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Kingdom Hearts 2 Review. Kingdom Hearts II has arrived to our videoconsole and now you can enjoy it in your computer too. Kingdom Hearts II is the long-awaited sequel to the 2002 Disney/Square collaboration Kingdom Hearts. Listen and Download Kingdom Hearts 0 2 Ost Aquas Theme mp3 - Up to date free Kingdom Hearts 0 2 Ost Aquas Theme songs by Kingdom Hearts 0 2 Ost Aquas Theme mp3 download. KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 OST - Aqua's Theme mp3 duration:03:28 - size:4.88MB. Play download Add to Playlist. Aqua - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Music Extended.

The Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack album cover.

The Kingdom Hearts IIOriginal Soundtrack was first released in Japan on January 25, 2006 by Toshiba-EMI. It has yet to be released internationally in English, although it has been released in Japanese for the public. The 2-CD set contains all of the songs from Kingdom Hearts II (excluding the extra soundtrack in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix). Many tracks from the Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts came from this soundtrack.

Track list[edit]

1'Dearly Beloved'2:22Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura
2'Passion - KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version'3:41Kaoru WadaUtada Hikaru
3'Passion ~opening version~'4:26Utada HikaruUtada Hikaru
4'Lazy Afternoons'1:40Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
5'Sinister Sundown'1:14Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
6'The Escapade'1:17Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
7'Dive into the Heart -Destati-'1:49Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
8'Fragments of Sorrow'1:16Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
9'Tension Rising'1:34Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
10'Kairi'0:54Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
11'Missing You'1:53Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
12'The 13th Struggle'1:44Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
13'Roxas'1:18Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
14'Sora'1:29Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
15'The Afternoon Streets'1:36Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
16'Working Together'1:30Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
17'Friends in My Heart'1:01Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
18'Magical Mystery'0:52Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
19'A Twinkle in the Sky'0:57Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
20'Reviving Hollow Bastion'2:08Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
21'Scherzo Di Notte'1:19Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
22'Laughter and Merriment'1:06Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
23'Desire for All That is Lost'1:26Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
24'Organization XIII'1:22Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
25'Gearing Up'0:58Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
26'Shipmeisters' Shanty'2:00Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
27'Blast Off!'0:39Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
28'Asteroid Attack'1:16Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
29'Crossing the Finish Line'0:41Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
30'Waltz of the Damned'1:07Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
31'Dance of the Daring'1:04Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
32'Hesitation'1:10Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
33'Dance to the Death'1:47Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
34'Beauty and the Beast'0:46Yoko ShimomuraAlan Menken
35'The Home of Dragons'1:32Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
36'Fields of Honor'1:16Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
37'Apprehension'1:17Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
38'Vim and Vigor'1:28Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
39'Cloudchasers'1:39Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
40'Olympus Coliseum'1:39Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
41'The Underworld'1:23Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
42'What Lies Beneath'1:29Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
43'Villains of a Sort'0:53Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
44'Rowdy Rumble'1:32Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
45'Mickey Mouse Club March'1:15Yoko ShimomuraJimmie Dodd
46'A Walk in Andante'0:55Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
47'Monochrome Dreams'1:04Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
48'Old Friends, Old Rivals'0:56Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
49'Floating In Bliss'1:31Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
50'Winnie the Pooh'1:38Yoko ShimomuraRichard M. Sherman
Robert B. Sherman
51'Bounce-O-Rama (Speed Up Version)'1:39Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
1'Isn't It Lovely?'1:42Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
2'Let's Sing and Dance!'0:30Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
3'Swim This Way'2:21Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
4'Part of Your World'1:47Yoko ShimomuraAlan Menken
5'Under the Sea'2:05Yoko ShimomuraAlan Menken
6'Ursula's Revenge'2:15Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
7'A New Day is Dawning'2:09Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
8'Nights of the Cursed'1:56Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
9'He's a Pirate'1:29Yoko ShimomuraKlaus Badelt
Geoffrey Zanelli
Hans Zimmer
10'The Corrupted'1:21Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
11'Hazardous Highway'1:12Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
12'A Day in Agrabah'1:51Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
13'Arabian Dream'1:35Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
14'This is Halloween'1:26Yoko ShimomuraDanny Elfman
15'Spooks of Halloween Town'1:20Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
16'Adventures in the Savannah'1:49Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
17'Savannah Pride'1:20Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
18'The Encounter'1:49Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
19'Space Paranoids'1:42Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
20'Byte Bashing'1:20Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
21'Sinister Shadows'1:12Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
22'The 13th Dilemma'1:59Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
23'Showdown at Hollow Bastion'0:48Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura
24'One-Winged Angel (from Final Fantasy VII)'2:12Yoko ShimomuraNobuo Uematsu
25'Battleship Bravery'1:42Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
26'Sacred Moon'2:06Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
27'Deep Drive'1:38Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
28'Riku'1:16Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
29'Courage'0:53Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
30'Disappeared'2:22Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
31'A Fight to the Death'2:04Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
32'Darkness of the Unknown'4:36Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
33'Passion ~after the battle~'5:59Utada HikaruUtada Hikaru
34'Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra'7:45Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura
35'Destiny Islands'1:10Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura
36'Hand in Hand'0:40Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura
37'Sunset Horizons'1:30Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura
38'Dearly Beloved -Reprise-'1:28Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura


  • The thirteenth track on the first disc is Roxas's theme. Coincidentally, Roxas is the thirteenth member of the Organization XIII.
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Kingdom Hearts 28 Ost Download

Catalog Number SQEX-10598
Release Date Jul 26, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3564 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Published by Square Enix Music
Composed by Yoko Shimomura
Arranged by Kaoru Wada, Souhei Kano
Performed by Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra

Products represented
Kingdom Hearts


Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack Download

01 Destati
02 Dearly Beloved
03 Traverse Town
04 Hand in Hand
05 Journey of KINGDOM HEARTS
06 Lazy Afternoons
07 The Other Promise
08 Another Side
09 Gearing Up ~ Shipmeisters’ Shanty ~ Blast Off!
10 Destiny’s Union
11 The Unknown
12 Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion
13 The Power of Darkness
14 March Caprise For Piano & Orchestra

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