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Sage The Gemini Breaks Down His Buzzing Track “Now And Later” Sage the Gemini’s Candy-Themed “Now and Later” is Blowing Up Thanks to Snapchat About “Now and Later”. Download for free and listen to Sage The Gemini - Now And Later. We have song's lyrics, which you can find out below. The song or music is available for downloading in Mp3 and any other format, both to the phone and to the computer.

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  • Sage The Gemini:

    I was working with APG (Artist Publishing Group) for a very long time and I remember when I was like 19, we tried to come up with a candy song but we just could not do it. Obviously it was very hard since it took me almost like five years to get it nailed. I don’t follow blueprints or whatever. So it just came to me. I wasn’t like “Ooh, I’m going to do this kind of song.” I heard it and as soon as they played it for me I was like “This is a hit.” I went down there, told him to cut my microphone on, and I just started flowing out of my mind

  • Sage The Gemini:

    I sound more controlled. I sound like I actually know what I’m doing this time. Because the first time I didn’t really have that much time to do my album. I feel like now I have a stronger team and I feel like we have a better bond. We feed off of each other. People liked the first album, but I sound limited on there.

  • Sage The Gemini:

    My manager, the label, everybody came together and put their amazing minds together and came up with [the idea to get a special filter]. When they first told me I was like “What! That sounds impossible! Y'all bullshitting me.” Then [the speciality filter] came out and I was like “What the heck?” because all the Kardashian’s [used] it. Rob Kardashian, especially because he’s rare and doesn’t really show his face a lot. But he showed his face in my filter, which was amazing.

  • Sage The Gemini actually made a video with Genius talking about the lyrics and the meaning of the lyrics.