How To Download Netflix On Xfinity

  1. How To Download Netflix On Xfinity Tv

Cannot stream video from Netflix, Xfinity or Hulu Plus on Internet Explorer 11. After successful Uninstallation and cleaning up corrupted Silverlight installation from your computer, download the latest version of Silverlight from the link below and install.

Comcast XFINITY Internet can be used to access Hulu on a television. Whether or not you can do so depends on the type of television you have and to what devices it is connected. Neither Comcast XFINITY television nor XFINITY phone service will connect you to Hulu.

Smart TVs and Content Boxes

Some smart television sets have a Hulu app that can stream Hulu content directly to your television. If your television has the app, connect the television to Comcast XFINITY Internet via either an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Sign in to your Hulu Plus account to access premium content on your smart TV. If you have a content box or a device like a Blu-ray player or gaming console that offers a Hulu app, you can connect that with your XFINITY Internet to view Hulu as well.

Other TV Sets

If your television doesn't connect to the Internet or doesn't have a Hulu app, connect a computer to your television and hook the computer up to your Comcast XFINITY Internet. The image that appears on your computer monitor will appear on your television, so if you navigate to Hulu on the connected computer, you'll be able to watch streaming content on your television.

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Comcast customers later this year will be able to watch Netflix shows or movies just like they would click to see a regular channel.

The two companies said Tuesday they have reached an agreement to incorporate Netflix into X1, Comcast's high-tech pay-TV service. They said the service will be available to cable customers this year and they'll provide more details at that time.


In theory, X1 users could flip to an episode of Netflix's 'Orange Is the New Black' seamlessly from the same interface where they pick from selections of live TV, video on demand or remote DVRs. They'd likely get search results for items on Netflix if the same content is on regular channels too. That kind of integration would eliminate the extra steps of jumping over to Netflix's app on a streaming box like Apple TV or Roku.

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For Netflix, getting on Comcast's video platform is a coup, as it will instantly increase its potential subscriber base to customers of the country's No. 1 cable operator. Netflix has scored similar deals with pay-TV operators before, going back to its first such partnership in 2013 with the UK's Virgin Media. But never before has Netflix reached an agreement with a US company near the size of Comcast, the biggest pay-TV provider behind satellite service AT&T's DirecTV.

Netflix and Comcast have been outspoken adversaries in the past. The streaming service was the first major company to publicly oppose Comcast's plan to merge with Time Warner Cable, an effort that regulators eventually blocked.

How To Download Netflix On Xfinity Tv

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