly listened to her confession.
“So……I already have no right to blame you……”
“Actually caring about this kind of thing. Are you an idiot?”
“Even though saying this is a bit cold, but honestly, I don’t really care about that.”
“W, what do you mean by not really caring……aren’t the Malebranche also the demons under you?”
“It’s true, but when Farfarello came to Japan, I have already said many times for them to retreat from Ente Isla. Whether it was Barbariccia or the other Chieftians, they did not listen to my orders, so those unlucky people who misjudged the situation will die. That’s all there is to it.”
“……B, but……”
“So what if you are shaken because of this kind of thing. If you killed demons for your own sake, then isn’t it the same as before?”
That was the truth.
However even if it was so, as long as the mental state lost its stability, it would not be easy to recover the balance.
Perhaps he sensed Emi’s wavering, Maou sighed with more force, intentionally shook his head and said,
“The one who forced you to become a Hero, and me, the Demon King. There is no need for you to forcefully find a reason to twist this fact. To put it in a more extreme manner, the relationship between you and me had never changed since the beginning.”
At this moment, Maou turned his head towards Emi for the first time.
Emi, for unknown reasons, could not even look at Maou’s face at this time, and frantically looked down to avoid the latter’s gaze.
Maou, who of course, was not bothered by this, said clearly,
“If there was really any change, it’s probably just me making my own decisions and naming you as a General.”
Emi looked up quickly.
Being named as a Demon General in front of others, wouldn’t it cause a problem?
When the incident from that day she was named as a Demon General appeared in her mind, Emi could not help but blush.
“T, that was something you said on your own! I, I never agreed to it at all……”
“That’s why I said I made my own decision……then again, Emi, don’t tell me that you forgot that there are other people who need to be apologized to more than me?”
Maou ignored Emi’s troubled feelings and frowned.
“About Chi-­‐chan and Suzuki Rika, it might not be solved even if you kneel down.”
This unexpected sentence caused Emi to be momentarily speechless.
“Chi-­‐chan cried everyday worrying that you haven’t returned, and Suzuki Rika, because of your frivolous Idea Link, saw the process of Gabriel capturing Ashiya.”
“Ah, by the way, I have already bought Chi-­‐chan’s birthday present. You definitely didn’t prepare anything at all right. Ah! Ah, even though you already made Chi-­‐chan depressed enough.”
Emi had a great shock because of the facts which Maou presented at the impact she caused from how shallowly she treated her friends, and she let out a groan and became quiet.
“Sigh~~seriously, what happened to you. You looked like you ate something really bad.”
Maou looked like he could not tolerate Emi grabbing her hands in a flustered an embarrassed manner and lightly patted Emi’s shoulder like he was comforting her.
“Sigh, this means that your experience was this difficult. When you go back to Japan, just apologise properly and say whatever you can slowly from the beginning. Since you’re friends, she would definitely understand.”
Emi put her hand on her shoulder which was touched on reflex and nodded lightly.

That communication came very suddenly.
Chiho, who came back home from school, placed her bag on the desk in her room and got a surprise because her mobile phone suddenly rang.
“Chiho? Are you going out?”
Chiho, who had just returned home from school ran out of the house like the wind again, causing her surprised mother to ask this, however Chiho’s heart was so anxious that she did not have the time to reply.
Once Chiho ran out of the house, she ran towards Sasazuka in the evening with all her might.
The 100th main shopping street was hard to traverse down because it was filled with people shopping and people returning from cram school.
Even so, Chiho still deftly went through the crowd and continued running.
“Ahh, seriously!”
However, at this point of time, the traffic light in front of the bus stop turned red.
Without hesitation, Chiho ran to the stairs of the overhead bridge underneath the Shuto expressway.
Even though the time taken to cross the overhead bridge and waiting for the red light to change colour was almost the same, Chiho still ran with all her might.
With the sound of the signal turning green, Chiho had already passed under the viaduct of the Keio Line, Sasazuka station.
There was still many bicycles parked there, but Chiho did not take note of this at all.
