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Windows 10 Iso Download Unofficial Site

Unofficial new Windows Insider Preview build is leaked by the famous unofficial leaker, WZor. The new Windows 10 Build 10537 includes new features such as new improved icons especially those in Device Manager, opening/closing animations to the Windows Store apps, improved background color for new context menus, Start Menu optimizations, ability to hide local IP address over WebRTC connection to the Edge browser, and more.

Other than new features and enhancements, the build mainly contains bug fixes to improve the reliability and performance of Windows 10. In addition, there is the new requirement for any DLL files loaded by Microsoft Edge to be Microsoft-signed or WHQL-signed, which will block any unsigned or third-party signed binaries for loading in Edge on production machines.

Windows 10 Iso Download Unofficial Free

The complete build string for Windows 10 Build 10537 is 10537.0.150829-0745, which means it was compiled almost 2 weeks ago. It’s part of continue development of Windows 10 that will lead to TH2 (Threshold 2) milestone.

As it’s unofficial leak, use it at your own risk. You can easily find the download of Windows 10 Build 10547 ISO by searching for release name “MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.10.CLIENTPRO-CORE.TH2.10537.X64.OEMRET.ENGLISH.DVD”, which will download 10537.0.150829-0745.TH2_RELEASE_CLIENTPRO-CORE_OEMRET_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO ISO image.

In addition to Windows 10 client OS, the server OS, Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3, which Microsoft shared with partners, was also leaked. Here’s the leak information:

BUILD: 10537.0.150829-0745
SIZE: 4,822,788,096 byte
SHA-1: 2C99E1DD1E533F01D12C4C2E6EB7ED3FCA7B4075

Update: Windows 10 Build 10547

Windows 10 build 10061 is now available for download as part of the Windows Insider program, but only users who are enrolled in the fast ring can get it for now.

Unfortunately for those who want to perform a clean install, Microsoft didn’t release new ISOs for this purpose, so if you want to start from scratch, you need to go back to Windows 10 build 10041 and update your system gradually until you reach 10061.

Luckily, unofficial Windows 10 build 10061 ISOs have reached the web, so you can download and install today’s version of the technical preview without the pain of updates from one build to another.

Windows 10 Iso Download Unofficial Site

These ISOs have been built using the ESD files that were delivered via Windows Update, so you’ll get pretty much the same performance as you’d get from Windows 10 build 10061 released via the fast channel. Users enrolled in the fast ring get faster builds that are more prone to bugs, and this is one the of the reasons Microsoft decides to roll out new ISOs when each version is ready for the slow ring.

Windows 10 Iso Download Microsoft

Please note that these ISOs are not provided by Microsoft and are hosted on Google Drive, so they can be removed at any time by the account owner. Anyone can build their own ISOs using the official ESD files and we’re now preparing a guide to help you with this.

Windows 10 Iso Download Unofficial Version

Update: here it is. Learn how to convert ESD files to ISO with this simple guide.