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I saw their ad for the first time last night and instead of checking them out first, I ordered it!!! Well!!! Their offer was for $58. or something like that. By the time I got through I had paid $200.
They tell you that once you pay the fee, which has escalated from $58. to what they then tell you is the least good version and suck you into buying the $139. version that is supposed to have all they advertised, that you will have access to the members site and be able to have the game sent to you in a set of five DVD's. When you've paid the $139. and get to the members site you put all your shipping info in and then are taken to a payment page where you have to pay an additional $58.
None of the download links work, and all they did was pile my computer with malware and spyware. I ended up having to restore my pc! I opened a dispute today through PayPal to get my money back. It will take 30 days or more but it will be a lesson learned!

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Virtual Pilot 3d Download Torrent

Virtual Pilot 3d Torrent Download

Has anyone actually received the DVD's or been able to use the links after paying?

Virtual Pilot 3d Free

DOWNLOAD Virtual Pilot 3D For Free - Flight Simulator Pc VirtualPilot3D offers precise mapping from the photo. Virtual pilot 3d is a scam that is just the free-to-use flight gear simulator. When I downloaded from a link after ordering the vip version it gave me flight gear 2.0.0 WWWWTTTTFFFFF!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING IS JUST CRAP SO NEVER EVER BUY IT. Search for torrents SeedPeer SumoTorrent Pirateiro Torrent Downloads Bittorrent AM GloTorrents Torrents Download Nyaa MkvCage Tokyo Toshokan tfile. Your search: virtual pilot 3d.