She lightly turned pass the shopping street at Bosatsu street and headed straight along the drain, and after going through a few small roads, she finally saw her destination.
It was an old wooden two story apartment.
Chiho’s most important place.
The place where people important to Chiho gather.
When she ran, Chiho saw it.
In the backyard covered by walls, there was a familiar glow.
Chiho wiped at the sweat which entered her eyes, focused on the entrance in the wall with the board “Villa Rosa Sasazuka” hung on it, and rushed into the backyard.
Chiho called the person whose name was shown on her mobile phone, her feet stepped across the weeds and soil which was more overgrown since the last time they weeded, and the people there turned when they heard Chiho’s voice.
“Oh, Chi-­‐chan. You came so quickly.”
“Oh my?”
“Ah, it’s Chiho.”
“Chi-­‐nee chan!”
Many people were gathered there.”
Some calm and stable, some were very tried, some looked relieved, and some were unconscious and being carried, everyone’s expression was a little different.
But only one person had a slightly lowered head in an ashamed manner and called Chiho’s name.
In this instant, Chiho’s tears flowed out like a waterfall.
She could not control herself.
Chiho followed her own impulse, stepped out with force and ran into that person’s arms.
“Yusa-­‐sa-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐n!!!! Thank god-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐!”
“Chi, Chiho-­‐chan……”
“I, I was so worried about youuuuu! I was really, very worried, what should I do, if I cannot see Yusa-­‐san again, uu, uu, uu, uwahhhhhh!”
“Chiho-­‐chan……thank you for……worrying about me, I’m sorry, sorry……”
Emi nervously hugged Chiho’s shoulders as she leaned into her embrace.
“Chi-­‐nee-­‐chan, I’m back! Wahpu?”
Chiho discovered that a small pair of hands was pulling her skirt, and sucked in a breath when she looked down and saw that young face.
But she immediately bent down, picked up the young girl and hugged her tightly.
“Thank god……you’re alright……! It’s, really, really good……!”
“Ahum, Chi-­‐nee chan, don’t cry!”
Alas=Ramus, who strangely started acting like a big sister ever since she reunited with Acies, stroked Chiho’s hair.
After crying for a while, Chiho finally regained her calm and surveyed everyone who returned.
She got a shock when she discovered Gabriel being carried by Ashiya, and after she noticed the unfamiliar man being carried by Maou, she looked at Emi again.
“Yusa-­‐san! Could that be……!”
“That’s right. After he wakes up, let me introduce you to him.”
Emi blushed in embarrassment and smiled lightly.
“He is my father.”
Chiho, extremely touched, let go to Alas=Ramus and jumped directly towards Emi.
“Oh! It’s a touching reunion.”
At this moment, Amane opened up the window of room 202, and looked out from there.
“Welcome back, Ashiya-­‐kun, it’s good that you’re fine. I did pass your message properly.”
“Many thanks.”
A human which was not wearing exaggerated general armour, but a set of loose T-­‐shirt and old pants from UNIxLO-­‐-­‐-­‐ -­‐Ashiya Shiro looked towards Amane’s face with a wry smile.
“Amane-­‐dono, did anything strange happen when you stayed guard here?”
When Suzuno, who was still wearing her priest robes asked this, Amane wiggled her chin with a wry smile.
“Aunt Mi-­‐chan going over to your end, should be a very abnormal thing right.”
The landlady Shiba who returned with Maou and the others cut off her niece with a stern tone.
“Then, I believe Maou-­‐san and Kamazuki-­‐san’s room should not be suitable for taking care of Yusa-­‐san’s father. And with this current state, he cannot be sent to hospital or take a cab back to Yusa-­‐san’s house, anyway let me open the door to room 101 first. Yusa-­‐san, please move your father there first, don’t worry, it has been cleaned out before.”
“Ah, o, okay, thank you for your assistance.”
Emi, with Chiho stil hugging her, thanked Shiba for her kindness.
“Ashiya-­‐san, I’m sorry, but can I trouble you to take that handsome young man to my house. I am going to take the keys to room 101 now, please come with me.”
