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ArmsUndetectable Arms Dvd Iso Download

Undetectable Arms Dvd Iso Download Free

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Dvd Iso Download

Hi all.. wanted to know what precautions I should take/consider before burning a windows iso file to a dvd in an infected PC so that the dvd doesn't get any virus/malware during the burning process.
I have installed antivirus and antimalware programs and scanned the system. I used Norton Deluxe, Bitdefender free version and malwarebytes free version, one after another and removed as much as these programs detected. But I doubt that some virus/malware might still be present (right?) as I used the free versions of these programs.
Now I am about to burn windows 10 creators update iso which I got from - http://windowsiso.net/windows-10-iso/windows-10-creators-update-1703-download-build-15063/ (this is a safe site right?)
I scanned this iso file as well and it didn't had anything malicious according to the mentioned programs.
So, I want burn this iso file into a dvd using ImgBurn. Is there anything else I need to do other than virus scan from three programs to make sure the dvd doesn't get infected from any of the remaining undetected virus/malware?
(I know after using three programs, I shouldn't be this paranoid but they are free versions so...)