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  1. How To Fix Download Error On Iphone Videos
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The 0xc0EA000A error indicates that there is a certain error with the connection between your system and the Microsoft servers. You won’t be able to download apps. Sometimes, Users may see that their download fails by showing an error in google chrome browser. You may see something like network failed, download blocked, virus. Why Download Failed Blocked? Chrome showing the message 'Failed - Blocked' in chrome://downloads/. Solution: Open Internet Properties Window using the command 'inetcpl.cpl'. Go to Security Tab.

If when you check the OS Build Number of your system with winver command, (enter winver in windows 10 search box) it shows that your system is on v1803 OS Build number 17134.48, then your system has already implemented the changes on KB4103721. If you look at Windows 10 update history and display the updates for version 1803, you will see that KB4103721 upgrades your operating system to 17134.48.

Note that what is important is the OS Build number shown by winver. If winver shows your system is on 17134.48, you have KB4103721, no matter what update history on your system update settings says.

How To Fix Download Error On Iphone Videos

KB4100403 will upgrade your system to 17134.81, which is the latest release for Windows 10 v1803 as of today, June 4.

You may want to try downloading KB4100403 from the Microsoft catalog. That should take your system to 17134.81. (Note that you must download 32-bit or 64-bit update, depending on your system.)

If that works and you still have problems with microphone sound issues, I would suggest posting a new, different question in this forum and describing that microphone problem to get assistance. Other people on the forum ought to be able to suggest help for that issue.

How To Fix Download Error On Google Chrome

How to fix download error of the video in iphone 8

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