“A, alright……”
Forget about Ashiya, Maou also showed a stony expression because of Shiba’s words.
After that, what kind of tragedy will await Gabriel, and even though he finally returned to Japan, would Ashiya be able to return after entering Shiba’s house, such uneasy thoughts filled both their minds.
“Uh, erhm, anyway, let’s go back to the rooms right, the luggage will be sent back later, it’s really super tiring this time, I want to have some quiet time first.”
Maou saw the state of Chiho and the others, readjusted his grip on Nord and said.
“You said……luggage?”
Chiho, still hugging Emi, asked this, Suzuno replied with a wry smile,
“Sigh, many things happened. We caused a lot of trouble for Emerada-­‐dono……that’s right.”
At this moment, Suzuno seemed to realise something, and looked up at Amane.
“By the way, Amane-­‐dono, where is Lucifer?”
This question caused Amane to turn away from Suzuno’s gaze in embarrassment for unknown reasons.
“Uh, erhm, Usushihara-­‐kun……some stuff happened, and he’s in hospital now.”
“Eh? He hasn’t been discharged?”
The person who reacted one step ahead to Amane’s shocking words was no one else but Chiho.
Since Chiho, who was in Japan the whole time, said this, then Urushihara did go to the hospital.
“Sigh……I thought nothing will happen on this side.”
Even though Maou became dejected because of this sentence-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“But like ths, we have finally overcome an obstacle.”
After he said this, he turned towards Chiho, still hugging Emi and crying, and said to her with a big smile,
“I’m back, Chi-­‐chan.”
Chiho, with a smile which would not lose to him-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Maou-­‐san, Yusa-­‐san, Alas=Ramus-­‐chan, Ashiya-­‐san, Suzuno-­‐san, Acies-­‐chan……”
She replied energetically,
“Welcome back!”
[Image of smiling Chiho]
Vol 10 Final Chapter
Nord Justina’s sleep was deeper than what Emi first thought.
It had already been more than one week from the day Nord and Ashiya were kidnapped from Villa Rosa Sasazuka by Gabriel.
His body was very weak, and even a full two days after returning from Ente Isla, he had not woken up.
Even if she knew that Nord had lived in Japan before, Emi did not know where he lived, and not just the address, she did not even know his household registration or insurance situation, so she was unable to find a doctor.
Even though the group had asked Acies-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Address? Hm~Mikata?”
After getting this answer with such a large search range, everyone gave up investigating.
According to Suzuno’s diagnosis, Nord will not be in any life threatening danger as long as he woke up within three days, so Maou and the others let him rest in room 101 of Villa Rosa Sasazuka which Shiba had opened for them.
After returning to Japan, Emi only went back to her apartment in Eifuku once, and after packing a futon for Nord to rest in room 101 of Villa Rosa Sasazuka and the minimum amount of daily necessities needed, she continuously stayed by her father’s side to take care of him.
Talking about taking care, Urushihara’s condition was also equally worrying.
Even though Amane was stubborn for reasons unknown and did not want to talk about it, from what could be inferred from Chiho’s words, it was easy to deduce that Urushihara ending up in hospital had something to do with landlady Shiba.
The problem was that, until now, they did not tell anyone about the location of the hospital which Urushihara was admitted to.
Ashiya, who was more worried about the medical bills than Urushihara’s physical condition, immediately turned pale when he returned, but ignoring this point, Maou and the others would need to unravel the increasing number of mysteries which resulted from this journey to Ente Isla with Shiba’s help.
By the way, Gabriel, who stopped breathing completely because of Maou’s unintended violence, even though he miraculously survived, according to Shiba’s explanation, his life seemed to be in more danger compared to Nord, therefore he was being kept in Shiba’s house.
Even though Maou wanted to unravel the mysteries of the world, once he thought about the kinds of terrifying rituals which would be held in Shiba’s house located next to the apartment, he felt a chill down his spine.
In addition, Ashiya, the only one who entered and left Shiba’s house, as if he was confirming Maou’s bad feeling, he determinedly kept quiet about what the interior of Shiba’s house looked like, and the bad feeling the King of Demons had about the scary demon house on the neighbouring land continued to deepen.
