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The disc is only there to verify you bought the game. The file on your PS4 is the same as the file you would download from the PSN store but with physical copies you still need to insert the disk to be able to play. Nov 17, 2013  For disc-based games does the ps4 install the entire game -as if it was digital? PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4. Is the Knack install from the disc the same exact thing on your ps4 as a Knack digital download? Thanks for your time!---User Info. And the only difference is that for a disc-based game you have to have the disc.

If I just bought a game on Playstation Network can I download it on an other PS4 and play with another account?

I tried it with PS3 and it didn't work, so I asked myself maybe they fixed something new.

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Yes, you can. To do this, the account that bought the game must set the second PS4 as its 'primary' PS4. (Settings --> PSN --> 'Activate as Your Primary PS4') Anyone on the second PS4 will be able to play games that your main account has downloaded to it. Your main account can still download and play its games on any PS4 by simply signing in and downloading them, so setting the second PS4 as your 'primary' one won't change anything for you on the first PS4.




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I bought a digital game (Rainbow Six) today and I must download the data from play station network. My friend owns that game on a disk. Could I install his game on my ps4 istead of downloading the data from psn?


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No it won't work. You have two versions of the game: digital and physical. Your friend has physical and doesn't need to authenticate through Sony's servers; digital versions do.


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It won't work. I own Bloodborne digitally and physically, but when I want to use the digital version, I need to delete the whole game just to redownload it.

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How To Download A Game From A Disc On Ps4

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