Rock Candy Xbox One Wired Controller Driver

This controller has a very attractive price point for an Xbox One controller, I bought this for use on my PC so the exclusion of the headset jack doesn't bother me. PDP makes high quality controllers and this is no exception, the plastic shell doesn't feel cheap and has a nice glossy feel to it. the construction is very solid the controller doesn't flex when i try to apply pressure to it. The face buttons are all very responsive, spaced well, and feel good to the touch. The triggers (LT, RT) are wonderful they have an excellent amount of resistance to them where you won't accidently push them down but don't take a lot of force to do so. The bumpers (LB, RB) felt a little odd to me only because of their spacing (this is my first xbox one controller) but after a small adjustment on my part I have no complaints about them. The D-pad feels great much better than the 360 counterpart, my only gripe about this controller is that the analog sticks don't have rubber grips on them but! Given the price point and the fact that it's in my favorite color I won't hold it against them, also it's something that can be remedied easily with those rubber cap grips that can be used on analog sticks. Overall this a great controller that comes in 3 cool colors, anyone in the market for a Xbox One controller should absolutely consider getting this.
A few keynotes on it
1) This is not a wireless controller but it does include a very lengthy usb cable with detachable connector like the Xbox 360
2) You can use this on the PC with no issues, just download the official drivers, install them, plug your controller in and in a few seconds it'll be ready to go
3) Once again it doesn't include the headset jack on the bottom of the controller
4) Packaging is very nice and I intend to keep it for storage when the controller is not in use.
  1. Rock Candy Xbox Controller Manual
Rock candy 360 controller driver
Hello, ive recently bought a Rock Candy xbox one controller to use with my pc and upon plugging it in it did not detect a driver for it. So I went to the Microsoft website to download the driver manually and I accidentally downloaded the 32 bit version (I'm 64bit) and when I went to download the 64 bit version it says 'Microsoft Xbox One Controller Driver Setup Has Ended Prematurely Due To An Error'. I've restored my computer back to a point before even buying this controller and I still cannot install this driver.

Rock Candy Xbox Controller Manual

Rock Candy Xbox One Controller, help wanted. The way I got it to work was I connected a regular wireless Xbox one controller to install the drivers, then reconnected the rock candy controller and it worked. Hope that helps. #5 Showing 1-5 of 5 comments Per page: 15 30 50. Update: windows 10 already has the drivers pre-installed and if you are on windows 8 or 7 just right click the controller in device manager and search automatically for update. Existing instructions for using a Rock Candy Xbox 360 wired controller on Windows seem to refer only to Windows 7/8. Specifically, they suggest downloading and installing Xbox 360 Accessories Software, which is only available for 32-bit Windows 7, before modifying an.inf file. Rock Candy Wired Xbox One Controller – Design. As you can see, the Rock Candy controller is a near carbon copy of the official Xbox One controller. The official Xbox One controller should 100% just work as good as the Xbox 360 controller on PC. The Rock Candy version seems dodgy. Try removing your current driver through device manager and install the 64-bit version to see what it does.