“Demon King, can I talk to you about something?”
Just as Maou shivered because of his self-­‐imagined mysterious terror, Suzuno pressed the doorbell of the Demon Fortress and entered. Of course, she had changed back into the normal familiar kimono attire.
Suzuno, who made a huge impression inside and outside of the Church, the reason why she was able to return to Japan like this was main thanks to the help from Emerada, Alberto and Lumark.
The traitorous actions of Archbishop Olba and the link between the Saint Aire royal knights and the Church was originally a commontion huge enough to greatly decrease the authority of the Church.
However, the one who exposed all of this was Crestia Bell, in other words, the Doctrinal Correction Council who was also part of the Church, so most people believed that it was a self initiated purge.
Even though the Church barely avoided a fatal blow because of this, on the other had, whether the Church lived or died laid in the hands of Crestia Bell.
After all, Crestia Bell understood the current dark side of the Church very well, and she had developed strong bonds with the Holy Saint Aire Empire without using money, but religious spirt and justice.
Within the Hakin Knight Troops who rejoined the Five Continent Alliance, some of them groups Crestia Bell’s name with Emerada Etuva and Alberto Ende as the ‘Hero’s new comrades’, so if any measures were taken to obstruct her current freedom, who knew what kind of terrifying conseequences would befall the Church.
Of course, Suzuno placed protecting people’s beliefs through the Church as her first priority, so she did not plan to do anything bad to the organisation of the Church.
But when Suzuno interrupted Emerada’s trial, she had already expressed to Archbishop Servantes and she no longer planned to go through authority figures who misled justice and belief.
According to Emerada, after the top Archbishop Robertio heard these words from Servantes, he had to rest in bed, mentally and physically exhausted.
Anyway, it would not be strange to call Crestia Bell-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐a.k.a Kamazuki Suzuno, the strongest inquisitor in Ente Isla.
As a person who took over Olba and helped Emilia save the people of the world, her freedom in Ente Isla was more secure than anyone else.
“I have already informed Chiho-­‐dono about when the conversation with Shiba-­‐dono will be, and she replied via message that she would attend.”
“Hm? I also received that message?”
Maou took out his mobile phone, confused, and opened the message Chiho sent over.”
“I know. Because there are records of multiple receipients. I have something to ask you, don’t you think that Chiho-­‐ dono’s behavior is a little strange?”
Even though Chiho did cry a lot when Maou and the rest returned to Japan, in Maou’s point of view, he did not think that there was any significant change.
“The emoticons she used seems to be lesser than normal……but it’s probably nothing to be concerned about.”
Maou answered thus, and the mobile phone he took out, was actually still that phone battered at Cloud Detached Palace.
“……You should give up and change a model. It’s dangerous to charge the phone in this state.”
“I also want to do so, but I have no money, and the person who I can ask money from, is in that kind of state.”
After Maou said this, he pointed to the tatami of the apartment.
“Ah, I see.”
After Suzuno understood the meaning behind that gesture, she nodded with a complex expression on her face.
“Other than the message, I felt other things which I am concerned about.”
“The day we returned……even though it was just a short moment, Chiho-­‐dono seemed to have shown a frightened or sad expression.”
Chiho at that time, just looked like she was happy for Maou and the others who have returned.
“Because I have no evidence, that’s why I asked you. I had thought that Chiho-­‐dono discussed something with you, or you said something dense to her without considering Chiho-­‐dono’s feelings.”
“……I say.”
“Whether you agree or not, it’s about time you gave her a reply.”
“From some time back, you have started to find trouble with me about this……”
Only this was not his imagination, Suzuno was different from before and started to clearly interfere with Maou and Chiho’s relationship.
Even though he did not know which direction she wanted things to develop, to be asked this question in front of Ashiya, Maou still felt very embarrassed.
“Sigh, just treat that as a joke.”
“It doesn’t sound like one at all.”
“Emilia asked me to buy some things needed in looking after Nord-­‐dono, but it’s inconvenient for me to carry that amount. Can you go with me?”
