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As of version 0.13 redstone was officially added to Minecraft Pocket Edition. But it’s still in its early stages of development and this means some features are missing. Redstone + is a mod which tries to make those features available for us right now. So far the mod features include repeaters, pistons, the command block and a slime block.

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[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]To be able to experience this map one to the fullest you need to install a mod called PocketPower popular. Basically, this map will give you a luxury villa, located in a spacious city suburbs. [/box]

Upon entering the house, the first thing you see there is a garden strewn with fragrant flowers. There is also a warning light switching system, when you go to where the light stays there. It really was a great house.

Redstone Powered

  • Complete light/lamp system
  • Garage door
  • Flushing the toilet
  • Mirror
  • Shower
  • Bathtub


Author: Chilesz


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Modern Redstone House Map includes every redstone feature you could wish for and it also looks very cool! In the basement you will find an armor station, a secure safe, a vending machine and a few other creations. It’s a really good house to use as a base for your survival world as it includes everything to keep you safe from monsters during the night and well geared when you go out on your daily adventures.


Armor Station: Use the item arrows to select the armors which you want to use. Then step inside the wardrobe and press the button. Wait 10-20 seconds for it to complete the process.

Vending Machine: Use the levers to select which items you want to receive. Collect them in the output chest. Remember to switch off the levers when you are done.

Minecraft Pe Redstone House Download Torrent

Secure Safe: The safe can be used for storing all your valuable items. It’s locked by a secure code.