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Solusinya adalah menggunakan PSX Download Helper. Dengan menggunakan aplikasi ini kita dapat mendownload file dari PSN seperti game, update game, aplikasi, dan lain sebagainya menggunakan perangkat PC. Only thing(s) left to do: EM game support CFW2OFW Helper v7 You can now drag-and-drop PS3_GAME. PSX-Place Home Forums > News Stand > THE FEED (Submit/View News).

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Psx Download Helper 1.8

Psx Download Helper Download Game Without Patches
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Nowadays it supports some comercial games, featuring sound, mdec, memory cards, and enhanced playstation graphics thanks to include support for the psemupro plugins. Right now, it is the best freeware Playstation emulator out there. Download Game PS4 RPCS4 Free New, Best Game PS4 RPCS4 Iso, Direct Links Torrent PS4 RPCS4, Update DLC PS4 RPCS4, Hack Jailbreak PS4 RPCS4. If you can read Chinese, you can goto PSX Download Helper to get a small application helps you to download a PS3 PS Vita or PS4 game on your PC and transfer it by LAN. 9.5k Views View 1 Upvoter Thank you for your feedback!


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[PSN Downloads] Direct links to game updates/DLC/Digital Games

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but finally getting around to it now.

A while ago there was a post about how to download game updates/DLC/games etc on other devices, specifically to download somewhere else that has a faster internet connection rather than waiting for an eternity for poor home download speeds to do the job.

What i've been wanting to do was get a post going that gets updated regularly with download links for any games or updates that people can check while at work/uni/public wifi and get the update files to transfer straight to their PS4 when they get home and play straight away.

Here's some links that I've gotten myself:

Infamous First Light

Destiny Patch 2.0

How to use these links and transferring the .pkg's to your PS3/PS4 can be found inside the first post i linked, but here is the link that was posted inside that post.

NOTE: these files slightly exceed the file size limit for FAT32 formatted drives, so the files will either have to be split (use 7zip for example to do this) or use an exFat formatted usb drive to get these files home!

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Psx Download Helper Download Game Without Patches For Windows 10

DISCLAIMER: This does not allow you to download/use content you have not paid for. This is not pirating games in any way. Using this method ONLY works if you have the download file waiting in your download list on PS4, so if you hope to download .pkg's to game files you haven't paid for, you're wasting your time.

Psx Download Helper Download Game Without Patches For Windows

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