“Eh? Why did you ask me?”
Maou subconsciously used a voice which showed that he thought it was troublesome.
“There’s no need to show that much dislike for it right?”
Suzuno showed a hurt expression for unknown reasons, and Maou shook his head frantically,
“Uh, it’s not that, because I heard that it had to do with Emi, so I said it like that on reflex.”
“Didn’t you say you wish to buy presents to thank your colleagues who changed shifts with you? I just felt we can just take that chance and go together. There’s no need to act so repulsed about it.”
“Bell, what are you saying?”
Suzuno showed a troubled expression, so it looked like she was truly confused with Ashiya’s question.
“You have never actively took part in activities with Demon King-­‐sama until now right? No wonder Demon King-­‐sama feels confused.”
“Hm……is, is that so……? Hm?”
Faced with what Ashiya pointed out, Suzuno took one step back in a defeated manner, but in this instant, because of the sound of someone opening the entrance of the common corridor, she directed her attention there.
Maou and Ashiya also looked over, following Suzuno’s gaze, and saw a figure appearing at the entrance of the common corridor of the apartment.
Suzuki Rika, who noticed Maou, Suzuno and Ahsiya, lowered her head in greeting with a complex expression.
The sound of the bell at room 101 caused Emi to regain consciousness.
She frantically rubbed her eyes and then found out that she had accidentally fallen asleep while sitting down.
Because she looked after her father for the whole day without sleeping, her fatigue had accumulated to its peak.
Emi was mystified by her body which could fight continuously for more than 10 hours but weaken greatly after staying awake for more than 24 hours.
From the clock, she seemed to have slept for 30 minutes.
At this moment, the doorbell rang again.
Deducing from the time, the person who came should be Suzuno who had been asked to go out and buy things.
“Ah, Bell, sorry, I’m opening the door now.”
Emi pushed away her fringe which was covering her face-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Thank you, it must be heavy with so much stuff……”
Opened the porch door, then held her breath in surprise when she saw the person standing there.
“Hi, it’s been a while.”
Her friend in Japan who she had not seen in about a month said this nonchalantly ad passed the plastic bags to Emi.
Emi, who was troubled, hesitated on whether she should receive the bags-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Quickly, it’s heavy.”
And was prompted normally.
“Ah, s, sorry……”
After Emi frantically accepted the bags-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“E, erhm, Rika, let me tell you……”
Emi, who did not check the contents and carried the bags with a distorted expression, wanted to speak but stopped with an opened mouth, but the person who interrupted her was no one else but Rika.
“Suzuno asked me to buy things after roughly explaining the current situation. It’s about 3000 yen in total. I will pass you the receipt later.”
“Y, yeah……e, erhm, Rika……”
“Wait a bit, I have something to say to you. Good news or bad news, which one do you want to hear first? I always wanted to say this once.”
Rika’s appearance had not changed at all.
Emi, who did not know how to respond-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Uh……then, let’s start from the bad news……”
And could only answer according to the old Hollywood movie logic.
“Alright. Regrettably, you were fired. Even though the team leader tried to fight for you, and Maki and I helped to take over your shifts as much as possible……we could not salvage the situation of an employee being absent without reason for one month without any communication.”
“I, I see……that is to be expected.”
Even if she tried to pretend to be calm, this ‘bad news’ gave Emi a bigger shock than imagined.
After all, that was the workplace Emi had stayed at for a long time after drifting to Japan.
Even if she was unable to publicise the truth about herself, this fact that she was unable to return to the organisation which she treasured in Japan was an unexpected heavy weight on her heart.
Strangely, Emi even thought that the shock this matter gave her could even be heavier than the moment her motivations as the Hero shattered.
But this was also payback for her accumulated lies and frivolous actions.
“Then, there’s still another piece of good news left……do you want to put the things down first?”
“Eh, ah, y, yeah……alright.”
Emi put the things on the ground, and looked at Rika again.
Her Japanese friend showed a smile like she was playing a prank, looked straight at Emi’s eyes and said,
“I will let you decide how I should address you from now on, Emilia Justina-­‐san.”
Emi’s heart tightened once.
“Ri, Rika……I……”
The corners of her eyes were hot and her lips were trembling.
But Emi could not cry. If she cried in front of Rika, her best friend in Japan whom she had continuously lied to, it would be too underhanded.
However Rika did not miss the change in Emi’s expression.
“Hey, it’s too cunning of you if you cried, I ended up encountering very scary things because of you, at this time I should be the one crying. I really cried very badly earlier. It was really scary.”
“But let me say this first, what I really want you to apologise for, is just this.”
“Uh, I was really surprised you know? Rather than overseas, your hometown is in a different world right? And you’re even a Hero with super strength? And even an exaggerated name of Emilia Justina.”
“Super strength……”
“But, if I’m a man who wants to marry you, I would probably face many issues……luckily I am a girl, and your friend.”
Even though Emi, who had lost her calm, did not discover this, but Rika’s logic did not only fit into Rika and Emi’s relationship.
Rika is a girl, she liked guys.
Rika looked at the ceiling with a sad gaze, Emi did not notice that she was looking up at room 201 upstairs.
“W, what do you mean……”
“…...Ah, yeah. I say, even though I live at Takadanobaba currently, but I did mention before that my hometown is in Kobe right?”
“Did I tell you that I was selected to be a swimmer in the Nationals when I was in middle school?”
“E, ehh? Na, nationals? I haven’t heard this before?”
“Although I didn’t qualify in the end. In addition, my classmates in middle school called me Rika-­‐chin. I always felt that this word wasn’t a nickname which suited girls.”
After saying this with a smile, Rika warmly held the hands of Emi who was standing in the same place, stunned.
“Ne? If we do not confess to each other like this, we would not have much chance to know much about a friend’s past, your situation, just has slightly more special experiences.”
“To me, the most important is to have someone to have a relaxed chat to say stupid things, or drink tea after work……perhaps this part would be more difficult after you got fired……anyway, it’s like this for continuing to be my friend. Other than that, in some sense, it’s considered add on.”
“So, I don’t plan to say anything like ‘Before tomorrow, write all your life experiences in a notebook and hand it over!’, if you have such intentions in the future, you can find another chance to calmly tell me this.”
“Hey! Don’t cry! This is the only thing I won’t accept!”
“Ah~seriously. Isn’t your father not awake yet? Save your tears for when you have your touching reunion. Ah~this is bad. If he saw the daughter whom he had not seen for many years having this expression, his illusions will be destroyed. Even though I also had this feeling when I heard that Maou-­‐san is the Demon King, when I knew that you are also the Hero, I also immediately felt suspicious.”
Rika hugged Emi tightly, whose shoulders were shaking as she could not control herself.
“Anyway, it has been hard on you. I hope your father can recover soon.”
“……Hey, even though I have given up in asking you not to cry, but you better not produce any snot, or else I will really get angry.”
Rika continued to hug Emi, who was bawling with her face on Rika’s shoulder, with a wry smile on her face.
“Then, how should I address you? Do I call you Emi just like before? Or call you Emilia like Suzuno does?”
“……Being called Emilia ……uu……by Rika, feels rather awkward……”
After hearing Emi say this with a weak voice, a playful expression appeared on Rika’s face.
Rika patted Emi’s back warmly, then backed up and smiled towards the latter’s face.
“Then it’s decided, I will call you Emilia in future.”
“E, ehh?”
“Emilia, Emilia, yeah, it sounds cool, please treat me well, Emilia.”
“Ri, Rika, wait……”
“Emilia can call me Rika-­‐chin too okay.”
“T, that’s not the problem! Ri, Rika, please, just do it like before……”
“Yeah, even if you show this kind of expression, it would only make others want to bully you more. Ne, Emi, ah, no Emilia, actually what did you do at Ente Isla in this one month? I also want to know more about Emi, ah, Emilia.”
“You’re not used to calling me that at all!”
Even though Rika was determined to use Emilia to address Emi, Emi slowly found it funny and started to laugh while crying.
“But, Emilia, you have always been working to support your living right? If you don’t find a new job quickly, you won’t be able to continue looking after your father right? And, that Alas=Ramus-­‐chan, would have to be in your care in the end right?”
“Ah, y, yeah, about that……”
Thinking about it carefully, losing the 1,700 yen per hour job was a heavy blow for her life in Japan.
Even though Emi still had some savings, but if she did not find a job, even the rental for her apartment in Eifuku would be in danger.
With the current sitatuion, even if her father recovered his health, they would not be able to return to their hometown in Ente Isla immediately.
In addition, Maou asked her to pay for the registration fee for the driving license and the fees for the journey to Ente Isla as compensation, and earlier, for the travelling fees Emerada provided when Emi returned to Ente Isla, Emi had agreed to pay her back in some way.
Even though she had brought it upon herself, the situation was really too harsh.
“Maou-­‐san and Chiho both said that MgRonalds is severely lacking in manpower because of the delivery service, do you want to consider applying there? And since it’s a good chance, you might as well move to this apartment. Isn’t the rental here very cheap? And you’re surrounded by people who understand the situation, so it would be easier to live here.”
Even though Rika’s suggestions suited the current reality well, considering everything which had occurred until today, Emi still felt reluctant about these suggestions.
“Ugh……even though I need to consider this possibility even more compared to before, I wish to treat these two ways as the last resort……”
“Sigh, even though what to do now is Emilia’s choice, don’t force yourself too much okay?”
“Y, yeah……no, Rika, treat this as a request, don’t call me Emilia anymore……”
Because she was unable to withstand the embarrassment with Rika calling her this way, and Rika was obviously forcing herself, Emi strongly hoped that the other party would change back to her original form of address, and at this moment-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
A low groan was heard within the room.
Emi and Rika glanced at each other in reflex.
“E, Emi, l, look over there!”
“Y, yeah, ah, Rika, come in first and find a place to sit……”
“Forget about me, go quickly!”
Emi and Rika, who became flustered because of the sudden occurrence, both rushed to the side of Nord who was lying down and stared at his face.
Nord’s expression was distorted like he was dreaming, and it was reaction which was not seen yesterday at all.
Emi used the wet tissue Rika bought to help wipe the sweat off her father’s forehead.
“Emi, quickly, call him a few more times! Uncle, Emilia is next to you! Wake up quickly!”
Rika also called out in a volume which would not cause a disturbance.
And then-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
Nord’s mouth clearly produced a sound.
The voice which reached Emi’s ears felt a little higher pitched than she remembered.
Even so-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Father……can you hear me?”
“Oh, it appeared, that’s the language of the foreign world right.”
Emi called for her father.
“Father……wake up, please, I have so many things to tell you.”
Even though I don’t know what you’re saying, but uncle should also understand Japanese right? Emilia is here you know! Wake up quickly!”
“Father, I can live with you again. Father did not lie to me, you said that we can live together again one day. This day finally came. Father, I……”
“I….have returned……!”
Even though it was weak, but Emi and Rika clearly saw a light within Nord’s eyes as he lay there, and he used a raspy voice to call for Emi.
“He……opened his eyes, E, Emi, I’m going to let Maou-­‐san and the others know, h, hey! Suzuno! Maou-­‐san! Ashiya-­‐ san!”
Perhaps he was disturbed by Rika running out frantically, Nord frowned slightly, but doing so seemed to be stimulated his fuzzy consciousness.
Even though his voice was hoarse, Nord actually pushed himself up using his own arm.
Emi quickly stretched out her hands towards her father’s back and arm to support him.
The father who was older than she remembered, and the daughter who was a lot older than he remembered, stared at each other for a short moment in a faraway foreign place.
In the end, Nord smiled and spoke with a hoarse voice,
“……Ahh, Emilia……am I dreaming……?”
“No……this is……not a dream.”
Was she so prone to crying before?
Emi let her tears fall-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
and hugged her father’s body like when she was younger.
The tears in the past, were tears of separation and despair.
However, the tears on Emi’s face right now, glowed warmly under the Japan sunlight shining in from the windows and exuded the colours of hope.
Vol 10 Continuing Chapter
The symbol of the royal capital of Afashan-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Azure Sky Canopy, the news of its collapse spread instantly throughout Ente Isla.
The whole world started to notice the events in Afashan, and it was easy to imagine that the strifes in the eastern area of the continent have become fiercer.
Anyway the urgent task would be to set up the Hakin Knight Troops once again throughout the whole nation to quell the chaotic political situation and the uneasiness of the people in the royal capital.
All this was mainly the responsibility of the people who formed the Fangan Milita, the soldiers of the Milita were of high morale after hearing the voice of the Unifying Azure Emperor whom they originally had no chance to see at all.
However, in the current times when all the Malebranche had disappeared, uneasy voices worried about the future were heard from various lands.
Voices of those worried that they will be accused during Five Continent Knight Alliance meeting because of the sin of declaring war on the world.
Voices of those worried that since Fangan formed the Milita once Azure Sky Canopy was conquered, did that mean that among the Hakin Knight Troops within the country, there were people who have the ability to rebel against the royal capital.
And those voices in the darkness which discuss the age of the Unifying Azure Emperor and his declining ability to rule.
Azure Sky Canopy, which as been praised as the Sky Dome, during the time it showed its pitiful state during the restoration process, all these voices were heard by the aging ears of the Unifying Azure Emperor.
However, even if he was eroded by age, the eyes hidden behind the sagging eyelids did not lose their ambition, and were flashing like those of a starving beast.
“That person…….is a true strategist……a truly talented commander……”
The Unifying Azure Emperor Fu Junyan showed his yellowed damaged teeth in a smile.
“I have to build……a great nation......emcompassing the whole world’s four seas and five lands.”
That person arrived on a stage similar to his.
If so, he would continue to dance as long as he still lived, and leave the results for the future.
“If I can preserve the glory of my Afashan in the world……”
That glow of determination and ambition who looking at the other end of the far future.
“Letting someone who isn’t human to inherit my legacy of dominance is also a type of enjoyment.”
Author, afterword -­‐-­‐AND YOU-­‐-­‐
In a morning which you felt gloomy because of some reasons, you suddenly wish that your school was destroyed by a meteor or your company explodes and is destroyed-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐probably very few people did not experience this before right?
Not considering clear reasons for hating daily situations such as exams or human relationships, even if noting particularly bad happened, there will be occasional feelings of frustration about one’s routine life, or extreme irritation because one became aware of the difference between dreams and reality, and everytime this occurs, people would become a little negative, and with extra pure feelings-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐
“Ah~I wonder if a meteor will fall down.”
Such wishes will be created.
But the people who think this, actually do not truly wish for the world to be destroyed, this kind of destructive wish, will actually disappear as long as the burdens currently carried are thrown away and a trip is taken to Hawaii.
However, regrettably, humans are definitely not able to do such a thing, no matter how heavy and difficult, or no matter how much they want to escape, some things are difficult to give up.
However, time will pass just like that, and whether it is good or bad, many things will settle into dust, but Wagahara strongly believes that if a person does not want to escape or give it up, then at the very least, things would be able to end in a bright and good manner.
People who are able to overcome all obstacles without any confusion and hesitation and head bravely towards the road they decided at a certain time are rare. In actual fact, if such people can be found everywhere, then this world would not be established right?
The characters who appeared in this story, are also sometimes moving forward, sometimes confused and hesitant and happened to encounter an obstacle such that they almost gave up on the road they chose, however thse people, who managed to struggle through, were facing a huge fork on the road they chose and made up their mind to choose one of the directions.
It was mentioned in the previous volume, ‘Hataraku Maou-­‐sama’ is going to enter a new phase.
Honestly, the story just happened to enter the divergence point in the tenth volume, a nice section, it was all a coincidence, and even though I feel very happy, I also hope to gather up my feelings and move towards the new phase in Volume 11.
I strongly look forward to meet with everyone again in the next volume.